The Adventures of Bryan Scott is the first project and Kickstarter of Radio Silence Studios, a point-and-click adventure game with hand-painted environments inspired by Deponia and Broken Sword.

The Adventures of Bryan Scott - Kickstarter Presentation

The adventures of Bryan Scott has over 700 supporters and has already raised 25.000 euros, more than the required 24,500 euros. Thanks to the demo, which is voiced in English and German with Spanish, Italian, Brazilian, Russian, and Polish subtitles, the game can already be tried before its release.

The story of Bryan the potential archeologist

Bryan Scott’s dad is a famous archaeologist; his intentions are to follow his dad’s footsteps the day he gets in contact with a mysterious package that includes Kate Williams’ diary, a notorious treasure hunter that has gone missing. In the diary, it is written of the legendary treasure of the Queen of Sheba. Without thinking twice, Scott accepts his fate and goes to Aksum City in order to find her and the treasure. In the meantime, Bryan finds out he’s not alone in looking for them, and he bumps into “The Black Fist” secret society. 

Will Bryan Scott succeed?

Point-and-clicking Gameplay: how it works

The game is quite simple; you have to collect objects that allow you to solve puzzles and go on with the campaign. The interface is one-click, so it grants you access to your inventory to grab what you collected, combine them if necessary, and apply them to the level with just the left mouse click. 

The adventures of Bryan Scott

About Characters and Graphics

From what we could see in the trailer, most of the NPCs have a background story—information that lends weight to the campaign—including a cute little monkey named Hugo. The most relevant characters are: Bryan Scott, in his 30s, trying to be like his dad by looking for a lost treasure; 

The adventures of Bryan Scott

Kate Williams, a beautiful treasure hunter with no fears; Dayo, a young man who will probably help Bryan in Aksum; and the villain of the story “The Man in Black”, an unknown gangster from the mysterious Black Fist clan. The characters seem promising, not only from the information registered but also from the frame-by-frame animations in the game that show vividly what’s happening in the cutscenes.

Scenarios and graphics are hand-made; this shows the effort and time put into this project. Coloring and shading are on point, as proved by a lot of sketches that turn the environment into an awesome and more realistic atmosphere; the same goes for characters and their frame-by-frame animations.

The adventures of Bryan Scott

Composition and voice acting

The author, Tom from Radio Silence Studios, had a lot of fun composing the soundtracks. As a composer himself, he got inspired by classic soundtracks and made sure that every scene was accompanied by the correct sounds for every type of atmosphere. He took care of mixing feelings and story into a reliable campaign.

Initially, the project had a hard time finding funds for the voice acting in the game. It might look like nothing serious from the outside, but it takes a lot of time and investment to find an appropriate voice. But this hard time didn’t stop the company that got lucky in hiring most of the voice actors in Broken Sword, like the English voice actor Rolf Saxon and the German voice actor Alexanderson Schottky, who both played George Stobbart; Hazel Ellerby and Peter Weis. Aside from Broken Sword, they hired Paul Held and the German Bodo Henkel, known for voicing in Final Fantasy XV and Borderlands 3.

Those are the initials name in the project, might be added some more in the future but surely the kickstarter will reach the sunlight in no time.


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