We tried the Demo of Yolk Heroes: A long Tamago, discover with us this journey into the Realm of the Fairy Queen

Yolk Heroes: A long Tamago - The  Demo

As promised we are back to talk to you about the Yolk Heroes: A long Tamago Demo. We remind you that the Demo is available on Steam and in case you missed the first News on this game you can recover it here: Yolk Heroes: A long Tamago – It’s coming.

The game will therefore be available on Steam, Itch.io, Google App and App Store. Let’s not waste any more time and begin our journey!

The Land of Paria

The Demo opens by telling us how, Paria, the Land of the Fairy Queen’s Realm is in danger. Dark presences are terrorizing the farmers of the countryside and the streets controlled by shady thugs sent by the Dark Lord.

Yolk Heroes: A long Tamago - The Land of Paria

Here, where we come into play, under the assignment of the Fairy Queen we will have to raise, grow and train little Elves. They may prove to be the only hope for the salvation of the Realm. It’s up to us to transform simple helpless Elves into Heroes and saviors of Paria!

Protect the elven egg at all costs

The Fairy Queen will give us an elven egg to hatch. We will have to protect it from heat, cold but also from rain and dangerous animals, such as snakes.

To do this we will have a leaf at our disposal. We’ll move it all around the egg to keep its temperature as unchanged as possible. To check the temperature we’ll have a thermometer on our right. A very specific area will be highlighted, which indicates the ideal temperature. We will have to make sure that the line in the thermometer never goes outside that range.

Yolk Heroes: A long Tamago - Protect the elven egg at all costs

Depending on how we manage to protect the egg and maintain the temperature, we will be able to complete the hatching or not. Additionally, “how” it was protected will affect our Hero’s personality and abilities. From here, the basis for improving our Elf begins. Strengthening the lacking traits will be useful when our hero is ready to face the dangers in the Realm.

More energy, more training for an unbeatable Hero

Our little Hero has just been born, he is small and defenseless. Precisely for this reason we will have to start taking care of it immediately. Not only for food, hygiene and sleep but above all to increase his dexterity and intelligence. And, later on his ability to shoot with a bow or sword.

 Yolk Heroes: A long Tamago - More energy, more training for an unbeatable Hero

Exactly as we did with the Tamagotchis, we can create a row of actions for our little Elf to perform, for a total of 5 actions. We’ll be able to check his needs, thanks to the retractable curtain on the right side, which bears the name “Stats” where we will find all his needs (Energy, Hunger, Hygiene, Bladder). For our Hero to grow strong and healthy and not perish, we must always keep their satisfaction levels very high.

That’s not all, if we don’t necessarily want to twiddle our thumbs while watching our Elf eat, bathe or train we can easily close or keep the game open and it will continue even without us. When we reopen the game our Elf will give us an account of all the actions carried out; which we can control from the retractable curtain on the left, which bears the name “Events“.

From Toddler to Guild Member

As our little Elf grows, he will go from being a drooling little creature to a Toddler full of energy and ready to learn new things. This moment in the Hero’s evolution is fundamental because based on how we train him (sword or archer) and how much he studies and we make his dexterity grow, the more likely our Elf will change “class”.

From Toddler to Guild Member

After two days of play, our Hero will finally be ready to join the Adventure’s Guild. From now on we will need to be in constant training to always be ready for the challenges we will find in the Quests. Furthermore, we will be able to train each Stat (sword, archer or study) up to a pre-established maximum level based on the class of our Elf.

Always on top in Quests

To always be at the Top, we will also need gold coins to be able to buy resources, healing herbs, weapons and armor but also boosters to improve the performance of our Hero.

Always on top in Quests

It will be possible to access resources before starting a Quest. If we have enough gold we will be able to buy what seems most useful to us. Some items are specific to a certain class, so be careful! Always check yours (just click on your Elf), so as not to spend coins on unusable objects. In case of an oversight, it is possible to sell what is not needed and earn some money back.

All purchased items will end up in our inventory; it is possible to recall it (right mouse button) both during the Quests and before. Therefore, we can easily equip our Elf at the start and in case of need even during the Quests. For example, if he lost a lot of life during a battle (before the final boss) we can recall the inventory and give him some healing herbs to get to the end with more HP.

Our Elf does not live on Quest alone

As they say “First duty and then pleasure” – true, but remember to let your Hero have some fun. Saving the Realm is an important task and doing it while stressed will not bring benefits!

On the map where we can choose to undertake the Quests, we will also find the possibility of having fun for example by going fishing.

Our Elf does not live on Quest alone

It’s a relaxing activity that our Elf will surely appreciate and will also benefit our general Stats. What is very important is to note that, speaking of Quests, each of these has a very specific duration. The first, very short, because it is introductory, lasts 15 minutes. However, as we continue, the duration increases and for example, we see that the Quest 5 has a duration of 3 hours. What to do? If you don’t want to spend all the time waiting for your Elf to run into the Dark Lord’s henchmen, you can let the game continue on its own. Our Elf will be able to tackle the Quest alone, could something go wrong?

The answer is: “It depends” – it depends on the general Stats, for example whether he was hungry, tired or had low hygiene. Or it could depend on your training and dexterity stats.

So always remember to check the status of your general and Hero Stats before undertaking Quests… and as suggested, also have fun with it from time to time!

Interface customization

Last but not least is to talk about the customization issue. Well, yes Yolk Heroes: A long Tamago, allows users to choose in the settings whether to play in full screen or in a window size, whether to allow the game to always remain in the foreground and even change the color palettes.

Interface customization

If played in a window you are given the possibility of setting it to different sizes: 2x the smallest up to a size of 16x. With a size of 4x it can be put aside on our PC screen and in the meantime do other things. It can also be minimized when set to window; and when something important happens in game, the icon will flash from the bottom of our taskbar.

What can I say, as regards the Palettes, by default the game is set with the classic gray scale, but if we want we have available: Icy (the one we chose), Pink (Fuchsia and pink shades) and Oil (Lavender shades).

Nostalgia for the ’90s

If you are nostalgic for the 90s, if you also had a Tamagotchi, we recommend you try Yolk Heroes: A long Tamago, it will be like taking a dive into your childhood.

Yolk Heroes, is a relaxing and disengaged game. It does not require constant presence on the part of the player but still offers a certain level of entertainment. You can easily organize your Elf’s actions as you want and resume after a few hours or even the next day.

Nostalgia for the '90s

Upon your return you will be informed of everything he has done, whether he is well and whether he has aged. You are totally free to choose whether to dedicate yourself to raising a Hero or simply raising an Elf to take care of.

What are you waiting for? A magical egg is waiting for you and with it, also a nostalgic memory of the 90s!

Good Game everybody!

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