The classic animated horror game, Bye Sweet Carole, is collaborating with artist Omri Koresh to “warmly” celebrate the arrival of the Halloween season.

Just a few days before the advent of the spookiest and most terrifying season of the year, lead developer Little Sewing Machine, in collaboration with Meangrip Game Studios and the French publisher Just For Games, part of Maximum Entertainment, has unveiled some tantalizing news for Bye Sweet Carole, the upcoming interactive chilling horror adventure conceived by Chris Darril (if you missed it, you can find our in-depth coverage of the game here).

In celebration of Halloween’s imminent arrival and their participation in the much-anticipated Steam Scream Fest, Bye Sweet Carole has officially announced a partnership with the phenomenal artist Omri Koresh (“American McGee’s Alice: Asylum”, Lead Art Director) for the creation of a mind-blowing new game artwork.

Bye Sweet Carole

The artwork, truly stunning, portrays the main character, Lana Benton, seemingly threatened by the ominous presence in the dark guise of the villain, Mr. Kyn, and his rotten rabbits, drawing Lana Benton into the World of Corolla. As we can observe, Kyn’s form is not entirely clear but rather composed of tendrils, symbolizing his role as the emblem of insidious corruption.

The central placement of the rabbits in the artwork is not accidental either. This is because, in addition to the artwork, Bye Sweet Carole introduces us, for the very first time, to the concept of the “rotten rabbits,” one of the darkest and most enduring threats we will encounter in the game.

Naturally, we don’t yet know much about these corrupted rabbits or their origins, for obvious lore-related reasons. However, it’s worth noting that they are small rabbits closely connected to Mr. Kyn. In fact, the villain, by opening portals, can summon them to aid in the spread of corruption.

Bye Sweet Carole
Rotten rabbits – early concept art

For this truly special occasion, Bye Sweet Carole unveils some early gameplay images featuring Mr. Baesie, Lana Benton’s best friend, battling the rotten rabbits. This is quite an intriguing hint, not only because we finally get to see Mr. Baesie in action (we caught a glimpse of him in a few sections during the Gamescom gameplay reveal), but also as a reminder that he will be a playable character. Furthermore, this little sneak peek allows us to get a first look at the very first action component of Bye Sweet Carole, which includes a fight, adding to the already enthralling features we’ve had the opportunity to explore.

We’d like to remind you that Bye Sweet Carole is scheduled for release in 2024 on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Stay tuned for more updates on the game by following us. That’s all for today. Happy Halloween!

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