Ticker Logic Studio proudly introduces Lumiterra: Embers of the Legacy, a new, captivating, and kawaii open-world MMORPG in development for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Mobile Devices.


The vast and diverse ecosystem of Lumiterra: Embers of the Legacy is carving out its space in the indie gaming scene. This upcoming open-world multiplayer adventure video game is currently in development at Ticker Logic Studio.

Coming soon on PC (via Steam), PlayStation, Xbox, and Mobile Devices (IOS and Android), the game will immerse players in a dynamic and ever-evolving world brimming with activities to undertake and secrets to uncover, where the only limits are those we place on our imagination.

So, without further ado, come with us and explore the peaceful and vast world of Lumiterra.

What kind of game is Lumiterra?

As shared by game developer Johnson of Ticker Logic Studio, Lumiterra is nothing short of an MMORPG. The development team describes it as a “multiplayer, open-world survival crafting game where you can battle, farm with your friends, or explore mysterious creatures in a vast world.”

Playable either solo or in co-op, the game seamlessly integrates a range of captivating features (already recognized by fans of classic open-world titles), with a specific focus on its engaging combat system and laid-back farming – the latter being one of the defining aspects of the experience, according to the insights provided by the developers.

Key features include:

  • Battle
  • Collecting
  • Crafting
  • Farming
  • Multiplayer

Naturally, the entire experience revolves around the game world, which stands as the true engine driving the adventure. Therefore, prior to delving into into the various components that shape Lumiterra, let’s take a quick look at the game world and its defining attributes.

A Vast and Dynamic Open-World

Immersed in a lush and diverse continent known as Lumiterra – the very namesake of the game – the multifaceted open-world system introduces players to a moderately expansive and richly detailed world where environmental biodiversity reigns supreme. This is characterized by unique terrains, climates, and creatures specific to each location that players are set to explore.

From sprawling glaciers at the base of snow-covered mountains, to the flourishing vegetation of a forest, and even the suffocating sands of a desert, every corner of the Lumiterra continent unveils its own local fauna, flora, and distinct territorial formations. This symphony of diversity harmonizes into a mosaic of uniqueness across all regions, ensuring that each each one distinct and unlike the others, making the sense of exploration an ever-evolving experience.


Each region of the continent inherently boasts its own mix of advantages and disadvantages due to the terrain’s configuration. For this reason, you should be particularly careful selecting which areas to explore and how to best equip yourself for these expeditions.

Another captivating element is a concept underscored repeatedly by the developers: the ever-shifting character of the game world, which gradually shapes the realm of Lumiterra. As time progresses, the interactive interplay between players and the surrounding environment undergoes a transformation. These alterations include the ebb and flow of weather conditions and the rhythmic passage of day and night, thereby fostering the occurrence of random events and context-specific interactions with the environment, all of which take place exclusively at specific times of the day.

Shape your own world

Once you’ve crafted your character, you’ll have just one task… to survive, at any cost.

Lumiterra is primarily a video game that hinges on its robust survival component, promising a engaging and interactive experience, but also a challenging one where understanding the art of crafting, farming, managing resources, self-defense, and combat are essential to avoid falling into the clutches of wild creatures.


So, let’s delve into more detail about how the gameplay works, its core features, and let’s discover what we might term the “survival guide” for travelers in Lumiterra.

  • Exploration: Without belaboring the point, the exploratory component stands as a pivotal element within our in-game experience. The expansive continent map grants players the liberty to traverse the gaming realm at their discretion or immediately delve into the main storyline. Throughout this journey, scattered NPCs await your encounter across the map. Taking on their quests not only unlocks novel points of interest but also unravels Lumiterra’s narrative.
  • Combat: Fast-paced and diverse, the combat system initially presents itself as notably intriguing, distinguished by an interesting skill-set endowed upon the protagonist. You’ll have a multitude of professions and skills to explore, each offering a distinct fighting style and set of abilities. You can become a mighty warrior, a nimble assassin, a formidable mage, or a skilled healer, depending on what suits your play style. Expand your skill trees and become who you wish to be.
  • Harvest and Nurture: In Lumiterra, each player owns their own farm, can expand grow crops, feeding animals, and monsters you catch. With over 100+ crops to choose from, including vegetables, flowers, and fruits like carrots, and cotton – some of which can even assist you in battle – each crop has its own growth stages and harvest cycles. Remember to water and harvest them on time to prevent withering. Upgrade your tools, such as the hoe, shovel, to accumulate farming experience and unlock powerful farming abilities like mass watering and land cultivation. Explore the game world to collect magical and unique seeds, trade or exchange them with other players. Harvested crops can be used for crafting potions, forging equipment, or traded with other players, offering a multitude of gameplay possibilities. You can catch monsters from the wild (not all monsters can be tamed), housing them on your farm. Train and nurture them to not only produce valuable resources but also assist you in daily agricultural activities or fight with you in the battle. Take care of their hunger, treat their illnesses, and protect them from death. They’ll be your loyal companion along your whole adventure.

Harvest & Nurture

  • Crafting: Channel your crafting skills and forge powerful equipment, making potions , and much more. Gather resources from monsters, mining, farming, and creature-taming and resource collection, each possessing unique properties and applications. With an extensive range of materials at your disposal, experiment with hundreds of crafting recipes and combinations to create custom-made equipment tailored to your play style. Explore the vast world to uncover hidden crafting recipes and artisanal techniques, encouraging you to venture into every corner and obtain precious crafting resources.
  • Multiplayer: As we’ve previously mentioned, multiplayer stands as one of the core features at the foundation of the game. In Lumiterra, this mode isn’t limited solely to combat, where you can team up with friends to explore the world and battle monsters, but also extends to all activities you wish to undertake within the game world. You can build relationships with other players, make friends, engage in friendly competition, and join formidable guilds to earn exclusive rewards. Not to be overlooked is co-op farming: Team-based farming enables you to share the tasks of planting, tending, and harvesting crops, thereby lightening the workload for each individual.

How is the development progressing?

We’re now almost at the conclusion of this first look into Lumiterra: Embers of the Legacy. However, before we wrap up, as is customary, allow us to share a couple of useful pieces of information to keep you updated on the project.

What we’ve observed so far has piqued our interest. Lumiterra seems to hold promising potential, offering glimpses of exciting prospects for the future. The game is still in its early development stages, and Ticker Logic Studio has yet to work on and implement the majority of the features that will await us in the full release. Quite intriguing are the initial concept artworks shared by the developers regarding the game’s art design and the modeling of the locations, which showcase how the world of Lumiterra is coming to life.

The developers have also released a demo (which you can find right here) through which they are collecting the initial crucial feedback about the game, particularly regarding how to enhance and fine-tune the experience.

Last but certainly not least, the exciting news is that Lumiterra will soon run a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Specific details about this campaign are not yet available, including the launch date. Therefore, if you’re interested, we suggest visiting the campaign page and potentially following it for updates to know when it will kick off.

While we await the release of new details and additional information about Lumiterra, remember to stay tuned with us and, of course, visit the official Lumiterra website. This way, you’ll be sure not to miss out on what the developers have in store for us in the near future.

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