We tell you about the Ringleaders Demo. Take a look with us inside the life of an Agent of Carillon City 

We’re back on Carillon streets with Ringleaders fresh news! We’ve been trying the Demo and it just left us amazed. This isn’t the first time we’re talking about this game, Ringleaders. But for the new here, we’re going to refresh some main features…let’s go!

Ringleaders is an intense social deduction twin-stick shooter, where you can’t trust no one – literally, not even your teammates. They could rapidly turn their loyalty from you to a bounty reward, so keep your eyes open and your shot in the chamber!

Now that you know what you’re going to face, let’s see how to play it! Easy said, Ringleaders is available on Steam in a free Demo to play. Play with your friends (who knows how it’ll turn out..hehe) or just join a random play with other players

Carillon: City of opportunities 

As Cypher, you’re born from the genius mind of Axel Ashcroft, boss of Nervos. You’re born to facilitate the maintenance of the city. You’re not given to be free to think, like a puppet you just do what you are told to do. But those few who dares to be are enemies to their creator – and now the crucial question is: are you going to be one of them? 

If you dare to become free, you’ll have to complete high stakes missions – let’s say it Missions are bread and butter for Cypher Rebellion. 

Well, take your time to think about it but be quick, because in Carillon City things shift abruptly. We know it – we’ve seen it – and for your sake we’re going to tell you some things that might save your life!

Embrace yourself Cypher

Every self-respecting Cypher equips a main weapon and a melee weapon. Among the main weapons we can find several, such as: Longrifle, pistol, shotgun and others. While for melee weapons we can equip: bat, knife, katana and others. The most important thing to keep in mind is that each weapon positively or negatively influences our running speed/movement. So pay attention to what you are going to choose! 

Only with this equipment we wouldn’t be real agents, like James Bond we have our incredible gadgets. But what are gadgets? – Well, they’re temporary buffs during an operation; an addition to our weapons. We’ll get 3 Gadgets per operation: 2 are selectable by us ; while the last one is a random one. 

Our favorite gadget, so far is Disguise, that scrabbles all players’ visual for a short period of time. We’ll see how to access it in the next paragraph.

Cypher or Informant

Here we go, there is a thin line that separates a Cypher from an Informant, that line is called ideal. In Ringleaders, you can be the good guy and fight for your freedom by preventing the bad guys at Nervos from intercepting your drop-off of Luminos. Or you can wink at a few more credits and become an Informant. You’ll be the turncoat on duty and you will do everything to sabotage your former friends/companions. Destroy the convoy or eliminate other players.

Be careful, use all your skill in hiding your double face or prepare to be caught red-handed!

Remember the Gadgets from before? Good, because they will be the greatest allies once you turn to the “dark side“.

As an Informant you’ll have access to the Disguise Gadget whose functionality we have mentioned. It proves to be really useful and life-saving when you are too close to several Agents. Use it to get away as quickly as possible and carry out your sabotage – Ashcroft approves!

On the other hand, if you choose the path of the good, be careful and watch your back! Take advantage of Gadgets like Informant Scanner Gadget. The name already says a lot about its function; it will help us identify potential Informants in our vicinity, and…deal with them – you know what I mean! Oh,and be careful playing the vigilante. Killing the wrong player results as a penalty, you are warned!

Beyond death

What if you die? No end game or waiting for respawn, you will become dead balls of energy, until someone uploads your data into your Cypher body. When in this state you’re able to collect Fragments. So, Fragments are scavenged parts that can be used to upload your data into a new physical form.

Once collected, you’re back in games with another physical form. Say goodbye to the tall and handsome Cypher body – you now look like EVE from the Wall-e film (oh, yep but in a black “suit”). You can now decide to kill your teammates or the Truck, or else help them to complete the mission.

Our overall on Ringleaders Demo

Ringleaders really displays itself as a game with a fast-pace, quick decisions making and permeated by the aspect of social deduction. After trying it we confirm it 100%, the fast mechanics and the frenzy push those who play to always want more. The gaming sessions are short but intense and this is precisely what hooks the player. Let’s be honest it’s addictive! Every match is different even though what to do is more or less always the same. It is the players who make the sessions played unique, with their choices and their playing style. Time while playing Ringleaders flies between the voice chat that accompanies the lobby on missions.

Ringleaders where trust is not an option and freedom must be earned by any means!

If you love the features of Ringleaders don’t hesitate, go to Steam and download the free Demo and start your ascent through the streets of Carillon!

Good Game everybody!

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