Songs of Silence, let’s discover together this turn-based strategy game, self-produced by Chimera Entertainment

Songs of Silence - A story-rich strategy game

Today we’d like to introduce you to Songs of Silence, a strategy game with a rich story. It will be available for PC and consoles via the Steam, GOG and Humble Bundle Store platforms. Songs of Silence features fast-paced campaigns, intense real-time auto battles and stunning Art Nouveau visuals. In the game we will manage the kingdoms and command their armies. We will explore a world divided by conflict, a world divided into realms of light and darkness.

Songs of Silence features a unique mix of turn-based kingdom management, exploration and hero development, contrasted with short, intense real-time battles.

The narrative of Songs of Silence

Songs of Silence is set in a world fractured by conflict and facing a new existential threat. Will uneasy alliances between old enemies be strong enough to stop the encroaching terror of the All-Devouring Silence? Will ancient wrongs prove too terrible to forgive?

Two worlds – two races – one destiny“. At the advent of light, the Gods declared war and tore the world apart. Two weaker worlds have emerged: one of Light and one of Darkness. A new human civilization was born from the ashes of the defeated Firstborn: the Starborn, guided by their guiding star. A bright era of enlightenment followed.

The narrative of Songs of Silence

Peace would not last: unstable worlds gave birth to all-consuming purgatories. Soon, wars erupt over what was left of the land. The chaotic Age of a Thousand Kings begins. The Silence continues to spread, relentless and unstoppable. Today both worlds are on the brink of ruin. The fate of many is now in the hands of a few.

Classic 4X Strategy

Lead powerful armies recruited from a roster of over 100 units. Support them by activating your heroes’ powerful combat cards. Build your armies carefully, choosing carefully between the different units, so as to be able to prevent any counter-moves from the enemy. The battles are short and intense, lasting only a minute! The mighty charge of the Ironsworn on their bulls is truly a sight to behold!

Classic 4X Strategy

All this, while exploring beautiful hand-crafted campaigns and custom multiplayer maps. Outsmart your opponents. Set deadly ambushes on the ground or march to the main gates to lay siege to their cities. Manage your hard-won resources to rebuild a devastated kingdom and defeat rival kingdoms.

Innovative battle system and Cards of Fate

Play intense and fast-paced battles as the kingdoms’ armies clash in fierce combat. Set up your formation and prepare to engage the enemy, using tactical orders, reinforcements and magical powers to turn the tide of the conflict.

Songs of Silence offers a new interpretation of the cards. Instead of collecting and building a deck of cards that are into your hand, cards in Songs of Silence represent unique actions granted by heroes and locations. These are then played on the campaign map or during our real-time battles to influence the outcome via troop orders, status effects, or direct damage.

Innovative battle system and Cards of Fate

Each faction and hero has their own distinct playstyle, both on the strategic map and in battle. Choose from hundreds of card effects, from celestial summons to burning down entire cities. You will be spoiled for choice as the options are almost limitless.

We are at the end of this short Songs of Silence News, we recommend you stay with us for further updates on the game and discover its world even better! See you in battle!

Good Game everybody!

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