Let’s discover together the news from Ubik Studios, with their new Hidden Object Indie, Untimely Hidden: Patara

Untimely Hidden: Patara

Today we’re talking to you about Indie by Ubik Studios, the same Indie studio that created Leila, of which you can find our article here. But let’s get back to us, today’s game is called Untimely Hidden: Patara. It’s a hidden object game featuring a humorous take on time travel. It currently doesn’t have a release date, but you can find it on Steam and save it in your WishList.

However, don’t think it’s a simple game! In fact, no one will tell you what objects to find. But trust us, you’ll know them when you see them.

Strange, huh? Let’s try to understand better!

Walking through time

As our temporal agent, Jaxon, we have a new mission: to save humanity from a grave danger – but first let’s find out something about this agent. In the world of Untimely Hidden: Patara; Jaxon is a tenacious, diligent but naive temporal agent. He is proud to be the #1 agent. 247 of P.A.S.T., the First Time Rescue Agency! He is always ready and waiting for a new mission! After all, what’s better than feeling like a hero? Be a hero!

Walking through time

But every hero needs a villain! Luckily, he has the sexiest nemesis of all! That is, the baddest of all! Nova, the TimeTangler, travels across different timelines to create disruptions and leave behind a trail of objects that cause errors in the space-time continuum.

Our mission as P.A.S.T. Agents

Nova and Jaxon have faced each other many times. Even if Jaxon never managed to capture her, at least he was always able to clean up the mess she created. But if you ask Nova how that’s possible, she’ll tell you that she’s always let Jaxon clean up her messes because, in her words, what’s more fun than making this poor guy sweat it out? little agent?

Our mission as P.A.S.T. Agents

Our mission, in the guise of Jaxon, will be to find the modern objects that Nova has scattered around the city of Patara. Just as every hero has his right arm, so we will have a trusted companion: the KronoDex. This is an AI that informs agents about their mission. Offering:

  • Information about time and location
  • Mission updates
  • Suggestions about the items you are looking for
  • Translation services
  • Comments not requested

Giving a story to Untimely Hidden: Patara

When we think of a hidden object game, we don’t think of a story, we almost don’t feel the need for one. But when it is there, there is the possibility of making it unique. That’s why the developers of Untimely Hidden: Patara wanted to give players a little story and an adorable character to interact with.

After writing 7 different ideas and comparing them, everyone immediately chooses the same one and so the other more extravagant ones go to waste.

Giving a story to Untimely Hidden: Patara

Ideas like: a teenage mutant who can’t control his power and makes strange things happen in the city that we had to find and solve. Or an old witch trying to find and hide everything related to magic before the inquisitors get to the village. No, none of that!

We are a brave and foolish agent of time who collects modern objects in some ancient city due to the chaos created by his arch-enemy. Imagine a Roman emperor in blue jeans…It’s fun!

Temporal accuracy

The developers decided to choose a truly ancient site so they could use it as a reference. For example, the Roman Forum in Rome. So they started diving into history, finding maps, lists of buildings and their purposes, documentaries, 3D reconstruction models, the chronology, the population over time, the families, what they ate, how they peed, what colors they used. Then at a certain point, they realized they could find so much information with so little effort they thought it was overused. So, why use a place that everyone knows and has been talked about many times? Why not focus on places we are quite familiar with but less well known? Then, the intuition through the archaeological sites of the developers’ hometown: Patara!

Temporal accuracy

Patara was the port city of the Lykian civilization and the archaeological site is a relatively new discovery. This is a good thing, but it quickly turns into a problem: lack of information about it. Unable to find additional information on the Internet, the developers went book hunting!

After studying books (and flipping through countless pages) written by the excavation team, they were able to build a basic 3D model of the city as it was in the 2nd century. Subsequently they studied its architecture, fauna, customs and habits , even examining the excavation inventories of the university that carried out the excavations. The team found examples of their ceramics, everyday utensils, statues that we will see re-proposed in Untimely Hidden: Patara, thus increasing gaming immersion (and why not, learning something new).

And on these historical and development notes we have reached the end of the News on Untimely Hidden: Patara. We remind you to follow us so as not to miss the News from the Indie world and if you want you can comment here on your impressions of either the Ubik Studios game or simply tell us which titles you are waiting for!

We will be back soon with new info, so stay with us and in the meantime…

Good Game everybody!

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