Our little onion made it!

Layers Deep

After years of hard work and an intense development process, Layers Deep, the upcoming Metroidvania developed by Tall Order Games, has officially achieved its first major and ambitious goal.

An important milestone was reached just 13 days after the Kickstarter campaign launched, thanks to the support of over 790 backers who contributed a total of $30,927 USD (approximately €28,893), surpassing the initial goal of $30,000 USD (approximately €28,027). This crucial starting point will not only allow the developers to invest more resources into the project but also paves the way for new ambitious stretch goals.

The team shared their gratitude with these words: Proper thank-you’s are in order to all the amazing backers! Speaking of… there’s nearly 800 of you, wow! While I think this occasion necessitates a proper thank-you video, please accept this little gif of our Onion slicing a pumpkin in the meantime.”

With the funding goal achieved, Tall Order Games has unveiled a clearer picture of their new stretch goals. Alongside the previously announced “boss rush mode” set at $35,000, a new goal has been unveiled upon reaching the funding goal: the inclusion of the full OST at $40,000, composed by The Blasting Company, known for their work on the beautiful score of Over the Garden Wall, a major inspiration behind Layers Deep. Therefore, if you’ve enjoyed their music and want to hear it in Tall Order Games’ project, please show your support for the campaign at the following link.

Furthermore, in response to numerous requests from backers, the developers have decided to offer add-ons for certain pledge tiers. This means that if you’d like to add another copy of the game, a digital soundtrack, or early access to a demo to any tier that previously didn’t include these options, you now have the opportunity to do so!

For more information on Layers Deep, stay tuned. And if you haven’t already, check out our main coverage of the game to learn more.

Thank you for joining us today. See you in Old Antrum!

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