Technotopia, an Indie by Alawar, a new roguelike card game to build a new and thriving metropolis. Let’s find out more, while waiting to play it

Technotopia - The creation of a new Metropolis

Today we talk about Technotopia, a Roguelike city-building card game. Technotopia’s development is by Yustas Games Studio and its publishing by Alawar. It currently doesn’t have a release date yet, so we know it’s “coming soon“. Alawar, boasts a wide range of PC games and more. In fact, it is an independent studio founded in 1999, and specializes in midcore and casual games. They have extended their creative influence across PC, consoles and mobile devices. Alawar’s major titles include the Beholder series, Do Not Feed the Monkeys, Necrosmith, Song of Farca, Wall World, and a number of other publications. Alawar’s games have sold over 200 million copies in more than 100 countries.

But let’s go back to our title, Technotopia, we’ll be able to play it on PC and it is already possible to add it to the Steam Wishlist.

Iris the AI of Technotopia

Social and economic conflicts have shaken the balance of the world. Restoring and maintaining optimal the delicate relations between the factions vying to acquire power, even that over us, will not be easy at all! There is only one metropolis that can boast this much desired stability.

Iris the AI of Technotopia

This one too, however, has limited resources and only enough to maintain a precarious balance in this power game. The authorities decided to create an algorithm capable of building a perfect city for all segments of the population. From this project was born Iris, an artificial intelligence designed to build a utopia. Welcome to Technotopia!

The Features we can expect from the game

Builders of a perfect city

You will have a deck of cards with buildings at your disposal. Build skyscrapers, parks, residential neighborhoods and transportation highways. It’s up to you to decide what the ideal metropolis should look like.

Maintain the delicate balance

Four factions are fighting for control of the city: capitalists, aristocrats, politicians and commoners. They will do anything to bend others to their will, and every decision you make tips the scales. Play the role of referee, meeting everyone’s needs equally.

Technotopia - Announcement Teaser

Satisfy public needs

A city is a living organism, where something is always happening that requires your attention. Where do you place fire victims? What to do with the gang that has taken control of some districts? The factions will offer their solutions, but it’s up to you to decide whether to follow them or advance your own agenda.

Form new connections

The world of Technotopia is home to a variety of characters. Hackers, oligarchs, criminals, and inventors communicate with the cream of the crop and provide them with services in exchange for their help in maintaining order. A perfect city is built for the people, with the help of the people!

For now, these are all the informations that is available on Technotopia, but we are sure that we will return to talk about it and update you on its development. We can’t wait to catapult you into this world to be built and shaped! Stay with us and let us know in the comments what you think of these first indications that Alawar has made available!

Good Game everyone!

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