Platinuming Blasphemous 2 is not impossible, and it’s generally achievable in a single run.

If you don’t want to achieve the platinum but unlock both endings, you can do it in the first run, as once you defeat the final boss and watch the credits, you can resume the game and fight the final boss again, namely Incarnated Incarnate Devotion.

Here is the list of trophies, including the secret ones.

Platinum Trophy

The Penitent Two: Complete all Trophies

Gold Trophies

Second Psalm: Unlock Ending B

(That is, the ending you obtain by completing the game without necessarily finishing all the side quests)

Canvas of Light and Time: Unlock Ending A
(More precisely, to obtain ending A, there are the following requirements to fulfill: find the four golden figures, which are the statues to be placed in the Altar Blades: Cierzo, Lebeche, Gregal, Jaloque. Once all four of them are obtained and you have access to the room adjacent to the Chapel of the Five Doves, where you’ll find a brazier, you’ll need to arrange them in a specific order: Cierzo on top left inside; Gregal on top right inside; Lebeche on bottom left inside; Jaloque on bottom right inside. When arranged in this way, once you reach the brazier, they will burn, and you will obtain the Incense of the Envoys. At the moment of Ascension, to confront the Incarnate Devotion, you will have to choose whether to donate the Incense. If you choose to donate it, you will unlock ending A)

Silver Trophies

The Wait is Over: Defeat Eviterno, Father of Penitents

Flawless Penance: After the first fight, defeat any boss without receiving damage

A Sharp Rendezvous: Reach the room of the Sentinel of the Emery in under 30 minutes

A Thousand Years Later: Defeat the Faceless One, Chisel of Oblivion

A Heart of Gold: Defeat the Devotion Incarnate, the last child of the Miracle

True Martyrdom: Complete 100% of the game

Fermosa Fembra: Defeat Svsona, Fermosa Fembra

The Sea dies on the Shore: Defeat Odón of the Confraternity of Salt

The Last Ascension: Defeat Benedicta of the Confraternity of Endless Orison

The Sharpest Tool in the Shed: Defeat the Sentinel of the Emery

Forged in Fire: Defeat Sínodo, Hymn of a Thousand Voices

Blood and Gold: Defeat Orospina of the Confraternity of Embroiderers

Blood and Dust: Defeat the Great Preceptor Radamés

Blood and Iron: Defeat Lesmes of the Confraternity of Incorruptible Flesh

Bronze Trophies

Storm of Death: Unlock the true power of Sarmiento & Centella

Acta, Non Verba: Find all of the Prayers

Ultima ratio: Unlock all Abilities

Blessed Incense: Unlock the true power of Veredicto

Warrior of the Silent Sorrow: Unlock all Weapon Memories

Edge of Orison: Unlock the true power of Ruego Al Alba

The Merciless One:Execute 50 different enemies

Welcome Back!: Fall into spikes and survive

Happy New Year!: Toll a bell 12 times

Two Old Ones Eating Soup: Reunite Cástula with Trifón
(Once you’ve completed the quest of the two elders in the Palace of Embroideries and obtained the figures, namely the statues for the Altar Blade, Cástula and Trifón, it will be sufficient to pair them)

The Finest Craftmanship: Unlock all slots in the Altarpiece of Favours

This Is Blasphemy: Deal more than 250 damage with a single strike

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition!: Kill every type of enemy

Twisted is the Path of the Miracle: Hear the echoes of the past
(There is a tree at Mother of Mothers, near which you will need to pause and listen to all the voices)

The Anointed One: Kill 300 enemies using Veredicto

The Veteran One: Kill 300 enemies using Sarmiento & Centella

The Punished One: Kill 300 enemies using Ruego Al Alba

A Leap of Faith: Lift the Curse of the Unforgiven

House of Grief and Hatred: Complete all the battle challenges

The Work of a Master: Bring every Remembrance to an artisan and turn them into Figures

Empty Handed: Purchase all available items in the shop in the City of the Blessed Name

No Cherub Left Behind: Free Próximo’s brothers

Still Among Us: Find all of the hidden symbols

Soledad: Unlock all of the Rosary Bead slots

Acquired Taste: Unlock all Bile Flasks

Second Pilgrimage: Reveal the whole map

Weight of Penance: Find all of the Figures

  Full Devotion: Find all of the Rosary Beads

Hide and Seek: Find all the hidden Cobijadas

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