Let’s see all the updates and the progress of Napat Saeung’s solo project, the young developer behind the title


As promised, we’re back to tell you about the Kickstarter campaign that features the ambitious project of the young developer of Mystic Clockwork Studio, Napat Saung. We are certainly talking about Exil! For those who have followed us so far in this development we can’t wait to tell the news and for those new to the title we recommend reading our previous article.

Developments in the campaign

As we predicted the campaign was announced towards the end of May. Let’s find out in a nutshell where Exil is. It currently has 309 supporters and despite this, they look to their goal with confidence thanks to donations. Nothing is decided yet! It’s all or nothing. And fortunes can change (we hope for the better) 24 days after the “finish“.

The campaign provides different types of endorsements that can be offered to developers. There is something for all budgets.

Starting from a contribution of 25 dollars (Explorer package) reaching even a nice 55 dollars (Beta Access package)

The clouded world of Exil

Beautiful but darkened, the world of Exil has its roots in masterpieces like Hollow Knight & Cuphead.

Exil and the Kickstarter campaign

Humanity is wiped out in a dreadful war. What remains after the battle are floating islands inhabited by droids and robots. What will be their fate, now that the creators have disappeared and left them to themselves?

We will be catapulted into this post-apocalyptic scenario full of high-intensity battles and a Metroidvania profile.

A world dominated by intense arena battles. Adrenaline, excellent animations and boss fights will be bread for our teeth. Exil also forges unique storylines, based on the choices made during the course, thus leading us to multiple endings.

Exil and its beauty is made up of these three wisely mixed brushstrokes:

  • A vast, interconnected, desolate world: Exil seamlessly weaves together the many areas of each island without a loading screen. The beautifully painted landscapes are expertly positioned with parallax to enrich the world.
  • Action-Packed Fighting – Players will discover many different special abilities as they fight different bosses and overcome challenges. As well as several interchangeable spells, which can have their own risks and rewards, adjusting the difficulty to your liking.
  • Blissfully beautiful music by Kenichiro Suehiro – Kenichiro is one of the most prolific music composers in the anime industry. He composed more than 20 anime TV series and movies.
  • Traditional 2D Animation: Every friend and foe, as well as environmental chase sequences, are drawn frame by frame to enhance your experience and bring the world to life.

The Sound Section in Exil

Moments of gravitas, vast landscapes, stirring emotions – all are given depth and color through the power of music. Music is an inseparable thread in the fabric of the gaming experience. Every moment in Exil, from exploring the intricate environments to engaging in thrilling combat, is accompanied by a soundtrack as captivating as the world that welcomes it.

This vision, to enrich Exil, translates into a collaboration with a master of musical storytelling: Kenichiro Suehiro.

Exil: The musical sector curated by the master of musical storytelling, Kenichiro Suehiro

Renowned in the anime world, Suehiro’s compositions for shows such as Re:Zero, Goblin Slayer and Fire Force demonstrate his exceptional ability to articulate narratives and create evocative power through music.

The Combat System and skills

We cannot fail to illustrate this fundamental component. Well, we will face the “human-free” post-apocalyptic world with a wide range of skills and weapons at our disposal.

So what can we expect from the weapons section? In the “Primary Weapons” we find a sword and our own hand, since we are robots / droids. Let’s see in detail which attacks can be carried out and which damage can be caused:

  • Blade of Eternity (Sword): This ethereal blade, sharp as the edge of time, is your faithful companion in close combat.
    • Damage: Rapid strikes and versatility make it a reliable weapon against various opponents.
  • Starfire Emission (Range): Unleash plasma projectiles from your hand with Starfire Emission.
    • Damage: This ranged weapon provides a strategic advantage, allowing you to engage enemies from a distance.
Exil: Starfire Emission attack
  • Ethereal Strand (Whip): Similar to a whip made of pure energy, it extends your reach and allows you to strike with precision.
    • Damage: When mastered this weapon quickly eliminates enemies near and far.
Exil: Attack Ethereal Strand

There are basically two skills that help us in critical moments:

  • Astral Plunge: Harness the power of the cosmos and dive into opponents with this ability. Shakes the ground and deals devastating splash damage and can shatter certain weak points in the environment.
Exil: Astral Plunge attack
  • Aetherial Deflection: Harness the energy of incoming attacks. Time your detours perfectly to counter enemy attacks and turn their might against them. Gain a partial recovery of health and energy replenishment with each successful deflection. In mid-air, experience periodic push-ups, adding dynamic aerial maneuverability to your repertoire.

Mastering these skills and making the most of the game environment will make us unstoppable in this world of machines.

Exil’s Platforming font

Also in this aspect Exil presents us with a wide range of shots, leaps, special jumps and wall walking. Proof that the game environment is fully exploitable by the player, who, based on his style, will decide how to mix weapon/skill/platform combos.

Exil and its platforming approach

At present, four types of interactions are present:

  • Mistral Leap (Jump): Harness the power of the wind to execute agile leaps, quickly dodging incoming attacks or closing the distance to enemies.
  • Aetherial Shift (Special Dash): Traverse fixed nodes around the world in the blink of an eye. Activate this ability to evade danger and access uncharted areas in a fraction of a second.
  • Griffin’s Gust (Double Jump): Channel the flight of the mythical griffin to perform an extra leap while mid-air. With Griffin’s Gust, reach higher platforms and uncover secret paths with ease.
  • Chimera’s Clasp (Wall Climbing): Unleash the Chimera’s tenacity to scale vertical surfaces. The Chimera’s Clasp turns the tallest of walls into accessible pathways, enabling exploration of unseen heights and areas.

Exil and Navigation

As we said in the incipit, the world and humanity have been wiped out by a devastating war. The world, disfigured and fragmented, between clouds and colossal floating islands brings up echoes of the grandeur of a bygone era.

Navigation signals and light beacons

These lands are steeped in secrets. The journey inside each of them hides unexplored paths and wild wonders. The key to navigating this universe lies in activating the ancient Navigation Beacons.

Bright beacons that illuminate a path to unseen areas within the islands. Unveiling new floating territories.

Beacons act as navigational waypoints, not only charting the course of exploration within the islands, but also signaling the mighty “Skyward Vessels” for inter-island travel.

Skyward Vessels

Each island holds relics of the past, making it easy to travel between islands. Among these, the fast Zephyr Express, a majestic and powerful winged sailing ship that bears witness to the technological prowess of the ancient civilization.

Having reached this point, we advise you as always to stay updated with us so as not to miss the progress of this Kickstarter campaign!

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