Everything we know about the game Den of Wolves, the next title from the creators of Payday: The Heist, PAYDAY 2 and GTFO

Den of Wolves

How about Den of Wolves today?…Yes? Excellent then, today we try to understand more and discover everything we know about this game in this News!

Well, Den of Wolves is a cooperative FPS, created by the expert hands of the developers at 10 Chambers, who worked at titles such as Payday: The Heist, PAYDAY 2 and GTFO.

Den of Wolves will be available on PC via Steam and you can already add it to your wishlist.

What will our life be like in Den of Wolves? Find out below…

In the Den of the Wolves: Midway Island

We play the role of a mercenary intent on making a name for himself in the city of Midway. He won’t be alone, he’ll attempt the climb with his friends. Midway Island, the city of opportunities! Where the most ruthless survive, where rules are mostly absent and money and the hunger for power reign supreme. Midway where corporations wage war with each other by any means, and that means could be us.

We will take advantage of the growing demand for “unauthorized commissions” raised by corporations in this entrepreneurial haven.

In Den of Wolves, in fact, we’ll carry out surgical attacks on behalf of organizations that will pay us well to attack the competition. Let’s make sure the heist is a success and there will be no problems! It’s a cutthroat job market, designed to allow companies plausible deniability, but we know how to play the game, rounding up the best and going for it!

With Den of Wolves, the developers are creating an adrenaline-pumping technological thriller, a heist-themed cooperative FPS in which you can make the difference. Whether you have 20 minutes or 2 hours!

How to make a name for yourself in Midway City

Plan and carry out heists using industrial espionage, sabotage, theft and murder. Gather your team to evaluate the best approach, recover weapons, accessories and information. Sneak past the security systems and carry out the heist.

Missions are dynamic and unpredictable. So, and you and your team will find yourself moving from stealthy moments to wild action within intricate scenarios.

In Den of Wolves you’ll complete objectives with your team and maybe make a few friends along the way. But remember, the city is founded by an elite consortium of global corporations.

Midway Island is an innovative sprawl created to combat a data security threat caused by deep learning AI. Without human rights groups in the way, these entities have developed a new concept of data transmission and storage based on the human brain. Totally different from traditional network architectures that it is absolutely inaccessible to AI.

With security came the confidence of the markets, and now Midway Island has become the center of international trade: it is the new land of opportunity, and where there are opportunities, crime finds fertile ground…

The narrative story of Den of Wolves

Den of Wolves has many heist elements but also many well-curated sci-fi thriller style events. If you’ve seen the trailer (if not it’s below), you know that the very first 10 seconds introduce the character of “Mr Bowman“. The opening scene sees him interrogating a prisoner, with the AI ​​trying to direct him to a more “humane” interrogation, but Bowman totally ignores it.

But what is he doing, exactly? Well, Mr Bowman is using technology capable of sneaking into the human mind and scanning it for information. This technology also does much more, it gives the opportunity to understand what the person subjected to “inspection” went through in the previous days. In the trailer, this technique is used on the prisoner to find out who was planning/executing a plan for a heist or major criminal activity.

Bowman is therefore able to get into other people’s heads. He can interrogate them by exploiting the pressure he can exert on some memories. And by doing this he can unlock others. By doing this he can connect the dots and understand which memories really happened. Extremely effective but also dangerous method. In fact, the AI, Bowman warns, that the prolonged trial can cause the death of the prisoner.

On the contrary, Bowman is absolutely determined to get what he is looking for. It seems that his job demands it and that conducting interrogations bordering on torture doesn’t bother him at all. Understandable since he works for some corporation; and as we know the corporations set no limits and have no scruples on the already unruly Midway Island.

Memories of a prisoner

Quick scenes of a firefight, someone in a containment pod…mind on fire because someone is violating it, memories scanned and triggered. A couple of keys… Now the focus is all on this deck, the prisoner’s memories are Bowman’s memories, he is running the game. Every time he feels excruciating pain he extracts information. It would seem that at this point Mr Bowman has the prisoner in his grasp; but here a plot twist comes into play!

Den of Wolves – Official Trailer (4K)

And from the trailer we understand that the roles are reversed. The real prisoner is Bowman, he is the man in the capsule. While the one we thought was a prisoner is trying to make him remember something specific. He’s trying in every way to make Bowman think of a certain set of keys, so as to naturally extract the information he has about them from his memories.

A moment from the Trailer that leaves you confused but also and above all enthusiastic, with the desire to discover and immerse yourself even more in this story with a sci-fi thriller flavor…But have you noticed something?

The mask

The trailer ends with a close-up of the character, who until recently we believed to be a prisoner. He’s wearing a Mask. An element that acts as a common thread with previous titles such as Payday 1, Payday 2, GTFO which see many scenes include masks. A distinctive trait that’s the legacy of the style of Ulf Andersson. Andersson, is the Creative Director and father of Den of Wolves and of the titles mentioned above. Using a mask as an act of evasion, control or breaking the rules, this is how Andersson defines it. Hiding your identity behind a mask is not always something negative. There can be various reasons that push someone to hide behind it.

In Den of Wolves we’ll see some good ones, even if at the moment defining which is the most representative of the game is not feasible, this is what Andersson states.

The creation process takes time and every time something is invented, it undermines what came before it. Thus becoming an icon of the game. We are therefore certain that we’ll see many more masks before the game’s release. Taking inspiration from Cyberpunk old books, Blade runner, Alien. Or from Techno-thriller elements or even Akira; Den of Wolves Devs take the Mask element to the next level.

In fact, unlike the GTFO masks, which were all metal masks, in Den of Wolves different types are being experimented with. The hardcore sci-fi ones, rubbery effect, leather, or a mix of materials; thus giving more freedom of choice to the players and the team. We will therefore be able to manage the materials, shapes and styles of our masks.

When will Den of Wolves arrive

After having immersing ourselves in the world of Den of Wolves, having breathed its essence Sci-fi Thriller with a corrupt soul, all we can do is ask ourselves – when will we be able to play it?

Well, Den of Wolves does not yet have a specific release date, for now the Team is focused on developing and sharing monthly content on the progress of the project. It’s possible to add Den of Wolves to your Steam Wishlist, as the game will be available on PC.

We recommend you stay with us for future updates on Den of Wolves! Let us know what you think of the title, if you’ve already spotted it; leaving your comments here. We’ll definitely talk about it again and we can’t wait to update you, and in the meantime…

Good Game everybody!

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