You won’t survive out there, Prisoner. You won’t find anything… Only Death, Pain, and Despair await you.

Project Tower

In recent years, we have been witnessing a remarkable and consistent surge in Sci-Fi video games. This trend is now reaching its pinnacle in terms of significance and impact, with notable releases like Returnal, Alien: Isolation, Scars Above, Starfield, and numerous others catering to a wide array of preferences. Today, however, we would like to turn our attention to another title that we firmly believe will contribute to the expansion of this burgeoning and formidable wave: Project Tower, the exciting new Sci-Fi Third-Person Shooter developed by Yummy Games.

Indeed, it is important for you to know that, upon encountering this project for the first time, we were filled with thought-provoking questions. “How can we continue to enhance a genre that has been thoroughly explored? How can we transcend the limits of our own imagination?” The reality is, as we are currently witnessing, Sci-Fi universes hold a vast reservoir of untapped potential, with countless exciting possibilities yet to be unveiled.

This is indeed the mission of Yummy Games: to seamlessly blend into this ever-evolving landscape and enrich it by introducing their unique vision of game development, thereby carving out a distinctive space within the independent gaming scene.

What is Project Tower?

Project Tower is an engaging and adrenaline-fueled Sci-Fi Third-Person Shooter that is scheduled for release in 2024 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

As highlighted by Yummy Games, the development of this game has been a journey of great importance and progress. It initially began with the Unity engine, but as the developers witnessed the impressive advancements and updates of Unreal Engine, they made the decision to transition and fully commit to Unreal Engine 5.

PROJECT TOWER - Reveal Trailer

From its initial images and the first reveal trailer, it is worth noting that Project Tower boasts impressive aesthetics with highly detailed and refined environments and vistas. However, as the game is still in its early stages of development, it is still premature to provide any definitive assessments.

Set in a mysterious lost alien civilization, the narrative of Project Tower remains shrouded in mystery and cryptic. Therefore, we must clarify that we will only be sharing the few essential details that have been disclosed by the developers.

The story unravels with the Hiks’ invasion on Earth, driven by their insatiable desire to conquer the universe and enslave its inhabitants. They capture every surviving human, making them prisoners. To achieve their goals, the Hiks devised a program called Project Tower, which involves training their army through battles against the captive population within towering structures.

However, they made a fatal mistake by granting our protagonist an unstoppable power of mutation. Fortunately, you possess the ability to master this polymorphic ability. Your mission is to guide your prisoner, scaling the tower and engaging in intense battles along the way, until you reach its pinnacle—the sole glimmer of hope for your salvation.

Alien or Human? Both!

At first glance, it is clear that Project Tower amalgamates gameplay mechanics and features commonly found in the most classic action video games. However, it adds an extra touch by incorporating a twist that makes it somewhat unique.

Prominently among them is the exploration of alien ruins, which, while not extensively outlined by the developers at this stage, appears to be one of the core features of the game. The execution of environmental interaction, delving into the depths of the tower, the incorporation of environmental puzzle systems, and the unraveling of alien notes and codes all remain aspects to be revealed. In some ways, these elements may evoke memories of Returnal’s enigmatic xenoglyphs.

The combat in Project Tower works as a traditional, fast-paced third-person shooter, allowing players to wield a wide array of firearms to eliminate the alien creatures. The trailer did not provide any indications regarding the inclusion of melee weapons or specialized alien gadgets for close-quarters combat. However, it is worth waiting to see if such features will be included.

Regarding the Hiks, it is challenging to determine the extent of their species’ heterogeneity or decipher their full range of variations. Nevertheless, the trailer provided glimpses of several intriguing specimens, including slimy and slithering creatures, others reminiscent of the Xenomorph from Alien, arachnid-like beings, and even hints of boss encounters—one of which bore a striking resemblance to a dinosaur.

Last but certainly not least, the protagonist possesses a unique and powerful ability called “morphing,” which allows him to undergo a metamorphosis and assume the forms of bloodthirsty aliens, fearsome creatures, and even… a toad.

It is essential to never underestimate the potential of any creature you can transform into, as they can provide shortcuts, alternative escape routes, or eliminate environmental obstacles that stand in your way.

The following are the key features you will find in Project Tower:

  • A unique transformation power.
  • Exciting and engaging third person shooter gameplay.
  • Intense boss battles.
  • Puzzles and challenges that appeal to players’ logic and thinking.

A “Yummy” Indie Game Studio based in France

Born and based in the heart of France, near Paris, Yummy Games is a small independent game studio comprised of four passionate gamers, developers, and childhood friends: Florian Basanta, Marc Botosezzy, and the Caliari brothers, Jonathan and Jordan.

Since their foundation in 2018, the team has accumulated extensive expertise with the Unity engine and has built a remarkable portfolio in the mobile gaming industry, boasting over 20 published mobile games. Among their notable achievements is Samurai Flash, a game that has achieved remarkable success with over 40 million downloads on mobile platforms.

In 2021, Yummy Games made a decision to expand their horizons and pursue a more ambitious and massive project, a dream they had cherished since childhood. This marked the beginning of the development of Project Tower, their upcoming third-person shooter set in a captivating Sci-Fi universe. Initially built using Unity, the team soon began contemplating the vast potential offered by Unreal. This led to a significant period of transition, during which the developers delved into the possibilities presented by Unreal Engine and ultimately selected it as the game engine for Project Tower.

In addition, the team possesses considerable proficiency in outsourcing, utilizing Xsens technology to develop motion capture animations. These animations can be seamlessly integrated into renowned platforms like Unreal and Unity, providing developers worldwide with access to high-quality resources.

Project Tower will signify the start of a new chapter for Yummy Games, and we sincerely hope it it will inaugurate a tremendously successful and fruitful journey in the gaming industry. So, break a leg guys!

Development Plans and Kickstarter

As mentioned earlier, the development of Project Tower began 2 years ago, in 2021.

The development is currently at a relatively advanced stage, with the goal of releasing the game in early access on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S in 2024.

The early access release of Project Tower will feature 3 biomes, all levels, bosses, monsters, weapons, and skills, including what Yummy Games defines as the “main gameplay loop”.

Furthermore, the developers have recently created the Kickstarter campaign page for Project Tower, hinting at the imminent launch of the crowdfunding campaign, likely towards the end of this year.

Make sure to stay tuned for the latest news and updates on Yummy Games’ upcoming project. In the meantime, feel free to check out their official social media channels to get a glimpse of the development progress and enjoy some behind-the-scenes content.

That’s all for today, gamers. Talk to you soon.

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