What would a Vampire do if he didn’t have his Familiar?

Bloody Hell Hotel

Unfold Games strikes a blow and informs us that, after accepting the suggestions of Discord users, the new Bloody Hell Hotel pets are coming to life.


The development of the Bloody Hell Hotel (here our article) is well underway; in fact, we haven’t received any updates in quite some time. It’s clear that they’re giving it their all, and we can’t help but be pleased.

Unfold Games shared a first draft of the realization of the pets, faithful companions of the vampires, and in particular of these vampires, those of Bloody Hell Hotel, with its fans on Saturday, January 21.

The presence of familiars has been the most popular request on the Discord server, and I completely agree that they are an essential component in a world where vampires are protagonists.

The familiars are the vampires’ most devoted companions, and as one might expect, they will play a significant role in Bloody Hell Hotel. According to the Unfold Game, these will be minor tasks, but they will undoubtedly enhance everything with their amusing features.

But first, let’s find out what these first pets are.


Bloody Hell Hotel Pets

Mosquitoes are unusual as familiars, but they are the closest thing to vampires!

Because they are small and stealthy, they make excellent spies. Furthermore, they can move unnoticed among the guests, suck some blood from them, and bring it to their vampire, along with valuable information on the quality of the blood and the state of the prey (if they are intoxicated or anxious, for example).

A well-trained mosquito can even spot a vampire hunter in disguise and alert its master, allowing it to flee to safety.


Bloody Hell Hotel Pets

The cat, on the other hand, is the most well-known and iconic. In short, an indispensable ally for keeping the pantry stocked. His job will be to keep rodents away from the hotel in style and grace, as well as to bring their meat as a cooking ingredient (though only well-trained cats will be able to recover the meat from their prey).


Bloody Hell Hotel Pets

Dogs are vampires’ staunchest friends and protect the hotel warehouse from thieves.

A well-trained dog can stand guard over his master while he sleeps, allowing him to rest easy, especially after a long battle in the dungeons.


Bloody Hell Hotel Pets

For the time being, this appears to be the most extravagant and amusing idea, as one would expect from a game like Bloody Hell Hotel.

Teacup pigs are small and cuddly, and their job is to make guests feel comfortable, especially if they happen to see something they shouldn’t have seen. They serve as distractions.

Guests who enjoy animals are likely to become regulars.

Tea pigs, once trained, will be able to warn of potential dangers.


Bloody Hell Hotel Pets

Spiders appear to have functions similar to mosquitoes due to their small size, which allows them to be stealthy and agile.

When properly trained, their venomous bite can be used to weaken prey before killing it.


Bloody Hell Hotel Pets

Dolls are possessed by a mysterious force that allows them to do things mortals cannot.

They can read people’s minds and discover their secrets, giving the hotel manager the ability to satisfy their needs and, more importantly, discover their weak points.

Dolls can store vampiric energy, which can be recharged over time and used as needed.

The disadvantage of having a doll as a familiar is that it can be disturbing and make guests feel uneasy and alert, but they do not require special care or feeding.


As we progress through the game, our relationship with the familiar will strengthen, and he will level up and become more skilled in its abilities.

The choice of the familiar must be done with caution, as you can only have one at a time, which I believe is correct.

Familiars can be customized in terms of both name and connotation.

They don’t need special care, but some do in terms of nutrition and attention. If neglected, they may become moody and uncooperative.

However, choosing a familiar is optional.

Unfold Games intends to add more pets, but it may take too long to do so before the launch, so they will be added later as a content update.

They have many, particularly extravagant ideas, but they invite all of us to weigh in, both on those presented thus far and on any others that we would like to see included in the game.

JtheStray deserves special recognition for being the first to suggest the addition of pets to the Bloody Hell Hotel. His name will live on in the credits, and he will, of course, receive a copy of Bloody Hell Hotel when it is released.

So, which is your favorite?

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