First stretch goal revealed!

Infinity Knights: Xross

In less than 2 days, Timesea Studio, the Australian independent development team founded by the Goodrick brothers (Saxon, Michael, and Tyrone), has successfully funded their debut project, Infinity Knights: Xross, on Kickstarter. This 3-player couch co-op retro fantasy RPG draws inspiration from the beloved classics of the RPG and JRPG genres.

The project, highly promising and ambitious, swiftly captured the attention of hundreds of enthusiasts, reaching its funding goal of $55,000 AUD (approximately 34,130 euros) in just 47 hours from launch.

Here are the developers’ heartfelt words, thrilled by the milestone just reached:

“We are beyond excited… Infinity Knights: Xross is funded! And in less than two days!! We cannot believe how supportive everyone has been of our vision. It’s amazing and overwhelming.

Thank you, everyone, thank you. For your time, consideration, support, and everything.

This is a dream come true.”

Infinity Knights: Xross

However, this achievement marks just the beginning of what promises to be an exceptionally successful crowdfunding campaign for the young team. Timesea Studio has revealed numerous stretch goals and new challenges they are eager to tackle. The first of these goals has already been unveiled: the introduction of a new playable character, Alessia, to the game. Details about her abilities and background will be revealed upon reaching the $75,000 AUD goal. This milestone will also unlock an exclusive new weapon that can be wielded by any character in our party.

For further details about the campaign and its various pledge tiers, visit the Kickstarter campaign page. And be sure to check out our main coverage of the game to learn more about it.

Infinity Knights: Xross is scheduled for release in late 2025 on Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and PlayStation 5. Keep following us for updates on the progress of the Kickstarter campaign.

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