The GTA VI Trailer 1 is already making history. Its numbers are record-breaking!


GTA VI is poised to be a “media boom” even before its release. You might say it’s not surprising, but the numbers involved are likely beyond even Rockstar Games’ own expectations.

In just a few hours, the much-anticipated Trailer 1 had already surpassed 60 million views, officially setting the record for the most-watched non-music video on YouTube. Now, a little over 24 hours since its release, the video has surpassed the impressive milestone of 100 million views. These extraordinary figures underscore the anticipation, eagerness, and impatience that millions of gamers worldwide to witness this trailer, and, of course, the anticipation they have for the game’s release.

The reception has been nothing short of extraordinary for the latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, securing the second spot among the most-viewed videos in 24 hours on the platform. The current record is still held by the Bangtan Boys (BTS) and their track “Butter,” with 108 million views, a South Korean boy band belonging to the K-POP genre that needs no introduction.

For more details on GTA VI’s Trailer 1, we invite you to check out our main coverage, which provides significant insights into the setting, supported platforms, the protagonist, and the release timeframe for GTA VI. And, most importantly, stay tuned for all our upcoming updates on the highly anticipated game from Rockstar Games.

Below, you’ll find the link to GTA VI Trailer 1.

Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer 1
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