Guided by a luminescent and green moth, try to find your way around this strange place full of mysteries

Paper Cut Mansion - Gameplay Trailer

We are at the end of 2022 and Paper Cut Mansion is about to come out, so let’s get ready for a new adventure produced by Thunderful Games (Planet of Lana, Lost in Random) and developed by Space Lizard Studio.

We refer to a roguelite horror set in a cardboard universe, that will be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC (Microsoft Windows), Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S.


Paper Cut Mansion

As detective Toby, we will be exploring this paper mansion full of puzzles and mysteries, and along the way we will collect a whole series of evidence, which can be collected on the Evidence Board.

Will we be able to discover what this disturbing building conceals and why, thanks to the meticulous investigation?

It goes without saying that it will not be easy; we will need to use some wit and skill in the shootings. And yes, because there will be enemies to face as well as puzzles to solve.

Paper Cut Mansion

Thanks to the guidance of a big green moth, which rests in the points of interest, you will be able to understand where to investigate more carefully.

The solutions to the puzzles will be hidden inside the villa’s furniture, but you have to be careful, because you have no idea what else is hidden in those cardboard models.

Paper Cut Mansion

As previously stated, it is a roguelite, which means that every time Toby dies, we must restart from the beginning. However, with each run, we will be able to collect more evidence.

Likewise, the Mansion is also home to a mysterious cast of characters who can help or hinder your progress on every run.

Paper Cut Mansion

It should also be add that the game allows you to greatly customize the various strategies for completing missions, such as using a drone to fight for you or creating an engineering build capable of placing traps and turrets to face enemies.

Each time you complete a mission, you will receive temporary perks, which will make each run unique, as these perks will never be the same and the procedurally generated rooms are constantly evolving, forcing you to experiment with different strategies from time to time. So, well, it sounds interesting and challenging.


The Mansion is not what it appears to be in every way; it contains a real dimensional shift. In fact, each floor has portals leading to different versions of the same location.

The game always restarts from the NeoCortex dimension, where you are in this room full of challenges, puzzles, and surprises.

The other dimensions change in aesthetics and gameplay.

One is the Reptilian Complex, in which the mansion takes on a fiery appearance as monsters invade it. The other is the Lymbic System, which causes an icy atmosphere to invade the Mansion, forcing you to move quickly and stay close to heat sources as the cold damages you while searching for hidden objects or torches to light up.

Paper Cut Mansion


First and foremost, the style, with these sharp outlines and deformed figures, giving to the scene a sense of vibration and movement, which is very reminiscent of the previously mentioned Lost in Random, also produced by Thunderful Games. The latter has a keen sense of original aesthetics. The style is deliberately childish in both Lost in Random and the latter title, but with grotesque and sometimes horrifying elements, particularly in Paper Cut Mansion.

It is interesting that you have to look around for clues to solve the puzzles and be able to continue, just like in an escape room.

With an impressive start and with its quirky traits and puzzle trigger, this catchy title has the potential to become another great little job.

The free downloadable demo is available on Steam which can give you an idea of what the gameplay and graphic style of the game will be.

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