This in-development title has already revealed its winning cards. Spear Song promises to establish its uniqueness over time, firmly rooted in tactical RPG traditions while proudly celebrating Slavic mythology.

The release date for Spear Song is set for October 10, 2024. Initially, it will be available for PC via Steam. It’s developed by Divovision Games, which also has its own dedicated Discord server. It presents itself as a turn-based tactical RPG in a medieval fantasy setting populated by monsters and creatures from Slavic folklore.

Spear Song - Dialogue

A Rich Map

In Spear Song, we take control of a group of knights on a difficult crusade to rid the kingdom of an unprecedented monster infestation terrorizing the nation’s inhabitants. Previous crusades have failed, and it falls on us to make a difference. While the storyline isn’t the most original, it is enough to pique interest, especially given the excellent presentation. During cutscenes and dialogues, we can admire the game’s magnificent art style. Very colorful and clean, it showcases the great talent of the artists who dedicated their time and effort to it. Even the font is pleasant to read, reminiscent of the refinement of RPG giants like Pathfinder: Kingmaker. The dialogues are of good quality, with well-written characters that are sufficiently fleshed out.

We can lead our group through the vast map, interacting with points of interest that include battles, various events, crossroads, settlements, or merchants. We aren’t forced into battles. But avoiding them results in a significant loss of glory points, one of the game’s currencies. Here too, the graphic style is of high quality, with vibrant colors and stylized but pleasant environments. The effort to represent a fictional world inspired by Eastern Europe is remarkable and commendable, with many elements of culture and folklore included in the game—a real treat for enthusiasts.

Might and Magic

Remember Heroes of Might and Magic? Considered by many as one of the monarchs of tactical RPGs; a painful and challenging title that provides incredible satisfaction once mastered? Well, Spear Song intends to borrow heavily from this titan concerning the combat system. The developers even included an optional camera view reminiscent of the early HOMM titles. This already won my heart, but that’s a personal note. Let’s get to the core of the game: the battles.

The combat system works well. After a brief positioning phase, where we can move our characters within our part of the battlefield, the fight begins, following a strict turn-based scheme. During our turn, we can move, attack, and use an ability that consumes mana. This resource is precious and should be used sparingly. It recharges at the end of a battle or by using very limited spells. As in most similar games, abilities reach their true potential when cleverly combined. While the first battles can be won by charging headfirst, albeit with some injuries, soon enough, we will be required to understand the advantages and limits of each team member. By positioning characters correctly, unleashing powerful abilities at the right moment, and using tactics and ingenuity to lure enemies into disadvantageous positions, we can survive battles that initially seem heavily unbalanced and convoluted. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but an excellent and comprehensive tutorial is ready to guide newcomers or genre novices, hoping to draw them into the fantastic world of tactical RPGs.

Spear Song - Battle

No Mercy

Despite our characters becoming quite formidable if used correctly, the enemies are no less. I noticed that the AI often operates cruelly efficiently, implementing strategies that seriously hinder us. Mistakes and haste are costly in Spear Song: character death is permanent. It’s easy to lose a team member due to errors. If all our knights perish, we must recreate a team from scratch, losing progress, equipment, and treasures. As a tiny sign of mercy from the game, we can restart a battle going awry, but only a very limited number of times, and saving during combat is not possible. Spear Song‘s tough challenge aims to reward tactical minds, courageous but reasoned actions, and sharp strategies. These mechanics are no surprise to those, like myself, who grew up battling through tactical RPGs. But a more relaxed, easier mode would be appreciated for those new to this genre or those seeking a more laid-back adventure.

The enemies we face are varied, and it’s imperative to study each one’s strengths and weaknesses. At any moment, we can select one and examine its stats, abilities, and advantages, allowing careful planning of our next moves. As we progress, many other knights will offer their services to our cause at the right price. Building a balanced team is one of the keys to overcoming Spear Song’s constant dangers. Here too, caution: all characters possess or develop different traits. Some are inherently negative, others positive, and some offer significant bonuses to certain stats at the expense of others. It’s best to think before making any choices, even the seemingly insignificant ones.

Spear Song Tells a Song of Pain and Glory

In essence, Spear Song doesn’t stray far from the hallmarks of tactical RPGs: games difficult to conquer and master but providing unmatched gratification in return. Like the brilliant Wartales, which we reviewed in March. A few months still separate us from the game’s release, leaving room to improve aspects such as balancing certain abilities, small interface enhancements, and introducing different difficulty levels to satisfy those who don’t want to face the hazards at their full potential and those who want even more demanding challenges. Overall, it left me with a good impression, and I look forward to the developments of this game.

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