The Chapter 3 finale of Fortnite, as announced by Epic, will take place on December 3 at 4 p.m. ET.

It should be noted that unlike the previous chapters of Fortnite, which had ten seasons for the first and eight for the second, Chapter 3 only lasted for four seasons.

Fracture: Fortnite Chapter 3 Finale Event - Trailer


Looking back on some of the history of Season 3 Chapter 3, codenamed “Harmony”, we find a world completely invaded by an alien material called “Chrome”, controlled by Araldo, one of the minions of The Nothing, who intends to conquer the island to reach Zero Point.

Fortnite Araldo


The protagonists, The Scientist, The Paradigm, The Origin, and The Foundation, are located inside the Sanctuary of the Seven, carrying out research on the alien material “Chrome”.

Fortnite Sanctuary

While searching for The Scientist, the “Chrome” begins to expand across the island, “gobbling up” The Origin and The Scientist, and all trace of The Foundation is lost.

The Paradigm is the only one who can save herself, taking refuge in her reality of origin (Reality #659).

Fortnite Paradigma

Season 4 codenamed “Paradise”: The Beginning of the End.


We can tell right away that The Paradigm is looking for ways to return to the island. This is clear from the various “Paradise” tasks that are gradually assigned to us throughout the game.

We will find ourselves dealing several times with Amie and Jones about assignments to save The Scientist and The Origin.


So, here we are… at the final chapter event

Spoiler alert.
From here on, there are advances and indiscretions in the conduct of the final event of Chapter 3.

According to what is reported in the update file analysis leaks, it is possible to understand that once the game has started, we will not find ourselves on the usual waiting island, but instead, we should find ourselves flying inside a large “Chrome” tornado.

According to leaks from the analysis of update files, it is possible to predict that once the game starts, we will not find ourselves in the usual waiting island, but rather in the midst of a massive “Chrome” tornado.

Fortnite Chrome

The tornado should then lead us to the center of the island, where the Zero Point is located in the depths of the lake of Loot Lake, an entity that in the Fortnite universe is the fulcrum of all Realities.

Fortnite Zero Point

The event lasts approximately 40 minutes, and as with previous events, we will be invited to carry out tasks “for the success of the plan”.

In the game files, a telescope has been found that should allow you to observe a particular celestial body. It is not certain whether the observed body is the new goal or the already known The Cube Queen.

Among the other files analyzed, updated models of Slone, The Cube Queen, were found, and as on other occasions, parts of the island were destroyed or detached from the rest.

This could suggest its total destruction.

Fortnite Slone

The new island should be called “Asteria”, star (remember the telescope?).

Finally, the theoretical name of the new Fortnite chapter should be:

Chapter 4, Season 1: Reforged.

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