Give us Nirvana Noir now, and nobody gets hurt!

Nirvana Noir

Feral Cat Den, the team behind the critically acclaimed and BAFTA-nominated game Genesis Noir, has launched a special Kickstarter campaign for its highly-anticipated sequel, Nirvana Noir.

Developed by Feral Cat Den, a small collective of Brooklyn-based artists known for creating games, animations, and web projects, and published by Fellow Traveller, Nirvana Noir is an irresistible and quirky noir adventure set across time and space. The game features stunning art design and a brilliantly unique blend of adventure and jazz music, making it both captivating and particularly innovative.

Building upon the remarkable success of its predecessor, the development team now faces an even more daunting task: to recreate the enchanting magic that captivated thousands of players and enthusiasts worldwide. Their goal is to make this more than just a mere sequel, introducing new elements that enrich the narrative and bring even greater variety to the gameplay formula.

In Genesis Noir, did No Man travel through a dying universe to prevent the death of his lover or did he stop the affair before the fatal gunshot was fired? No Man must confront the consequences of this decision in Nirvana Noir, as his world branches into two reflected realities, Black Rapture and Constant Testament. Both realities are threatened by a mysterious Bigger Bang and it’s up to No Man to uncover the conspiracies behind the threats and save the cosmic city before it is too late.

The crowdfunding campaign, which officially kicked off on June 4th, 2024, has already achieved notable success, raising €17.041 out of a €36.728 goal with the support of 260 backers.

The Kickstarter campaign for Nirvana Noir represents not only a pivotal step in the development process but also an exciting opportunity to build upon the successes of its predecessor and deliver another thrilling adventure to players. Backers who contribute to the campaign will receive special rewards, including a mention in the end credits, access to exclusive development updates, as well as a range of exciting rewards, merchandise, and collectibles. For more details on the different reward tiers and their contents, as well as comprehensive information about the Kickstarter campaign and the game itself, visit the Kickstarter page. There are still 28 days remaining to support the project and the talented team at Feral Cat Den, so choose your preferred tier carefully and show your support for the project.

Currently, Nirvana Noir does not have a release date. The game is set to be released soon on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, as well as on Xbox Series X/S, and will be available from day one on Xbox Game Pass.

To explore the game firsthand and immerse yourself in No Man’s new adventure, a free demo is available on Steam. Give it a try. Detectives, it’s time to venture deeper!

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