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BLOODY HELL HOTEL - Announcement Trailer

At long last! We were all curious as to what the Unfold Games were up to, which had left us in suspense after the incredible success of Darq. On the other hand, something incredible, unusual, and unique is now expected of them, and Bloody Hell Hotel appears to promise all of this and more.

As they said: “It has to be completely freaking amazing or it shouldn’t be made at all.”

Feardemic, the publisher for console, are specialized in horror genre productions, so we expect this title to be truly thrilling.

However, the style already reveals how much irony is at work. Furthermore, the artistic collaboration with a Disney artist (in fact, the project’s artistic director) appears to us to be obvious from the aesthetics. Well, we know that Wlad Marhulets, the mastermind behind Unfold Games, is a great experimenter, but above all, a daring innovator.

But what exactly is it about?


Bloody Hell Hotel is a dark comedy that takes insipiration from Tim Burton’s films.

Bloody Hell Hotel

You are a vampire who awakens after centuries in a coma in his immense dilapidated estate, which is still your property. Another issue is that after such a long time, you have an incredible thirst for blood that must be satisfied in some way, but vampires can’t enter other people’s homes uninvited, so, what should we do?

Take advantage of such a large space by having your own food delivered directly to you. This is where the idea of constructing a fantastic hotel takes root.

However, times are tough and resources are scarce. Furthermore, your vampire nature does not lend itself well to customer satisfaction.

But there is a way out.

There is a crypt and a series of resource-filled caves beneath the estate.

Bloody Hell Hotel

The dungeons, however, are full of monsters, so as you farm, forage, and generally gather the resources you need to satisfy customers and ensure that fresh blood continuously enters your estate, you will have to fight against these unwelcome presences.

Bloody Hell Hotel


There is a lot of work to do in order to complete the ambitious project. You’ll have to restore the furniture, clean the rooms, hang the wallpapers, turn on the appliances, and do everything else necessary to return the estate to its former glory with a personal touch. Of course, you’ll be able to make good use of your supernatural abilities.

Ah-ah! Check-out is optional, so you can choose to fully satisfy the most demanding customers while also using them as food for yourself to restore your powers or even economize.

Bloody Hell Hotel

To please your guests, you must provide them with high-quality service. The ingredients are costly, but you have special resources to deal with this: an undead cow to milk, zombie chickens to ensure a steady supply of eggs, or wild mushrooms that grow on your property.

Bloody Hell Hotel

And as for the meat, no one will know where it comes from; all you have to worry about is cooking it to perfection, following the recipes, and creating unique and extravagant dishes that will leave your customers satisfied.

But it doesn’t stop there; you’ll also need to organize yourself to deal with the threats that prevent you from accessing the resources you need to run your hotel. Fortunately, just beneath the hotel lobby is a blacksmith’s workshop, complete with a set of tools and a few raw materials needed to create your weapons from scratch.

Bloody Hell Hotel

When you have finally expanded your hotel, you will require employees to assist you. You can easily hire them to fill various positions such as cook, porter, receptionist, housekeeper, and so on.

But they will also be vampires, so, in addition to a good pay, you will have to attract them with a little blood.


Bloody Hell Hotel, as previously stated, will be available for consoles as well. The plan is to launch it across all platforms, but there’s no official announcement about it.

Unfold Games responds that they did not initially consider a VR version, but after numerous requests, they decided almost certainly to include it in the post-launch.

The player will be able to select their gender, which will necessitate some customization. Thanks to Discord community, the game is no longer focused on a single character. It’s possible to adopt an RPG-style approach.

So, you can create your own character, choose one of the six classes, select gender, name your Vampire, and so on. Each class will have their own set of arms, in addition to a visually distinct set of arms. Each class will provide a completely different way to play the game.

The 6 classes you’ll be able to choose are: the Darkstriders (masters of deception, manipulation, and subterfuge), the Nekrocasters (capable of supernatural powers unseen by modern eyes), the Bloodcharmer (known to persuade their victims to willingly donate some of their blood), the Neckbreakers (powerful warriors and perfect for blue-collar work like mining, forging, and smithing), the Youngblood (capable of surviving the light of day, they recall many human efficiencies, such as farming, technology, and small talk) and the Primortal (vampire royalty, dating back further than any other vampire clan. Because of their high status within the Vampiric Council are granted special privileges).

Furthermore, despite the game’s typology, you can play without killing anyone.

You can change the hotel layout with updates, but everything else is already customizable. However, these customizations are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also serve specific functions based on the guests’ individual requests.

The number of rooms to unlock is twelve, spread across two floors, which may not appear to be a lot, but according to the authors, is just enough to make each room memorable and unique. There are only two rooms available at the start of the game. The rest you can unlock gradually as you play.

You can find the majority of the interesting things in the dungeons, which are generated procedurally every day in the game.

The monsters, on the other hand, will only break into the hotel if things get out of hand. Unfold Games’ current concept is that the more guests the player kills, the more monsters (basically undead) will spawn in the dungeons.

Going more technical, there are other small explanations, such as the Engine system used, which is Unity, or how much area you can explore. According to what they say, for the time being, players can only visit the hotel and underground areas, which cover a large zone. In any case, there is a desire to create an external area, such as a small village with shops and a small vampiric council, where you can go at night.

Finally, because Bloody Hell Hotel is a non-linear game, it does not require a particularly complex narrative; however, there will be a little bit of story.

Well, we’ve arrived at the final question, which we’re all wondering: when will Bloody Hell Hotel be released?

The answer about the release date is: “when it’s bloody awesome!”

So we can not help but wait anxiously, at least until next year. Unfold Games declare that this August they’re in mid-development and they want to prioritize quality over self-imposed deadlines.

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