With Steam Next Fest 2024 active, we recommend at least 5 titles that we tried, plus three bonus games. Discover them with us

Steam Next Fest 2024 - Games to try

This February for Steam is dedicated to the wildest and most varied fun, thanks to the Steam Next Fest 2024. Hundreds and hundreds of games to try in Demo version! We remind you that the event is active until February 12th. These days we are taking advantage of the Next Fest to try out different titles, here are at least 5 games you should try…Let’s go!

Chasing the Unseen

The first title we offer you for this Steam Next Fest 2024 is: Chasing the Unseen, which catapults players into abstract worlds, offering a solitary adventure. Exploration and climbing titanic creatures are two key elements. Mysterious and wondrous environments reveal gigantic creatures that serve as thrilling challenges. Walk, climb them, and when you stumble, rely on your parachute for a safe descent.

With levels that mix fractal geometries and labyrinthine landscapes, each exploration is a unique and enthralling adventure.

Steam Next Fest 2024 - Chasing the Unseen

Discovering the way forward can be a challenging and disorienting undertaking, but the journey through these dreamscapes promises unforgettable experiences.

Chasing the Unseen is an introspective experience that challenges players with a mix of tranquility and stimulation. Here, the goal is not to kill or level up, but to immerse yourself in a world of wonders and mysteries to explore without limits.

Earl vs Mutants

Let’s leave the mysterious and abstract atmosphere of Chasing the Unseen and dive into this top-down rouge-like driving game. As Earl, the eccentric hero and monster slayer, we will be the last bastion of salvation for humanity. We will defend our loved ones from hordes of mutants, literally mowing them down in our Jeep.

Steam Next Fest 2024 - Earl vs Mutants

In a post-apocalyptic world, we explore curious settings, taking on exhilarating missions. The colorful graphics and cartoony art style add a touch of humor to every moment. With a chaotic plot and hilarious dialogues, Earl vs Mutants offers a fun and engaging gaming experience for lovers of action and humor.

Will you be able to obtain the much-needed peace or will the mutants ruin your plans for a peaceful life? The wasteland awaits you!

Please Touch the Artwork 2

This game is ideal for those who love to have fun and indulge in culture at the same time! We are talking about Please Touch the Artwork 2, which offers us a dive into an interactive artistic world. We explore digital works of art and interact with them in surprising and fun ways. With a mix of puzzles, challenges, the game offers an immersive and addictive experience for art and entertainment lovers.

Steam Next Fest 2024 - Please touch the Artwork 2

The eye-catching graphics and one-of-a-kind art style are eye-catching! The engaging soundtrack accompanies our every step. In a rollercoaster of classic artworks and contemporary creations, each painting offers a new adventure to discover.

Get ready for a playful and artistic experience that will surprise and entertain you down to the last digital brushstroke!


The next title sees us players in the role of an old man who wakes up on a cruise ship trapped in an imminent fate: shipwreck. Through decadent corridors and halls, an emotion such as nostalgia will awaken. In the heart of the action, we will immerse ourselves in a frenetic race against time. Between sloping walls and relentless waters.


The changing environment and the writhing ship and the ocean that threatens to swallow us, offers ever new challenges. From intricate puzzles to acrobatic dangerous jumps, every move is crucial to survival.

And in the end… a truly precious meeting awaits us!

Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother

Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother is a top-down roguelite action game, inspired by Chinese mythology. We will experience the journey of Chenxiang who saves her mother, Sanshengmu, after learning martial arts from Sun Wukong. Fight using distinctive styles and collect magical treasures to enhance your abilities and face legendary enemies.

Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother

Face trials, defeat formidable adversaries, and reunite with your mother, the imprisoned goddess. With a varied combat system and the ability to create unique magical abilities, each challenge offers new surprises. Use the Lotus Lantern for divine abilities and permanent enhancements. Face various random events that influence your destiny, making each match unique and compelling.

Have we got any bonus games?

We feel particularly good today and we want to leave you some other titles that might tease you:

  • Bullwark Falconeer Chronicles: An open-world building game centered around freedom and expression, allowing players to build sprawling cities, towers, and fortresses that become hubs for trade or bases for conquest.
  • CopyCat: A wholesome, narrative adventure game about rejection, belonging, and the true meaning of home. You can also find out more here.
  • Summerhouse: A small game about building beautiful lived-in homes. No limits and no rules, just pure creativity.

And here we are at the end of this article dedicated to Steam Next Fest 2024! We remind you to not miss the last few days to play hundreds of games; but more importantly we hope this article has been useful to you. Let us know which games you would have included or if you will try the ones we have chosen! And to do so, comment here, please.

Good Game everybody!

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