Discovering the Europa Demo, a fascinating project from Novadust Entertainment, Helder Pinto. Run, glide and fly over the landscape of the Jovian satellite

Europa - The Demo

Today we take you to discover Europa, a title by Novadust Entertainment, Helder Pinto. The game editor is Future Friends Games. The release date is for April 16, 2024. Europa will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X/S. It is currently possible to play the free demo on Steam and we did it for you!

So, let’s stop talking and let’s start our journey…towards Europe!

Discovering a lost world: Europa

The wonderful experience and story of Europa features a little android named Zee as the protagonist. Immersed in a dreamy game world, with well-finished graphics and pastel colours, you immediately have the impression of watching a Ghibli-style animated film.

The atmosphere is relaxing and nostalgic; this also thanks to the touch of the musical sector. The narration is accompanied by sweet melodies full of pathos.

Europa - Discovering a lost world

Furthermore, the immersion in the game world is totalizing also thanks to faithful sound effects. Some small examples, which overall are not so small, can be found in the rustling of the wind, trampling on leaves or the rubbing of clothes while running and many others.

As little Zee, we will explore valleys and flowering meadows dotted with cute deer, bunnies, turtles and other strange native creatures. Thanks to exploration we will find the old diary that belonged to the Creator of Zee. Open your eyes wide and pay attention to the details! The pages could be anywhere. By collecting them, we will reconstruct the memories and reflections of the little android’s “father“.

Pitfalls and dangers along the road that leads to the island

Reading the diary, the creator of Zee, mentions an island that was supposed to host humanity. A new beginning, a second chance for humanity. This inventor’s task was to work on preparations to make the island welcoming when its inhabitants woke up. Zee’s journey, therefore, will lead him to discover this wonderful place and everything that the dear “old man” did for him too.

Europa - Pitfalls and dangers

The Demo consists of a total of three playable chapters. In these we will be introduced to the commands to ensure that Zee can make the most of his Jetpack Zephyr. This will allow it to carry out small flights or glides to reach disconnected areas.

Run, glide and fly over Zee

The gameplay dynamics are relaxed, despite the need to fly or glide from time to time. Europa is a title with an intimate and thoughtful soul, don’t expect to fight and use weapons. In Europe, the most formidable weapon is the mind. Together with Zee, we will solve puzzles and mysteries among the ruins of a fallen utopia. We will discover the story of the last human being alive, the creator of our protagonist.

Continuing the exploration we will have the possibility to increase the thrust of our Jetpack Zephyr by collecting the right crystals.

Run, glide and fly over Zee

When we have collected them all; we will finally be able to fly freely in the sky, without having to first return to the ground and recharge the Jet. Until this is possible, you can recharge the Jetpack thanks to blue energy spheres. When crossed they will automatically pour into our Jet lighting up the fill bars. Don’t worry if with a slightly longer flight you will have used up all your energy. The spheres are distributed very generously and you will never run out (they regenerate!).

For today we have reached the end of this Demo, driven by a strong wind we are waiting together with Zee to discover the still hidden wonders of Europa and the suspended island. We can’t wait to update you on this intimate story about humanity’s growth and relationship with nature.

Stay with us so you don’t miss the next article on Europa and its nostalgic narrative!

Good Game everybody!

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