We take you to the discovery of the world of Enotria: The Last Song, an all-Italian title by Jyamma Games. A fantastic world with all the colors of Italian folklore, a journey through art, music and theatre.

Enotria: The Last Song

“Theater does not arise where life is full, where one is satisfied. Theater is born where there are wounds, where there are voids. That’s where someone needs to listen to something that someone else has to say to them.”

So says one of the famous quotes by Jacques Copeau, one of the most characterizing and influential personalities of the Theater in the 1900s, as well as the author of an impressive theatrical pedagogy project. With the aim of educating individuals in theatricality and creativity. Theater is just the medium through which we can convey our emotions. The mirror of multiple masks, the harmony of multiple voices, the work of multiple performers. An art stage.

This is our starting point to introduce you to Enotria: The Last Song, the new fascinating Souls-Like style Action RPG Made in Italy, created by the Jyamma Games software house from Milan.

A work that embodies art, music, culture and theater in all its forms. It tells the thousand nuances through which these arts shape the world, with an important goal: to make known the natural beauty of Italy. It wishes to convey to its visitors that unmistakable feeling of visiting Italy in the summer.

But, before going any further for more detail, allow us to introduce you to the team. The creatives and artists behind the development of Enotria: The Last Song.

The rebellious spirit and dedication that drives Jyamma Games

Jyamma Games embarks on its journey to Milan, Italy in September 2019 as an independent video game studio. It has just under a dozen passionate young game developers. Driven by a rebellious spirit and dedication, Jyamma releases four mobile games: Hi-Ball Rush, Matchy Catch, Cowzuuka and Go Down.

Enotria: The Last Song - Jyamma Games Team
“Our mission is to work every day on productions that we can be proud of”

Along the way, the firm has gathered experience, expertise and very talented people. Some from the best companies in the video game industry, now counting more than 50 collaborators in different countries. They set out to entertain, inform and inspire people around the world through the power of unprecedented storytelling. This is thanks to creative minds and innovative technologies that will make their company one of the best entertainment companies in the world. Their goal is to create products that lead to a new era of development, growth and gaming experience. Wanna find out even more about them? You can read our Interview with them here.

What is Enotria?

For those of you wondering, no. Enotria is by no means a random name for the Jyamma Games team. In fact, the name from which the game originates derives from the Greek ôinos (wine). It’s a using term to describe the vast land to which this region corresponds, literally “Land of Wine”.

According to the sources that have come down to us today, Dionysius of Halicarnassus himself describes Enotria as “an excellent land for agriculture and pastoralism, sparsely populated, however very large”.

Enotria corresponds to an ancient and fertile land in Southern Italy surrounded by thriving and numerous vineyards. It’s an immensely vast and extended region. Rich in springs and rivers, from whose pure waters the first urban settlements were born and prospered. It is characterized by a robust mountain system, including the Lucanian and CalabroLucan Apennines to the north. While the Calabrian coastal range to the west and the Sila plateau to the east.

Enotria: The Last Song - Quinta at sunset

From its fertile lands the ancient civilization of the Enotri arose and settled around the 11th century. Colonizers and precursors of the south of the Italian peninsula. Thanks to their settlement, the exploiting the luxuriant fertility of the land that they conducted the first experiments in the field of viticulture. Hence, contributing to its origins and development, as we know it today.

And this is how Enotria became the perfect soil for the settlement of civilization. A unique land, peaceful, independent and immersed in nature whose natural resources were destined for a common good. The same assumptions with which Jyamma Games intends to tell us the harmonious story of Enotria: The Last Song, before a dramatic event upset its course…

Enotria the all-Italian ”Summer-Soul”

Under the ambitious management of some key figures of the entertainment industry, Jyamma Games works on the long-awaited AA project, called Enotria: The Last Song. It is a Souls Like action RPG set in a fantasy world based on Italian folklore and culture. Enotria: The Last Song will be released in 2024 and will be available on PC via Steam and the Next-gen consoles such as PS5 and XBOX Series X/S.

It stands apart from the crowd, with a vibrant, sunlit world based on the italian summer; and gameplay that allows you to alter the world and enemies in systemic ways.

It is as a Souls-Like but unlike others, Jyamma Games is imprinting a world based on the colors of the Italian summer, or rather as the Devs define it, ”Summer-Soul”.

Enotria: The Last Song - Summer Soul

With Enotria: The Last Song the goal is to rediscover Italy’s rich past and culture. Doing it, however, in a modern key and addressing a global audience. What they wish to convey from the art direction is the color, vibrancy and general feeling of visiting Italy. Enotria: The Last Song wants to win the heart and soul of souls-like fans. How? With rewarding exploration, different player builds and various enemy designs. All of this while giving a unique twist to the genre. With Ardore, a special state that we can activate; we’ll always have access to different strategies. Allowing us to influence the behavior of enemies, dynamically alter the world around them, solve puzzles and exploit the very elements of Enotria. This is just an initial taste of what Italy can offer in this cursed tale!

The Curse of the Canovaccio

“Dear Spectators, welcome to Enotria. A land where art, culture and life blossom like petals in a flowery field. Where countries thrive and people live freely. This, until the arrival of Canovaccio … An unclean curse that has eradicated life in all its forms. In which the comedians are nothing more than victims of an already written script. Enotria is nothing but an illusory mask of the luxuriant land of the past. Is this, perhaps, the bitter Destiny to which Enotria is condemned?”

Set on the eponymous continent of Enotria, a land of life, vigor and fertility (sounds familiar, right?), Enotria: The Last Song tells the story of a land of unique beauty in an extremely cryptical way. Now disfigured and fallen into disrepair due to a dark “game”, an absurd mystification of reality, known as “Canovaccio”. Orchestrated by powerful and evil creators, Authors of Canovaccio, the curse is grafted through a cyclical process called “Eternal Play”. A sadistic and twisted game of fate that aims to trap Enotria in an unnatural stasis, a stagnation with no way back. Where, the actors are no longer in control of themselves, trapped in an eternal script not of their own making. What remains of Enotria is nothing more than an empty and soulless shell, far from being the thriving land it once was.

Enotria: The Last Song - Mantelloni Garden by Night

Infected and deprived of everything, except the role they will have to play for the Show, the Comedians thus find themselves in a limbo between the real world and the fictitious one. Thus, a dimensional fracture is created which imprisons all the beauty of Enotria, suffocates it and plagiarizes it with deception. The comedians are nothing more than puppets at the service of the Canovaccio, of a farce, of a mask. All but one…

Be the mask of change and heal this broken world!

One, No One, and One Hundred Thousand…The role of masks in Enotria

The concept of Masks permeates humanity, since 9,000 years ago, an evidence of their antiquity. They have had their own evolution based on function in accordance with the populations that created them. Masks were once used by priests, in ancient times, to be able to get in touch with spirits. While a more modern use of masks is also visible in films or cartoons where the characters hide their true “I” to play an alter-ego.This proves that the concept of Masks is broad and complex, not only playing a religious but also a social role. What emerges is that no culture is “immune” from these presences. As Pirandello writes: “A reality was not given to us and does not exist, but we must make it ourselves, if we want to be: and it will never be one for all , one forever, but continuously and infinitely changeable.” The masks, therefore, are a legacy that changes but never really disappears.

One, no one, and One Hundred Thousand

The world of Enotria: The Last Song, inspires its characters to theatrical masks, also rich in intrinsic meanings, with unique style and movements. Mainly we know there are three: two inspired by Harlequin and Pulcinella while the last one without a name; remember for the hat the Zanni’s mask. We know that Harlequin has an extravagant, reckless and somewhat unfortunate character. He invents tricks and jokes against his greedy masters. He is not foolish, maybe a little naive, sometimes a little silly but full of fantasy and imagination. Pulcinella, on the other hand, is lazy and opportunistic, unlucky but also ironic, shrewd, and talkative. We are sincerely curious to find out how they shaped the personalities of each Mask starting from the existing ones.

The Stage of the Comedians

Comedians, singers, musicians, painters and artists of all kinds… let’s go on stage!

No need to go around it. As you may have guessed, the Theater is not just a simple subtext that gives volume to the work of Jyamma Games. But it is the real lifeblood that guides the experience, the Stage on which the Comedians set up the preparations for the Show.

Enotria: The Last Song

The language that permeates the world of Enotria is that of visual and figurative art, a fabric rich in continuous references to the Italian natural beauties, historical notes, references to Italian folklore and art. Its imagery is characterized aesthetically through a fantasy reinterpretation of the post-Renaissance historical period. Which is far from the gothic setting to which the numerous Souls-Likes on the market have accustomed us.

Enotria: The Last Song is configured as a faithful representation of Italy. With its colors, its cities, its everlasting history and it does so by adopting theater as a narrative medium. It is nothing but the Stage where the Comedians move and enter the stage, characters taken from the “Commedia dell’Arte” with distinctly carnival and folkloric features and costumes.

Eccentric, stylish and always ready to show off, Canovaccio’s Comedians and Authors are nothing but the mirror of the fake world shaped by Canovaccio, perfectly embodying the masks they wear. These shady and dangerous figures are the actors of Enotria, the deceptive personalities who dictate the law in the kingdom. And, considering the cryptic lore that permeates Enotria, it’s understandable to expect that Comedians won’t hold their tongue much. 

They will be there, ready to throw a spanner in your works, to talk, mock you, deceive you into expressing their self-centered personality, as well as revealing anecdotes about Enotria and Canovaccio, as well as illustrating their role in all of this.

After all, this is their Stage, and you’ll have to abide by their rules. You are nothing more than extras, an insignificant and insipid pawn in their presence!

Enotria: The Last Song
Enotria: The Last Song

Gameplay and skills in Enotria: What to expect

We will expand our playstyle options thanks to an articulated Skill tree of talents, the Path of Innovators. Here, we will be able to insert talents into Masks to create custom builds. We will be able to experience a unique system that makes it easier and more intuitive to create and modify the style of play for each situation.

Enotria: The Last Song - Path of Innovators

Furthermore, we can don the masks of fallen enemies and take on their roles. Thus igniting new ways of playing; each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Up to three customizable loadouts are swappable at any one time. Each loadout lets you try out a new style of play, without the burden of a respec. Enotria is a beautiful sunlit land but hides dark secrets and dangers behind its bright facades. It is up to us to unravel the mysteries of this wonderful world!

If we want to survive, the choice for the mask and the equipment will have to be strategic. If it goes badly we can channel the power of Ardore to “Alter reality” dynamically. He will allow us to strategically swap environmental states to solve puzzles, reveal secrets, traverse a decaying world, and gain a strategic advantage in battles. An additional advantage in battles is granted with the “Awakening of the Potential”, with which the player can break the posture of the enemy to allow a devastating counter attack. This grants the powerful Awakened buff. Chaining kills together and swapping between masks to alter boons can be received to best suit the opponent.

Let’s take a schematic look at the key features:

  • Wield Ardor to alter the world around you
  • Stay on the offensive with quick steps and chainable parries
  • Hit enemies to charge powerful Magic Lines
  • Strategically swap up to three pieces of equipment at any one time
  • Break an enemy’s posture for a devastating attack, granting a powerful Awakening boost
  • Reveal the secrets of Enotria to gain inspiration and unlock new perks in the Path of Innovators

The Artistic and Cultural Heritage of Italy

One thing is certain. In Enotria you can breathe art, in its most authentic and celebratory form. The world around us is artfully brushed, like the imprint a painter leaves on a canvas. A beautiful, seductive but suffering artistic language, which does not follow the classical dictates, despite being influenced by the Renaissance artistic current.

Enotria has a soul of its own, fascinating and tormented, which detaches itself from the dark fantasy genre. Welcoming us with an unconventional approach, characterized by a clear atmosphere, almost saturated with colors. A one-of-a-kind artistic direction that goes beyond the canonical imagery of Souls-Like video games. Yet, it is precisely its lively heterogeneity that draws the game world, nature, architecture and every corner of its intrinsic and vibrant beauty.

The artistic direction is a hymn to life, a vivid and sensitive representation of the artistic, cultural and historical heritage of the Bel Paese with important references to Renaissance and post-Renaissance art. With an inclusion of clear architectural references to the Proto-Renaissance artistic current, of which Giotto is a forerunner.

Enotria flaunts refined and valuable architectural solutions and settings with an excellent glance. Not to mention the works of art kept in every single corner, among which the splendid Giotto-style frescoes stand out. From the alleys of an ancient medieval village that stands on the stretch of water of the sea, to the disturbing restlessness of a dark forest, to the magnificent monumental architecture that adorns the external and internal spaces of the buildings. Enotria is a real tribute to art, which makes heterogeneity its lowest common denominator.

Enotria: The Last Song

However, the air you breathe in Enotria is not pure. It’s the victim of a spell, a plague, a disease that distorts its nature. Stifling its beauty, poisoning it from within, shaping a twisted and sick world.

Do you remember when we were talking about dimensional duality earlier? Enotria seems divided into two dimensions, permeated by contrasts and by two perfectly antithetical worlds. The free and healthy part of it and its evil, false and deceptive counterpart who plagiarizes reality with illusionism. A world that has to fight against itself to find an antidote to this poison and restore the much vaunted beauty of the past.

Mantelloni Garden

The Nameless one

The Reign of music in Enotria

The human brain is very sensitive to external stimuli and a mistake in the choice of sounds and music could really spoil the atmosphere. Music allows you to convey a message in a more or less cryptical way, create immersive worlds and transport the player inside them. By now, the science behind all of this is the Ludomusicology. Not only it is concerned with music in games and musical games as a subject, but is also interested in the ways in which games and their music have themselves become objects of playful engagement, such as in the fan-cultural framework. Also, and more generally, video game music challenges how you think about music and, consequently, how you study it.

For Enotria: The Last Song, a video game with a green-white-red soul, Jyamma Games relied on the expert hands of Sound designer and Composer, Aram Shahbazians. Already known for his musical contribution in other projects such as; CyberPunk 2077, Song of Horror, Solitude and many more.

A Bard Song

Enotria represents the colors, the perfumes and all the beauty and variety of a people. We are welcomed into this cursed and emptied world with a fast-paced and graceful Tarantella. It enchants us with a musical sparkle that also reminds us of its fantasy soul. A rhythm that even a foreign public certainly knows, in fact, the intent is always to make anyone approaching the title “revisiting” Italy. A musical choice that, however “classic” it may seem, does not fall into cliché; but rather it imposes itself as a distinctive trait and is there as if to dictate the dynamism of the clashes. See duels between the masks and enemies combined with this choice of music; it makes the sequence extremely enjoyable by turning them almost into a deadly dance.

Furthermore, music, in Enotria, is not just a contour. Our character, a mask without a name, is created from the very song of a Bard. Like the good Jaskier, he will accompany us on the long journey through Enotria between myths and legends, singing of our deeds. It will be us, the nameless mask, the last song; the last verse of an unfinished poem, of a world waiting to be freed from a perennial stasis.

The Thousand Voices of Enotria

Equally worthy of an honorable mention are the dubbing and localization of Enotria: The Last Song, fundamental components on which the Jyamma Games team is giving special treatment.

Confirming the report on the official page of the game on Steam, Enotria: The Last Song will be available in 13 official languages as regards interface and subtitles, among which are: 

  • English
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Spanish (Latin America)

With the participation of the developers at the Tokyo Game Show 2022, we also can confirm that Enotria will be dubbed in Italian, English and Japanese. A factor that significantly contributes to bringing the game closer to a more international audience. Aligning perfectly with one of the main self-imposed missions of the development team. That is, to make the colors, shades and festive and summery soul of Italy known to an international audience with Enotria: The Last Song.

Regarding the dubbing, we obviously do not yet know who will be most of the profiles chosen by Jyamma Games. Even if the team has already revealed an interesting gem about it! During the Taipei Game Show, the developers showed a redubbed version of the trailer, fully voiced in Japanese by the amazing voice of Tomokazu Sugita. Who we discover is also the voice actor of Pulcinella in the game. A world-renowned voice actor, Sugita is the voice of many beloved characters in the anime scene. To name a few, Gintoki Sakata in Gintama, Joseph Joestar in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Escanor in The Seven Deadly Sins.

Tomokazu Sugita as Pulcinella

One last interesting detail is the recent addition of German singer-songwriter Alina Lesnik, as suggested by a tweet she revealed. She will be singer and vocalist and will work closely with Aram Shahbazians and Jyamma Games for the realization of the OST.

You’ll be my last verse

Let us tell you that this will be our last verse. But fear not, we’ll be back soon to sing you more exciting news on the Jyamma Games’ deeds. Let us just say that we were in ecstatic contemplation at the beauty of the visual world of Enotria: The last song. Not to mention the lively musical appeal channeled into the choice of Tarantella. Playful, sunny and with the freshness of the southern lands of Italy. The meticulous care in telling the Folklore of a people in all its innumerable facets, finds us totally enamored and eager for new details on the narrative and on the Curse that afflicts Enotria. Between videogame innovation and tradition. We are ready to embark on this fantastic journey together with the entire community that has gathered around this Title. Ready to be the last verse of an unfinished poem, the ending of a broken song.

Campaign Giveaway

Furthermore, if you are a fan of Souls Like…and now of the all-Italian “Summer Soul”, know that it is possible to partecipate to the Giveaway campaign launched by Jyamma Games! An exciting campaign based on milestones to celebrate this highly anticipated launch in 2024. Participants have the chance to win more PS5 with Custom Cover, PS5 Custom Controller, Xbox and Xbox Custom Controller. While unlocking new rounds of prizes by actively participating. You can find all the information here.

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