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September 26th is coming and with it the Phantom Liberty DLC. As we discovered in our previous article, all dedicated to Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, many new features are on the way, a complete overhaul almost a “rebirth” for the game.

In this article we are preparing to discover all the changes that will come from the 2.0 update!

When does Phantom Liberty kick in?

If you’re curious to know exactly when Phantom Liberty will kick in and you’ve finished the base game read on. If, on the other hand, you have not yet finished, we advise you (to avoid spoilers) not to continue reading the paragraph and to enjoy all the other news of the update.

Many, many of the CyberPunk 2077 community have asked themselves this question, when will we put our hand to the new content? Well, for the Devs, it was not easy to answer, because the base game and the DLC are intertwined. They still managed to give an answer that wasn’t a total spoiler.

CyberPunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - Meeting Songbird

Thanks to the answer of Gabriel Amatangelo, the Game Director; we know that players will have access to the DLC right after the Voodoo Boys’ Brigitte’s Mission.

Are you a first-time player or have resumed? There will be a way to skip ahead and jump straight into the action of CyberPunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

No worries, if you have already saved characters or saves that are already beyond the DLC graft point. Songbird will immediately contact you thus starting the new story.

If you have saves that are before that portion, then there will be something in your journal. That something will tell you how to get to unlock the new content.

The integration of the DLC into the game allows its storyline and the storyline of the base game to coexiste. Going back and forth because everything is somehow related.

New Skill Tree: The Relic

Thanks to the DLC, specifically Songbird, we will finally have access to a new branch in the skill tree. It’s the Relic one, it enhances various different Cyberware. How you can do this will help unlock part of the skill tree. A question that immediately seems spontaneous, however, is: How many points do we have at the start of Phantom Liberty for this new tree?

Again, the answer always comes from Gabriel Amatangelo, he explains that at the beginning of Phantom Liberty, Songbird give us the first Set of points. This will allow us to choose one of the basic fundamentals.

CyberPunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - The Relic Skill Tree branch

The way we’ll be able to unlock more potential from it is by finding the Militech Data Terminals.They are all over Dogtown and therefore get more points to spend on expanding it. These terminals are not marked or displayed in any way. So, the exploration of Dogtown, with all the risks and dangers becomes paramount. In the game there are tons of different types of skills to unlock for different Cyberware. One, for example, basically allows us to improve our Cyberware and more. It allows us to find Vulnerabilities in adversary Cyberware, so we can exploit them against them. The more we exploit these defenses, the more damage we’ll do. When it’s enough we will have an EMP explosion that will cause the enemy to die.

The new Relic tree consists of:

  • Machine Learning: Destroy enemy vulnerabilities grants: +10% frequ. new vulnerabilities appearing / +5% crit damage against vulnerability
  • Jailbreak: Unlocks new skills for: Mantis, Gorilla Arms, Projectile Launch System and Monowire
  • Emergency Cloacking: Improves optical camo cyberware. Activating it the enemy will lose track of you, giving you the possibility to exit the combat
  • Sensory Protocol: When crouched, being detected by an enemy temporarily slows time. Dodge/dash out of enemy line of sight to immediately exit combat
  • Vulnerability Analysis: During combat, you can detect vulnerabilities in the enemy’s cyberware/armor. Hitting them gives you: +100% Critical Chance +25% Armor Penetration/ Damage Bonus to Weak Points
    Enough damage to Vulners. causes it to explode, generating an EMP that damages enemies within 3m
  • Data Tunneling: When an enemy is affected by a monowire uploaded quick attack, normal monowire attacks with hit that enemy and other enemies at the same time will spread the quick attack to them
  • Launch Capability Override: +1 charge for projectile launch
  • Limiter Removal: The shockwave from a charged Gorilla Arms attack now knocks down all enemies with range
  • Spatial Mapping: All leap attacks with Mantis Blades now cripple enemies and increase the dismemberment chance against those same enemies for 10 seconds

Redesigned Perks

The truly substantial part of this update concerns the restoration of Perks and the restoration of Attributes (Body, Reflexes, Intelligence, Cool and Technical Capacity). We’ll all be able to save our characters with all the settings made previously. However, it’ll be possible to reset all the Attributes once. This is because of the major revamp that CD Projekt RED is doing to the system. Perk points will be expendable again. We will also be able to do it on the fly, not while we are in combat, but whenever we can redeem them and re-adapt them to the type of approach we want to have in-game.

CyberPunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - Redesigned Perks and Attributes

CD Projekt RED, in rethinking the Perks and attributes, wanted to implement new fantasies; new ways to experience the game world and build your own character. For example, a sort of V in “Terminator” version will now be possible, thanks to the new additions.

Let’s take a look at some of these additions based on attributes:


  • Hack queue: feedback loop
  • Eye in the sky
  • Embedded exploits
  • Queue acceleration
  • Overclock
  • Queue mastery
  • Spillover


  • Dash
  • Slippery: muscle memory
  • Multitasker
  • Ready, Rested, Reloaded
  • Slaughterhouse/Finisher: Blade Runner
  • Sharp shooter/Salt in the Wound/Submachine Gun

Technical Ability:

  • Edgerunner/License to Chrome/ All things cyber
  • Health Freak/ Pyromania Friendlier Fire/ Ticking the Bomb


  • Style over substance

All these new additions and many more not yet disclosed. They will give us the opportunity to face the new world of CyberPunk even more fierce and menacing than before. We will really be able to advance through enemy fire like real Terminators, without dying. The new system, perks and attributes; it will allow us to take enemy fire and at the same time keep ourselves alive with adrenaline rushes (there will also be a meter together with the health one). Reaching the overload (Edge runner) of our cyberware we will be able to enter a state of “Fury“, in which we will be able to cause enormous damage to enemies, without however running the risk of Cyber-psychosis.

Renewed Police: Here comes the Max-Tac

Finally we’re at this point, a new police like never seen before in CyberPunk 2077. Improved and more aggressive and ready to quell any act of violence. Thanks to a more powerful AI system, the police will finally be The Police. When we get into trouble for one reason or another and start attracting attention, the police will be dispatched to our location. He will try to neutralize us and sedate everything; but if we go into combat, when the situation heats up, they will send reinforcements against us. They will use techniques to throw us off the road if by car/motorcycle; they will also be able to use hacking in this sense and not just the shooting or ramming us..

CyberPunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - Here comes the Max-Tac

The worse we make the situation, the more stars we get (you get for any crime you commit) and the more the police start bringing out armed vehicles and eventually send the Max-Tac. There are 5 such archetypes, random 4 of these 5 different ones will come out to fight us. Each archetype corresponds to a level of difficulty (which, however, are not revealed to us in detail). Getting to Max-Tac requires a certain level of commitment; the Devs, they make sure that the clashes are up to par. The message is clear: Don’t mess with the police!

Vehicles combat

Who hasn’t dreamed of being able to fight from and with their own vehicle? Well, yes, it will be a new option! We will be able to make our way through the city in cars equipped with missile launchers and weapons. We will be able to hack the other cars or shoot directly by leaning out the window.

Vehicles combat

With vehicle combat, if we talk about motorcycles we can also use melee weapons! We will be able to shoot the gas tanks, hit the tires with the blade of the Katana, shoot the tires; all this when we become aces to do driving stunts. But remember… All this destruction will attract the attention of the police and even worse than the Max-Tac!

New Vehicles, Muamar “El Capitan” Reyes, Car Missions

We will have access to the new vehicles by completing the Car Missions on behalf of MuamarEl CapitanReyes. In Dogtown we will unlock this new activity type (Vehicle Contracts) when El Capitan gets in touch with us. We will enter these vehicles and we will have to hit some targets for El Capitan, if we do this we will be rewarded with new powerful vehicles. Some of these are also equipped with missile launchers.

Car Missions for El Capitan

The key feature for this activity is that we see our objectives dynamically on the map, as well as the enemies that will stand in our way. We could be targeting members of gangs like the Voodoo Boys, Tiger Claws or anyone else. Other activities that we will have to carry out, for example, will concern hacking other vehicles in order to obtain them. We will therefore have to know the vehicle and use a stealth mode to pick it up. Still other activities involve pure combat or arriving on time at a certain place.

What are the ONLY contents of Phantom Liberty

We need to clarify, the 2.0 update will bring many improvements as we have seen so far. From revamped Perks/Attributes, revamped cyberware, updated police system, and vehicle combat are just a few of the changes that will be coming for all CyberPunk 2077 owners. What we will list below will only be for those who have also purchased the DLC:

  • Car Missions (El Capitan)
  • New Talent Tree Branch: The Relic
  • Dogtown district (will be visible in the game world even for those who do not own the DLC, without the possibility of entering it)
  • New characters/Militia: Solomon Reed, Songbird, Myers, Kurt Hansen, Barghest
  • New Vehicles (El Capitan Rewards)


We managed to find for you some of the most requested and most interesting questions at the end of the game, which have been answered by the Devs. We hope they can be useful for a better understanding of the DLC or simply to choose how to face certain challenges right now. Let’s not delay any longer and see what they are:

Q: Can we mount weapons on cars that we already own?
A: No, it’s preset for El Capitan quest ones.
Also, there are base game vehicles that have weapons added to them, we felt like that adequate.

Q: For vehicle hacking, do you have to be a Netrunner to do it?
A: It would be better yes, with the open class system, though, you could be a Netrunner hybridized to another class or vice versa. What you need is a Cyber Deck and a Perk to unlock it. Being a Netrunner gives you access to a variety of unlockable hacks. Provides also the ability to hack the passengers of another vehicle.

Q: Will the Netrunners have a significant change in the DLC?
A: Yes, they will, starting with vehicle/passenger hacking. One of the similar principles we’ve applied with the Netrunner is for the player to venture more into the capabilities of him. It is also noticeable by the addition of Masteries to unlock. For example, you can now perform multiple hacks on a single target and based on how you queue them up they form different combos and things that can happen. We’ve also incorporated smart weapons that pair well with Netrunners and create synergy in their use.

Q: Will friendship level with Johnny Silverhand impact dialogue in Dogtown?
A: Yes, another important thing to note is that the experience with Johnny in Dogtown has a Story arc that is influenced by past choices/dialogues which is reflected in the story/dialogues of the DLC.

Q: What will be the level cap for Phantom Liberty?
A: The max level achievable in Phantom Liberty will be 60.

With this last section of the Q&A, we have come to the end of this article on the Phantom Liberty update 2.0. There will definitely be more news to come and we can’t wait to share it with you, so stay tuned! See you in Dogtown…

Good Game everyone!

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