If you’ve ever experienced the adrenaline-pumping thrills of F.E.A.R., then Trepang 2 might just be your next favorite gaming endeavor.

At first glance, it may appear to be your typical shooter, promising a barrage of bullets, explosions, and foes to eliminate. While it does deliver on these fronts, there’s much more beneath the surface that sets Trepang 2 apart. Lets review what I liked and disliked about the game!

Let’s dive into the gameplay.

Trepang 2 introduces intriguing supernatural abilities, offering a unique twist to the classic shooter formula. You’re endowed with two primary powers: the ability to manipulate time and the gift of invisibility. Think of it as a fusion of Crysis and Max Payne, and you’ve got a taste of what awaits. Your powers, however, are not created equal. Time manipulation takes center stage, becoming a staple in your arsenal, not only due to its effectiveness but also because it makes you feel like a modern-day John Wick. It’s undeniably cool and a lifesaver in numerous situations.

On the other hand, invisibility feels somewhat underutilized. While it serves a purpose, enemies often seem oblivious to your stealthy endeavors, making it less impactful than it could be. As the game progresses, it shifts away from stealth and embraces a more action-packed style, leaving invisibility in the shadows. Other than bypassing security lasers, its potential remains largely untapped.

Trepang 2

Now, let’s discuss movement.

Trepang 2 provides a breathtaking sense of mobility. It combines the fluidity of Call of Duty with the stylish acrobatics of Superhot. Jumping, sliding, and maneuvering through the game world is a delight. While occasional hiccups with level clutter may occur, overall, you’ll enjoy unhindered movement.

How about gunplay?

The gunplay is nothing short of excellent. The weapons feel natural and weighty, offering a satisfying shooting experience. Each firearm exhibits distinct mechanics and patterns, resulting in a harmonious blend of destruction and gore reminiscent of classics like Soldier Of Fortune. While the selection of guns is not extensive, it aligns with expectations for a game of this caliber. Throwables, such as grenades and knives, add an extra layer to combat, injecting excitement into every firefight.

Trepang 2 also allows you to customize your weapons and clothing, unlocking personalization options as you progress. This feature adds a layer of depth and personality to the game.

Let’s delve into the visuals.

Visually, Trepang 2 stands as one of the most stunning games in recent memory. The game’s attention to detail is astonishing, with crisp graphics, impeccable textures, and mesmerizing image effects. Volumetric lighting and a judicious use of color breathe life into the game world, creating a realistic aesthetic. However, some areas are overly dark, hindering visibility, even with a flashlight. Despite this issue, the visuals excel in immersing players in the game world.

Trepang 2

What about the story and writing?

While not a story-driven game, Trepang 2 offers a decent narrative backdrop. It revolves around a mysterious organization conducting experiments to create monstrous abominations in the name of science. This leads to a variety of enemy types, including standard soldiers, monsters, and formidable boss encounters. The story is subtly conveyed through dialogue, animations, and in-game collectibles, enhancing the overall experience.

Now, let’s examine level and enemy design.

Trepang 2’s detailed environments captivate players with lifelike settings. However, an overabundance of clutter in some locations can impede combat freedom, occasionally causing frustration. Nevertheless, the game’s diverse and well-crafted levels ensure that repetition never sets in. Enemy AI strikes a balance between challenge and entertainment, with no noticeable glitches or AI quirks. The only drawback lies in the physics of dead bodies, which can become erratic and obstructive.

Moving on to audio design.

This is the one area where Trepang 2 falls short. The audio design, while not terrible, is far from outstanding. The soundtrack feels lackluster, with no memorable tracks to enhance the gaming experience. Environmental sounds are passable but don’t stand out. The real letdown occurs with gun and combat audio, which fails to deliver the immersive impact one might expect. Some weapons are too loud and distorted, while others are too soft, making it difficult to gauge the intensity of combat.

Trepang 2

So, what’s the overall verdict?

Despite its imperfections, my experience with Trepang 2 was undeniably positive. The game offers an exhilarating blend of blockbuster action and a hint of horror, a refreshing departure from the typical FPS titles flooding the market. While it’s not without its bugs and minor annoyances, it delivers the same rush I once felt playing F.E.A.R. in the early 2010s.

In summary, Trepang 2 is a hidden gem in the world of shooters, combining exceptional gameplay, top-notch gunplay, stunning visuals, varied levels, and solid enemy design. While it falters in sound design and faces minor physics issues, it’s a game I wholeheartedly recommend to any avid gamer.

Trepang 2

“Trepang 2 is a hidden gem in the world of shooters, combining exceptional gameplay, top-notch gunplay, stunning visuals, varied levels, and solid enemy design. While it falters in sound design and faces minor physics issues, it’s a game I wholeheartedly recommend to any avid gamer.”


  • Excellent Gameplay: Trepang 2 introduces unique supernatural powers and smooth movement, offering an unforgettable gaming experience.
  • Gunplay is World Class: The game’s firearms feel weighty and satisfying, enhancing the shooting experience.
  • Visuals are Excellent: Crisp graphics, intricate textures, and artful use of lighting immerse players in the game world.
  • Varied and Detailed Locations: Each level is distinct and carefully designed, maintaining player engagement.
  • Good Enemy Design: The AI system offers a satisfying challenge, with minimal glitches or AI issues.


  • Mediocre Sound Design: The audio design, including the soundtrack and weapon audio, falls short of expectations.
  • Physics and Ragdoll Issues: Dead body physics can be erratic, hindering the gameplay experience.
  • Too Much Darkness in Some Locations: Excessive darkness in certain areas can impede visibility, even with a flashlight.
  • Not the Biggest Selection of Weapons: While the game offers a decent variety of firearms, it doesn’t push the envelope in terms of weapon selection.
SCORE: 8.5


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