The Enchanting Adventures of a “Four-Pawed” Writer.

Sunset Hills

After five years of hopes, dreams, and a challenging development process, the Chinese collective CottonGame officially launched the Kickstarter campaign for Sunset Hills on June 28, 2024.

Set in a Victorian-inspired post-war world, Sunset Hills is an evocative and heartwarming narrative-driven puzzle adventure that follows the story of Nico, a charming anthropomorphic dog who served in the army. After years on the battlefield, Nico has finally decided to carve out some time for himself, leaving military life behind to pursue his greatest passion: writing.

Seven years later, Nico finally publishes his first novel. However, for some curious reason, the mundane daily routine of writing in solitude at the same place, devoid of stimulation, new challenges, or adventures to partake in, had left him deeply weary. So, our writer, without a set destination in mind, boarded the first train with only a copy of his book and a notebook in hand, setting off into the unknown, ready to journey across the globe in search of his old comrades-in-arms.

Strange is Nico’s story. Years ago, he would have sacrificed everything to leave the war behind, with its ceaseless trail of blood, death, and suffering. However, war, for better or worse, has remained an indelible part of the writer’s journey. Despite every effort to erase it, memories of war inexorably resurface in Nico’s daily life, entwined with events, people, and memories from which he cannot detach himself, despite his wishes to do so. It’s a part of him that cannot be erased and, unwittingly, is poised to write a new chapter in his story.

Featuring a captivating, vibrant hand-drawn art style typical of picture books with bright colors and subtly abstract forms, Sunset Hills introduces players to a colorful and quirky cast of unique anthropomorphic characters, each impeccably dressed in Victorian-inspired attire. What truly stands out, however, are the meticulous details of the setting and the careful world-building that developers have crafted. From the architectural finesse of its buildings to the intricate design of objects and furnishings that evoke 19th-century England, Sunset Hills offers a rich tapestry that promises to delight enthusiasts of Victorian aesthetics.

The game offers a relaxing and engaging point-and-click gameplay formula that emphasizes exploration and puzzle-solving. While the mechanics are straightforward and easy to grasp, wit, intelligence, and cunning are essential for navigating the intricate puzzles that await. Players must gather information and clues from conversations, interact with scenes to collect various items and props, and then skillfully use, combine, and dismantle them to uncover solutions and progress through new challenges.

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, throughout your adventure, you’ll encounter a wide range of peculiar events and eccentric characters. Assist them in resolving their dilemmas, uncover intriguing crimes, and help them complete their quests. Through these interactions, you’ll not only earn their trust and gain deeper insights into their stories but also discover more about the protagonist Nico through flashbacks that gradually reveal aspects of his background as a soldier and his complex relationship with war.

Sunset Hills

The Kickstarter campaign for the project is currently live and making great progress. With 26 days remaining, it has already raised $3,893 (approximately €3,627) out of its $6,800 goal (approximately €6,336) with the support of 150 backers. However, achieving the funding goal is just the beginning of several milestones the Chinese team aims to achieve. These include significant goals such as porting the game to iOS and Android ($16,800) and to PlayStation and Xbox ($26,800). For more details on the crowdfunding campaign and to explore various pledge tiers, please visit the game’s Kickstarter page.

Sunset Hills is set to be released in August 2024 on PC via Steam, followed by a release on Nintendo Switch in 2025. Additionally, as previously mentioned, the developers are exploring the option of releasing the game on PlayStation, Xbox, and mobile devices. If you would like to see this possibility become a reality, all you need to do is contribute to the campaign.

For further updates on Sunset Hills, stay tuned with us and visit CottonGame’s website and their X account.

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