Dragonis Games has finally released Eresys, the long-awaited cooperative Lovecraftian game, with its mysterious and cursed forest, terrifying entities, mind-bending missions, and puzzles.

Eresys - Trailer: Early Access Release

Eresys is a cooperative online horror game for four players, set in a Lovecraftian universe. The game features an AI system that adapts to players’ choices and makes the gameplay increasingly difficult.


Let’s get into the specifics

The storyline of Eresys follows a group of cult members who have been expelled, and an ex-member has opened a Void Portal on a remote island, releasing horrible entities that have already claimed many lives. Players must work together to send these entities back to where they came from and seal the portal before destruction. Time is of the essence, and players must complete the ritual before the Lovecraftian horrors invade the island and unleash their terror on the world.

Eresys promises to be immersive and challenging, testing the limits and skills of players. Collaboration is essential, as well as the use of one’s intelligence to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.

One of the most notable features of Eresys is the advanced AI system that adapts to players’ choices and actions. The system calculates all player choices and actions, which has an immediate impact on the AI’s intelligence and creates new ways for entities to attack players. Eresys also offers unexpected events, where players can trigger surprising and unexpected events by finding occult-related objects, adding an additional layer of mystery and unpredictability to the game.

Early Access

Currently, Eresys is in the early access phase, and developers want to add new features, monsters, and content in the next six to eight months. The game already offers solid gameplay mechanics, and players can expect regular updates that will improve the experience, fix bugs, and add new elements.

The game’s visuals are impressive, and players will find a detailed and engaging environment that accurately portrays monsters and characters. Eresys offers two different endings, including a secret ending, which adds an additional level of depth and replayability. Developers actively gather feedback from players through in-game forms and dedicated chat sections on their Discord server.

Eresys Lovecraft

Eresys provides safe refuges such as houses and other buildings that offer temporary protection. Players can discover hidden objects and resources that they will need to complete the ritual. These resources include items that can useful as offerings on altars, and players must explore the island and find these objects to progress in the game.

In conclusions

Eresys is a unique and immersive horror game that offers a challenging experience for players seeking a cooperative adventure. With an engaging environment, advanced AI system, and unexpected events, Eresys will test players’ skills and courage like never before. Players who enjoy horror games and Lovecraftian themes should definitely give it a try.

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