Screenbound is the latest crazy “experiment” by by Crescent Moon Games and Those Dang Games, an unconventional platformer in “5 dimensions” where you can’t afford to lose focus, not even for a moment!


Have you ever thought about a game that could be played in both 2D and 3D? Well, if the answer is no, don’t worry, there are already those who have had this idea and have turned it into a video game, let us say, particularly original and ingenious, that will literally blow your mind!

We’re talking about Screenbound, the upcoming platformer developed in collaboration by Crescent Moon Games and Those Dang Games, an unconventional and unique “game about being distracted, but totally in control,” strictly to be called a 5D platformer, as suggested by the developers, precisely for the idea behind the game’s concept, this charming and equally brilliant way of blending 2D and 3D styles.

The game’s plot is rather straightforward: we live our ordinary life as an average guy until we stumble upon the Quantum Boy, a peculiar device invented by our mother and hidden away in our garage along with all its dark secrets for who knows how long, until we find and activate it. Upon activation, the device transports us to a strange dual-dimensional space where 2D and 3D intertwine.


And so this peculiar 5-dimensional world is born. It’s a kind of parallel dimension where, in the 3D world, we’ll navigate as the boy in a classic first-person perspective where it will be crucial to put our platforming skills into practice, while in the 2D world, we’ll progress by playing with our Qboy, a special handheld game console with a Game Boy-like system and functionality.

What’s unique about it? These two phases won’t operate independently; rather, they’ll be intricately intertwined. What does this mean? As you progress with platforming stages in the “real world,” simultaneously, you’ll need to keep an eye on the screen of your device. Gameplay mechanics such as jumping and movement in the two gaming worlds will mirror each other, while others might change in the other dimension, significantly altering your perception of space and time. Another interesting aspect will be the environmental puzzles, which will force you to test and push your skills, exploring the boundaries of dimensional space.

For this, you’ll need attention, timing, and to train your reaction times to quickly respond to the unexpected. In short, you’ll need to keep an eye on the three-dimensional world with one eye and the two-dimensional world with the other, all without losing your sanity in the process!

And, in case you were wondering, there will also be a combat system, but it’s exclusive to the 2D world. The rewards you earn from defeating enemies in the 2D world can be collected in the 3D world.

Furthermore, to make things even crazier, it appears from leaked information on the Steam page that the game will include a 2D level editor that automatically generates the corresponding 3D level. Quite a surprising twist, wouldn’t you agree?

Here's how the combat works

There would be many more things to say and just as many questions we’d like answers to, such as, “What would happen if our Qboy’s battery ran out?” Or, “If we’re killed by an enemy in our device, do we also die in the three-dimensional world?” “Does the attack mechanic in the 2D world affect movement mechanics in the 3D world?” However, we prefer to save these questions for another time, especially since, to date, details about the game are quite limited, and we’d rather wait for official news and information from the developers.

Screenbound doesn’t have a release date yet, nor have further details about a potential release window been revealed. As of now, the game has only been announced for PC, via Steam, and it’s unclear if the developers will also consider working on console versions.

For further information about the game, we’ll leave you the link to the Steam page, where you can find all the necessary details about the game and add it to your wishlist if you’re interested. And don’t forget to check out the game’s X account and Crescent Moon Games’ website to stay updated on all the latest information about Screenbound.

And for those who want to see a little demonstration of Screenbound gameplay in action, here’s a short video about it published by the developer Crescent Moon Games! Enjoy watching.

Screenbound - A game about being distracted (Wishlist now live!)

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