A few things to know about Striking Distance Studios’ new terrifying sci-fi survival horror game.

The Callisto Protocol - Cinematic Trailer
The Callisto Protocol: Official Launch Trailer

The Callisto Protocol is the video game that we’ve all been waiting for, even if we’re not quite ready to dive into it yet. You know that feeling of impatience mixed with anxiety, fear, and, dare I say, anguish? Striking Distance Studios‘ hard and meticulous work has resulted in all of this.

Tomorrow, December 2, 2022, the game will be released for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The Callisto Protocol appears to be a success since the release of the presentation trailer, becoming one of the most coveted and sought-after 2022 projects!

The Callisto Protocol

It’s the terrifying and dramatic new third-person sci-fi survival horror video game created by Glen Schofield: video game artist, designer, director, and producer, as well as the founder and CEO of Striking Distance Studios.

But, without giving anything away, how about a nice general recap before delving into The Callisto Protocol‘s perennial horrors? Let’s go over the big news, the specifics, and everything else you should know before you start playing!

Callisto Protocol

Consider for a moment living an authentic and never-ending nightmare that slowly consumes your soul, imprisoning you in a perilous world ruled by death and suffering. Have I persuaded you any further? So, stick with me!

Callisto: Jupiter’s Dead Moon

What if I told you that the setting chosen by The Callisto Protocol‘s developers conceals a mystery that only astronomy can explain? A place where science and fantasy embrace to create a mysterious and disturbing game environment that conceals ancient secrets.


Callisto is Jupiter’s second moon, according to science. Many people compare this land to a boring wasteland covered in craters. Everything changed in the 1990s, when data from NASA’s Galileo spacecraft revealed that Callisto may have an intriguing secret: a salty ocean beneath its surface.

And it is here that Callisto’s true story intersects with The Callisto Protocol‘s narrative sector. A long journey in which players take on the role of Jacob Lee, a victim of fate thrown into the depths of Callisto’s maximum-security penitentiary, the Black Iron Prison.

Jacob Lee

When the inmates begin to transform into monstrous creatures and the prison is thrown into chaos, the protagonist must fight his way to safety while uncovering the dark and disturbing secrets buried beneath Callisto‘s surface. To escape the horrors of Jupiter’s Dead Moon, Jacob will have to adapt to the unexpected, combine different fighting styles, and use all of his skills.

A project that is unquestionably cutting-edge in the technical and sound sectors, and which is set to astound players also in terms of aesthetics, thanks to a well-finished and meticulous character design that aims for a disturbing, realistic, and complete experience.

The Callisto Protocol

The intertwining of astronomy and fantasy adds to the intrigue, making The Callisto Protocol not only a highly ambitious video game, but also an important opportunity to learn about the arcane connection that exists between reality and science fiction.

Glen Schofield: The Callisto Protocol’s mastermind

The Callisto Protocol is the result of a man’s ideas and flashes of genius that continue to astound thousands of fans even today, laying the groundwork for the definitive return of space survival horror video games in a new, modern, and contemporary key.

Glen Schofield is not only the driving force behind the new Striking Distance Studios project, but also a valuable resource for the gaming industry and one of the undisputed leaders of a timeless genre that has captivated innumerable players worldwide for years.

Glen Schofield
Glen Schofield

His curriculum boasts extensive field experience, certifying him as an all-around artist. Among the highlights are an infinite number of high-quality productions, as well as the co-founding of Sledgehammer Games with Michael Condrey.

Glen Schofield currently serves as the founder and CEO of Striking Distance Studios: The Callisto Protocol development team. There is no doubt that such an experienced veteran can greatly benefit such an ambitious project.

His hard work and dedication have resulted in numerous accomplishments, including executive producer on Dead Space (2008), producer on The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003), and collaborations on several Call of Duty titles.

How could I forget the constant anxiety and restlessness I felt in Dead Space, or the insane desire to turn on my console and immerse myself in Middle-earth, tearing apart armies of Uruk-hai… What wonderful memories!

Glen Schofield was undoubtedly a part of many of our childhoods or growths, contributing so much to the world of video games as an artist and video game producer, giving each of his works charm and the desire to always discover something new.

His work, his love of video games, and the formation of a development team that knows how to get involved have all contributed to the creation of The Callisto Protocol. And I’m curious how much his art and influence inspired this project, both technically and in terms of the rest of the game’s components.

The Callisto Protocol

Don’t be scared

Playing The Callisto Protocol alone at night can be either the best or worst thing you could do. Indeed, it is always a matter of perspective. Would you rather experience the nightmare in its entirety or in a more peaceful and less dangerous state?

The Callisto Protocol

Whatever you choose, you should be prepared to experience horror at its most cruel and paranormal, with a gameplay focused on the protagonist’s survival while also solving intricate puzzles.

The exploratory component will lead players into the depths of the Black Iron Prison: a maximum-security penitentiary that has now become a favorite hideout for the horrifying creatures that live on Callisto’s surface.

The Callisto Protocol

And it is here that players must muster all their courage, exploring these contaminated areas in order to collect valuable objects, solve some important puzzles in order to gain access to new areas, and unravel what dark mystery caused the terrifying process of mutating prisoners into terrifying bloodthirsty monsters.

The combat system appears to be varied, fun, and functional, with three main weapons: an electrified baton for melee combat, ranged weapons, and a special and unique weapon that I will not reveal to you for the time being.

The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol gives players access to a plethora of weapons, but as with any self-respecting survival horror, these resources are extremely limited. Ranged shots will serve as a lifesaving tool in the most difficult situations, rather than as a primary weapon. You’ll have to rely more on your devastating melee weapon to combat Callisto’s horrors, using the setting to your advantage to avoid death.

Remember to be patient and courageous! The creatures will not stand still to take blows at your leisure, but will react to the unexpected, defending their weak points and exploiting your weaknesses against you while also taking advantage of the environment’s advantages.

The Callisto Protocol

Remember the Xenomorph from Alien: Isolation? Remember how that repulsive being stalked you around, capturing your every move and never letting up? In The Callisto Protocol, each monster has its own set of qualities and characteristics, both in combat and as a predator. Make sure you escape at the right time, clear your tracks, and don’t get caught off guard. A single mistake could be fatal!

Alien: Isolation

Each creature is the result of extensive AI research and development, but it is not the only one. The enemies’ aesthetics are incredibly monstrous and realistic, with such profound characterization of malformations and various imperfections that it makes all of our worst fears feel even more real and chilling.

A suffocating, never-ending nightmare

The Callisto Protocol is the survival horror I desperately need. I almost miss that damned feeling of apprehension and restlessness that pervades every part of my body and causes me to doubt everything I intend to do.

Will Striking Distance Studios be the ones to bring horror back in its most heinous and despicable forms? Will Glen Schofield dazzle us yet again?

The Callisto Protocol

We can only find out by playing the game and immersing ourselves in this terrifying adventure. Personally, I’m blown away by the quality of the various gameplay videos, but there’s one question that keeps popping into my head. How will The Callisto Protocol be optimized for next-gen and current-gen consoles?

I will answer to these questions as soon as possible. Meanwhile, it’s almost time to enjoy this thrilling experience, hoping that it doesn’t permanently traumatize us!

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