The great return of Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison

Phantom Fury is ready to be released on the PC market on April 23rd, after a long development and a notable delay since the title – originally – was supposed to be released in 2023.

After the feedback received with the demo – which wasn’t very positive – 3D Realms continued development of the game, and is now ready for the big launch.

The work done on the title is remarkable and much superior to previous chapters, with some interesting references to historical series and a great, completely unexpected return.

Phantom Fury

What is Phantom Fury?

Phantom Fury is a Boomer Shooter, a type of FPS that takes strong inspiration from exponents of the 90s genre such as Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem and Unreal, also for its decidedly old style graphic style.

The graphics of these titles are often pixel art, like the recent Warhammer 40,000: Bolt Gun.

Phantom Fury, unlike the previous chapters of the series, has decided to use an iconic graphic style, which many will recognize, such as the one used in the most postponed title in the history of the entire gaming sector, Duke Nukem Forever.

Notably, Phantom Fury uses similar graphics to the 2001 builds.

Phantom Fury has four main features:

  • An excellent shooting, very refined compared to the demo; and a notable variety of weapons, 20 in total.
  • The bionic arm that allows you to manage different powers, such as shields, enhanced blows and the ability to deal with complex situations with brute force.
  • The possibility of using different vehicles throughout the entire game, in particular, driving sections with an armed helicopter, a pick up and an underwater vehicle were shown in the trailers. Surely there will be many more.

Wide interactivity of the scenarios, particularly in the bars, where it is possible to play with the different gaming stations and arcades. You can interact with vending machines and use the game world to your advantage.

Phantom Fury

John Blade, what are you doing here?

The major surprise in Phantom Fury is the return, after years of absence from the market, of John Blade, the main character of SIN. The SIN series was excellent, but unfortunately, it was abandoned after the failure of the episodic series Sin Episodes, of which only the first episode is available. The character will appear in Phantom Fury, but it’s unclear if he will have a significant role within the game’s plot, which appears to be very well-crafted compared to other titles in its genre. Additionally, in Phantom Fury, players will be able to utilize John Blade’s iconic pistol and unleash its considerable penetrating power.

Could this appearance signify a grand comeback for the character?

The plot of Phantom Fury

Phantom Fury will be based on the protagonist’s awakening from a long coma, initiated by an old friend.

Bombshell finds herself in a new world with a new bionic arm that has made her more powerful.

The player will embark on a lengthy journey across the United States, spanning deserts, cities, laboratories, and high-speed train races.

Bombshell must reach a highly dangerous artifact, the Denom Core, and confront many extremely dangerous enemies.

The various enemies encountered will include fast mutants, some of considerable size, zombies, well-equipped soldiers, and various types of mechs.

The plot promises to be intriguing and full of discovery.

Phantom Fury

What do we expect from Phantom Fury?

Phantom Fury will be a much larger experience compared to other titles in its genre.

Both in terms of plot and variety of scenarios and situations, the ambition is very high, and the hard work put in by the development team is evident.Phantom Fury has the potential to take the genre to a new level and attract even more players to this type of game.

Phantom Fury

The origins of Bombshell

The character of Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison originated as a sidekick to Duke Nukem in the versions of Duke Nukem Forever from 1997 to 2001.

The character went through numerous concepts, featuring different types of bionic arms, with each version becoming increasingly “sexualized.”

Initially, the character was based on the actress Pamela Anderson in the movie Barb Wire. Take Two acquired the IP of Duke Nukem after serious issues with 3D REALMS and significant disagreements with the project leaders of Duke Nukem Forever.

When completing the acquisition, they did not acquire the rights to the Bombshell character. The character returned in 2018 with a series of titles dedicated to her, ION FURY and ION FURY AFTERSHOCK.

Let’s look at the character’s evolution during development:

When will Phantom Fury be released

Phantom Fury will be released for PC on April 23rd and will be available for purchase through Steam. Console versions are also planned, but it will take some time before their release.

Will Phantom Fury be a success?

Only time will tell.

Bombshell awaits you!

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