The new stretch goal of Eden’s Guardian Kickstarter campaign, unveiled by Voragine Game Studios, is an exclusive DLC reserved for backers of the crowdfunding campaign.

Eden's Guardian

With just over 30 hours remaining until the conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign for Eden’s Guardian, the debut video game from the Spanish independent game studio Voragine Game Studios, developers have unveiled a new stretch goal for the campaign: an exclusive DLC reserved for those who have supported – or will decide to support – the crowdfunding campaign.

The announcement of the new stretch goal came as the campaign reached an impressive milestone of €250,000 – surpassing its initial goal of €30,000 – which secured the inclusion of animated cutscenes in the game.

The announcement, made yesterday, April 25th, by the developers in response to the incredible support from the project’s backers, allows the development team to create exclusive content for all those who support the campaign. It’s not only a reward for the developers but also a new challenge set by them for their community to overcome together, delivering genuinely special content to them!

What will the contents of the DLC be? Who will be able to access it, and when?

Available upon reaching the €300,000 mark, the free DLC will serve as an expansion aiming to enrich the gaming experience by introducing new explorable areas and challenging bosses to defeat.

Those eligible to receive the DLC will include all who have chosen or will choose to support the Kickstarter campaign in these final hours, regardless of the amount they decide to contribute.

Regarding the DLC’s availability, the expansion’s release date has not yet been revealed, as it is still in development. As clarified by the developers, once the DLC is completed, they will distribute it for free to all backers through the Kickstarter platform, providing detailed information about distribution and access.

Therefore, our advice is to keep an eye on the campaign and developer updates to ensure you don’t miss any relevant details. If you’re a campaign backer, you’ll receive notifications whenever the developers publish new updates, so simply keep your device handy and check the campaign page from time to time.

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And for further project details, don’t forget to follow us and stay updated by visiting the developers’ official website or supporting the Kickstarter campaignthere are only a few hours left, so hurry!

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