Let’s go back to talking about Hometopia after trying it. Reputation system, cooperation between players and much more

Hometopia - Our Review

After introducing you to the Hometopia game, we took the time to try it out for ourselves. If you missed our previous article, you can catch up on it here. Now, we can tell you right now that we were truly amazed by the quality, attention to detail and the extraordinary realistic imprint” that all the construction and renovation processes offer.

Let’s not get lost in other pleasantries and move on to the analysis!

Hometopia: First steps

We begin our adventure as builders, gaining experience on a house that is made available to us. Our aim will be to renovate a bedroom. It will be our very first job. We’ll learn the first rudiments regarding construction commands, choice of floors/walls materials and subsequently for the choice of furnitures. Since it is an exercise in forecasting other works for client accounts, we will have to be careful to respect all the requests and aspects of the contract.

Hometopia: First steps

All this information influences the work we are going to do. The client may be picky, loving wooden floors and not liking plastered walls. These three traits must absolutely be respected to have a good review of the job and secure an entry. But what else can it affect?

Well, in addition to the customer’s traits, you should respect the budget. In the case of a customer with an “expensive tastes” trait, there is no need to beg, on the contrary, it is better to spend to get a higher review. Other factors that influence the result are: the quality of the objects (it’s the number near the obj), the arrangement of the objects and the deductions based on the room to be created (i.e. the addition of elements to the environment not directly expressed by the customer but deduced by us ).

The Room Planner function

Hometopia inspiration is reality and as such could not fail to have the Room Planner function. Its use will be essential to complete an assignment. Once you lay the foundation for a new room, do not put up the walls right away, the game will not recognize the room as the designated location for the assignment. This is why the planner exists, to assign a name to a new (or even pre-existing) portion of the foundation.

Hometopi - The Room Planner function

Always make sure to allocate all surfaces so you don’t have unusable spaces. Also, room planning can take place on existing spaces. Demolitions and relocations may be necessary but nothing too complicated. The only thing as we were saying is to be careful not to leave spaces with the wording “unassigned“.

The versatility of the items

For all those who love to decorate this will be like an amusement park! In Hometopia, all items are modifiable, in colors and materials, thus creating unique styles. No house will be identical to another thanks to this innovative feature! We also have the same possibility with walls, floors and all doors/windows/arches. If we have chosen a wooden floor but we don’t like its color, with color we can modify it and possibly change the nature of the floor. This is one of the many examples we could offer you.

Hometopia - The versatility of the items

Still talking about colors, we know that when we are busy with renovations we could go instinctively and choose the colors that inspire us most. Be careful though, we can easily do this in our home (yes, the one in the introduction which remains ours), however it is different if we are working for a client. You must always pay attention to the likes and dislikes, it affects your reputation and earnings!

Rank up in Hometopia

Another extremely captivating aspect that is very appealing to the player is that rank up fact. Why? Well, first of all it means improving your skills as a designer, decorator and planner. It consists of a challenge with oneself and of always doing better and creating increasingly complex and beautiful homes. Secondly, but no less important, the unlocking of new items. Hundreds and hundreds of architectural items, furnitures, decorations and much more for our dream homes!

Rank up

With all these items we are truly spoiled for choice, truly infinite furnishing possibilities and considering the possibility of modifying colors and materials this makes everything even more surprising. This is why for those who love building and furnishing Hometopia turns out to be a real godsend! No more CC that could compromise the game but an infinite amount of original material that is totally modifiable and constantly updated.

One thing is certain: with Hometopia the “I don’t know how to furnish it” is a non-existent concept!

Create your Portfolio with Hometopia

What better way to make yourself known than with a Portfolio? Celebrate your successes by saving reviews from satisfied customers. Like any good self-respecting builder, the Portfolio is an essential tool for making customers understand if you can do it for them.

Create your Portfolio with Hometopia

Also, remember, you can play with other players. The portfolio will also be useful for them to understand if you are right for them if they want to cooperate for the construction or renovation of a property or community lot.

Types of Jobs, their difficulty and Multiplayer

As we know Hometopia is a cooperative building and life simulation game. This incredible mix of elements brings interior/exterior renovation or construction jobs to life. They can be played by one or more players. Do you want to renovate your home in the company of your best friends? You can easily invite them to play from the “Multiplayer” dropdown at the top right when you are inside the game.

Types of Jobs, their difficulty and Multiplayer

Distinguishing the difficulty of the tasks is simple thanks to a color code: blue for low difficulty tasks, yellow for medium ones and finally orange ones for high difficulty. The icons also make the types of jobs easily recognisable; the house with bricks is the construction of one or more rooms, the tufts of grass are outdoor works, the bistro table represents works in community lots and finally we can also have the house with the brush, which indicates the need to renew the appearance of one or more rooms.

These are some examples of jobs that we can accept. The more our reputation grows, the more our Rank will rise and the more new types of interventions will be available to us.

Oh, well and keep an eye on the time, the works are timed. Not so much in their execution, it could even take you days to finish one. Simply periodically the game refreshes the available jobs.

The Land Catalog

Once again we understand how important it is to move up the Rank, yes because by doing this we will unlock the Land catalog. We will therefore be able to carry out new works in different neighbourhoods, which have different styles and dimensions. From the small courtyard to the city, to the sandy beaches to the cold of the snow-capped mountains.

Hometopia - The Land Catalog

Staghorn Point, Fortuna Shores, Agave Valley and Rolling Meadow offer us three variations as regards the site where we will place our future home. Furthermore, we will also be able to choose the size of the plots, regarding the construction of our house.

Hometopia a world of infinite possibilities

As we have seen, the possibilities in the world of Hometopia are always evolving, starting from constant updates thanks to the close contact between the Devs and Community. Secondly, all this is possible thanks to the possibility of modifying items to our liking, thus multiplying the possible furnishing combinations. Another point in favor of this game is the job refresh. We will never find two jobs the same, keeping the level of entertainment high. Last but not least, indeed, innovative for the genre is the possibility of experimenting with the creation or renovation of homes in the company of friends. Just as proposed by the Devs, Hometopia proves to be a relaxing experience that is based on the reality that surrounds us and that leaves us with a feeling of profound satisfaction when looking at our creations.

We remind you that the game is in Early Access on Steam, and it is possible to request access. Furthermore, the scheduled launch date is September 27, 2023. If you are a fan of the genre, we absolutely recommend you not to miss it. Give free rein to the builder and designer within you, Hometopia awaits you!


“Let’s go back to talking about Hometopia, a cooperative construction and life simulation game, after having played it. Let’s discover the reputation system, cooperation between players and much more.”


  • Engaging
  • Captivating design
  • Packed with content
  • Possibility of multiplayer




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