Yolk Heroes: A long Tamago, an Indie title from 14 Hours Productions that takes inspiration from the dynamics of Tamagotchi, is coming to Steam, Itch.io, Google Store and App Store

Yolk Heroes: A long Tamago - It's coming

Today we’re talking about Yolk Heroes: A long Tamago, an Indie game from 14 Hours Productions. The dynamics and Pixel Art graphics are inspired by the beloved Tamagotchi. This title will soon be available on Steam, Itch.io, Google App and App Store.

What can I say…let’s find out more about 14 Hours and then move on to Yolk Heroes: A long Tamago!

14 Hours Productions

14 Hours Productions is a group of friends and acquaintances who work in their free time to try to create quality products like a real studio. It has no base of operations because things like an office cost money.

However, it is run by dedicated people who care deeply about game design and the potential artistic merit of looking at interactive fiction from different perspectives.

Yolk Heroes: A long Tamago - 14 Hours Productions 

Starting out a few years ago as a Pixel Art animation studio for other independent game and film makers. Naturally progressing to creating their own original content rather than always creating content for third parties. Whether or not the world will respect and appreciate that content is yet to see.

Many small game studios typically say something vaguely artistically inspiring as a statement of intent when introducing themselves.

14 Hours hates going against trends, so what they attest to is simple: “We want to make games that people can play. Then we can make more games.”

This is the central foundation of the 14 Hours Productions philosophy. It’s not complex, but it’s honest.

The Fairy Queen needs your help!

You are the guardian spirit of this kingdom and have been assigned the task of raising elven heroes by the fairy queen. Your kingdom is in great danger, the Dark Lord and his minions are attacking the countryside, your elves may be the only creatures who can save this land.

As a guardian spirit created by the Fairy Queen you must take care of the heroes of this kingdom. You must guide them, raise them, and help them face the dark terrors of the world.

Part digital pet game, part RPG adventure, and part casual Idle game, Yolk Heroes is a fascinating blend of many different elements. Complete Quests and hone your skills to protect the kingdom’s citizens. Or just enjoy your digital friend!

Raise your hero!

From egg to adventure take your elf and help him become the greatest hero he can be. Clean, train, educate and equip your little elf. Taking it through different stages of development.

  • Egg: Protect your Elf Egg from the dangers of the world! Keep it at the perfect temperature to help the strongest possible hero hatch.
  • Infant: The helpless hero is young and cute, but he can’t do much! He learns the basics as you get to know your drooling elf.
Raise your hero!
  • Run errands, practice skills, play games, and turn your elf into the hero he’s destined to be!
  • Hero: Once your elf reaches maturity, send him on quests and take him on adventures in search of treasure and glory!

Save the Realm

The Dark Lord has spread evil across the land. The Fairy Queen has tasked you with stopping her reign of terror!

  • Challenging missions await around every bend, and a myriad of unique enemies try to assault your hero from all sides.
  • Use skills, items, training and a little luck to keep your hero safe!
  • Action requires energy! Make sure you balance work with rest, otherwise your Elf will be exhausted.
Save the Realm
  • Your hero will provide you with regular updates during his quests, so you can move on with your life without worrying about your Elf getting into (too much) trouble without you.
  • He equips your hero with various weapons and armor to increase his chances and ensure that he has the best chance of winning against the forces of darkness.

Will we be able to save the Kingdom and the Fairy Queen? To find out, all you have to do is stay updated with us to find out how our Elf’s story will end! Soon we will return to talk to you about the Yolk Heroes: A long Tamago Demo.

See you soon Elves!

Good Game everybody!

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