The OST will be composed by Maestro Hiroki Kikuta!

Infinity Knights: Xross

It was the 1990s. You’d come home from school, cold and tired, and what was the first thing you’d do, even before starting your homework? Naturally, you’d turn on the NES and play your favorite RPG—just one game, or so you told yourself. Ah, the good old days! If you sense a hint of nostalgia and fond melancholy in our words, it’s no accident. In fact, it’s a deliberate choice that sets the perfect stage for the project we’re about to introduce.

Twenty-one days after its reveal, the small independent Australian team, Timesea Studio, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for Infinity Knights: Xross, a three-player couch co-op fantasy retro RPG that channels the spirit of ’90s SNES-era RPGs.

Based in Perth, the capital of Western Australia, Timesea Studio is an indie development studio founded by three brothers united by a single dream: to create high-quality video games and media for everyone to enjoy, as well as the RPG of their dreams. Young, ambitious, and proactive, the Goodrick Brothers boast extensive experience as gamers – with over 100,000 collective hours of playing video games – and a deep knowledge of the medium.

The team includes Saxon as the producer and lead programmer, Michael as the boss designer and “ideas man,” and Tyrone as the combat designer and programmer. Despite being brothers, each of them has distinct and diverse backgrounds, ideas, tastes, and visions of the gaming world. This diversity is not a limitation but rather a potential strength, providing a unique foundation for the team.

Infinity Knights: Xross

Inspired by classic RPGs such as Secret of Mana and Dark Cloud, and infused with nostalgic elements reminiscent of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI, Infinity Knights: Xross brings back the magic of three-player couch co-op in the setting of fantastical RPG about a king and his Infinity Knights manipulating the rules of life and death.

“We three brothers are thrilled to introduce a new cooperative RPG that pays homage to some of gaming’s most nostalgic eras,” says developer Saxon Goodrick. “We’ve meticulously crafted this universe, its story, engaging mechanics, gameplay, and even fun minigames! With a rich array of characters to select, special attacks, customization options, and an adventure we’ve eagerly awaited to share for years, we sincerely hope you’ll join us as we bring Infinity Knights: Xross to life.”

Featuring meticulously crafted pixel art, innovative gameplay systems, and a compelling narrative, Infinity Knights: Xross is the first installment in an anthology the developers have long wanted to share with the world. “At its core, this is an RPG,” they explain, “and our aim is to create feelings of fun, curiosity, and immersion like some of our favorites did when we were young and playing games together on our living room couch.”

Infinity Knights: Xross aims to innovate on classic JRPGs with a unique system centered around The Armaments: weapons capable of reviving defeated enemies. As Xross, the newest member of the Infinity Knights, players must master these weapons and explore both static and randomly-generated dungeons while uncovering the game’s intricate story.

Furthermore, the game will feature a special international guest, a true master in his craft. We’re referring to the esteemed Japanese composer and game designer Hiroki Kikuta, known for his outstanding work on titles such as Secret of Mana, Trials of Mana, Soukaigi, and Koudelka, the latter two of which he also served as producer and concept designer. A sneak preview of his composition for Infinity Knights: Xross, featuring the track “Going to the Eternal”, can be heard in the game’s announcement trailer.

The crowdfunding campaign is now live on Kickstarter and can be accessed through the following link. It has a funding goal of $55,000 AUD (approximately 34,130 euros) and will run for 30 days. Rewards include all the essentials: the game (starting at approximately $23.50 USD), soundtrack, art book, and exclusive access to demo builds as well as the ability to contribute to the design of the game’s locations, enemies, items, and characters.

Infinity Knights: Xross is planned for release on Steam, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch in late 2025. To stay updated on the progress of our Kickstarter campaign, stay tuned with us and visit the official Infinity Knights: Xross website for the latest project updates.

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