Life By You, the new life simulator developed by Paradox, has a new release date.

Since it was announced on March 20, 2023, Paradox has kept us updated on the progress of Life By You, the new life simulator coming out for PC.

They have been sharing weekly content about the game mechanics and development progress while also responding to the community’s questions.

If this is the first time you’ve heard about Life By You and want to know more, I recommend reading my previous article.

In the latest video released yesterday, Paradox Tectonic’s GM, Rod Humble, announced that Life By You will no longer be released on September 12, 2023. The new early access release date has been moved to March 5, 2024.

Life by You | Early Access Date Update

In this video, Rod Humble explains the reasons and introduces some improvements that will be added to the game.

In order to do a better job, thanks also to the suggestions from the community, and to provide us with early access that meets our expectations, this was the only solution for the Paradox team.

The Implementations

I understand the disappointment of those, like me, who were eagerly waiting for September 12 to enter the world of Life By You. But it could have been worse; we all know how it feels to purchase a game full of bugs that fails to meet our expectations, requiring constant patches and updates.

Therefore, Paradox has decided to make us wait a little longer, but they want to ensure that we receive a complete game with some additional features.

Currently, they are working on improving the visuals, lighting, and gameplay tuning. They are adding new animations and diligently hunting for bugs. We can expect improvements both in gameplay and graphics.

Among the additions will be the possibility of playing in other languages, including Portuguese and Italian.

This is not a given for Paradox games, as previously, you had to wait for other players to create specific mods to obtain the game in some languages.

Speaking of mods, as already announced, the game will be fully moddable and customizable, and further implementations they are working on also involve this aspect.

For those who had already pre-purchased the game on Epic Games, the amount will be refunded, and they can make a new purchase. Re-purchasing the pre-order will come with an additional bonus: The Vibe Pack nightclub.

Now, we only have to wait until 2024 to finally explore the universe of Life By You. In the meantime, Paradox will continue to share updates on the game’s development status and listen to the suggestions of the growing community.

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