The game is now 105% funded on Kickstarter!

Sunset Hills

$7,206 (approximately €6,652) pledged of a $6,800 (approximately €6,277) goal with the support of 231 backers. These are the results achieved just 10 days after the launch of Sunset Hills’ Kickstarter campaign, the upcoming hand-drawn narrative-driven puzzle adventure game developed by Cotton Game.

These impressive figures reflect the enthusiastic reception from players for the new project by the independent Chinese studio. The game quickly stood out on Kickstarter for its exquisite animation quality and stunning art design—two aspects that players found particularly captivating.

Here is an excerpt from Cotton Game’s statements, expressing their excitement and disbelief at achieving such success: “Honestly, the day before we launched our Kickstarter campaign, we were told we’d probably fail. With only 160 followers and this being our first campaign, we were pretty nervous. We couldn’t sleep well and tried everything we could in the past 8 days. But thanks to your incredible support, suggestions from our backers and fellow devs, we’ve made it!”

An unexpected achievement, warmly welcomed by the developers, not only because it secured funding for the project but also because it confirmed one of their primary goals: to release the game on both PC and Nintendo Switch.

Sunset Hills

Now, let’s move forward to the next set of goals. As indicated by the stretch goals graphic in the campaign, Cotton Game has adjusted its roadmap, replacing the initial focus on mobile porting (iOS and Android) with console porting, originally set at $26,800 but now achievable at $16,800. Following this, there is the production of a new OST, which developers will create if the campaign reaches $26,800, as well as the porting of the game to mobile devices (iOS and Android), platforms that will be included if the project reaches $36,800.

Furthermore, at the bottom of the stretch goals graphic, though the text is faint, we can catch a glimpse of another stretch goal: the developers’ plan include a future DLC for the game. However, further specifics on this, including the required amount, remain undisclosed at this time.

Currently, there are 20 days left in the campaign. If you’re interested in supporting the game or exploring the different pledge tiers, feel free to visit the crowdfunding campaign page on Kickstarter.

Sunset Hills is planned for release in August 2024 on PC, followed by Nintendo Switch in 2025. There is also the possibility of launching the game on PlayStation, Xbox, and mobile devices between 2025 and 2026, contingent upon the success of the Kickstarter campaign – and thus, your support. If you wish to see the game available on these platforms, please consider backing the campaign and assisting the developers in achieving their next stretch goals.

For more information about Sunset Hills, stay tuned and follow the developers’ X account to stay updated with the latest developments and news on their new project.

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