Let’s discover together the candidates for the Drope.me Indie Games Awards 2023 and how to continue voting to obtain great prizes

Finally we can update you on the Drope.me Indie Games Awards event, in this 2023 which is preparing to close with a sea of new features and videogame pearls. Community-backed Indie Game Rewards. Game enthusiasts are the ones who decide which Indie games are the best in 2023, and in turn, they can get a variety of rewards! So let’s see who the drope.me candidates are for the Independent panorama!

Game of the Year: The best Indie games

In the Indie panorama we find 5 titles that have been able to stand out for their merits both on the technical and artistic side and for depth in terms of content. The five Indies nominated are:


Like the mythological Atlas, the protagonist of Cocoon will have to carry a series of worlds on his shoulders, each enclosed in a sphere, and thus explore other worlds.

Indie Games Award - Game of the Year: Cocoon

For this reason the game is generally presented with the wording: “an adventure through worlds within worlds“. If you are curious to find out more, we have the right solution! See our review of Cocoon.

Lethal Company

You are a contract worker of the Company. Your job is to collect scrap from abandoned, industrialized moons to meet the Company’s profit quota. You can use the money you earn to travel to new moons with higher risks and rewards, or you can purchase fancy clothes and decorations for your ship.

Game of the Year: Lethal Company

Experience nature, scanning any creature you find to add it to your bestiary. Explore the wonderful open spaces and rummage through their abandoned steel and concrete wombs. Just never miss the quota.

One Military Camp

Create your military camp, manage finances and recruit the best candidates by training them into elite specialists. Take on the challenge of building a military camp, paying attention to resources and logistics. Place buildings effectively, hire staff to manage everything, and manage training courses.

Game of the Year: One military Camp

Build defenses, because enemies will send spies and drones in an attempt to sabotage your camp. Send them on special missions to each location to achieve peace once and for all!

Pizza Tower

Pizza Tower is a fast-paced 2D platformer inspired by the Wario Land series, with an emphasis on movement, exploration and scoring attacks. Featuring highly stylized pixel art inspired by 90s cartoons and a highly energetic soundtrack.

Indie Games Award - Game of the Year: Pizza Tower

Play as Peppino Spaghetti, a fat, bald Italian who is surprisingly agile and powerful, is on a mission to destroy the Pizza Tower to save his restaurant from annihilation.

Sea of Stars

Promising the Sabotage touch in every system, Sea of Stars aims to modernize the classic RPG in terms of turn-based combat, storytelling, exploration and environmental interactions, while still offering a hearty slice of nostalgia and good old, simple fun.

Indie Games Award - Game of the Year: Sea of Stars

Swim, climb, twirl, jump down, or pull yourself onto ledges as you seamlessly traverse the world with a platforming-based navigation system that frees itself from the classic grid-bound movement of tiles. You can find out more about this wonderful Indie by reading our dedicated article: Sea of Stars: The New RPG That Revolutionizes the Genre.

Dreamy Crush: Favorite Indie Game Character of 2023

For this category that rewards sympathy for the favorite character, we find:

  • Ashley Graves from The Coffin of Andy and Leyley: A Goth and Black brunette. She and her brother practice cannibalism after witnessing a Satanic ritual. A sick and codependent relationship.
  • Lana from Planet of Lana: Lana embodies everything pure and good there can be. Together with her loyal furry friend, she embarks on a mission to save her beauty-filled world now threatened by a faceless army.
  • Peppino from Pizza Tower: Middle-aged man, bald and fat but incredibly agility. Of undoubtedly Italian origin and vaguely stereotyped, Peppino is determined to destroy the competition that threatens his business.
  • Valere from Sea of Stars:The Moongirl”. Born on the Winter Solstice, Valere displays curiosity and balance. Gifted with lunar magic and trained in the martial ways, she walks the path of the Guardian Goddess Luana. There is great potential in her, one day she could be the one to “create paths on the water“.
  • Horpyna of Bosorka: Brave Young Witch with the help of the ancient Grimoire, she summons a familiar. Due to the lack of experience, the spell remains unfinished, the book returns to its owner, however, unleashing the appearance of horrible demons. The only hope to save the world from the forces of evil is to stop the book.
Indie Games Award - Dreamy Crush: Ashely, Lana, Peppino, Valere e Horpyna
from left to right: Ashley, Lana, Peppino, Valere and Horpyna

Create a Lobby: The Best Indie CO-OPs of 2023

  • BattleBit Remastered: It is a low-polygon massively multiplayer FPS that supports 254 players per server. Fight on a nearly fully destructible map with various vehicles!
  • Bread&Fred: Ask your best friend for help in this new co-op challenge to help two adorable penguins, Bread and Fred, reach the top of the snowy peak. Time your jumps, grab onto walls and jump over gaps to see how far you can get before tumbling down the mountain.
  • Cassette Beasts: Collect fantastical monsters to transform into during turn-based battles in this open-world RPG. Never fight without anyone by your side! Make bonds, spend time with your partner and help them achieve personal goals, so you will become a better team. The strength of your bond determines how much you are able to merge!
  • Demonologist: It is a cooperative horror game that can be played with at least 1 and up to 4 players. Your goal is to identify the type of evil spirit in the cursed places and exorcise it using your equipment, alone or with your team.
  • Lethal Company: A co-op horror game focused on scavenging abandoned moons for items to sell scrap to the Company. Don’t go alone! You can guide your crewmates off the ship, using radar to spot traps and using the ship’s terminal to access locked doors remotely.
  • Project Planet – Earth VS Humanity: Destroy humanity with virus outbreaks, asteroid impacts and more as Planet Earth! Or team up with up to five friends as world leaders, industry, media, scientists and the public, and try to survive. Impossible dilemmas and important choices create countless paths in this strategy game!

Week in Hell: The most challenging Indie games of 2023

Blasphemous II: The Penitent awakens as Blasphemous 2 follows him once again into a never-ending fight against the Miracle. If you have played the title but missed some trophies along the way, we recommend that you consult our ad hoc article: Blasphemous 2 – Achievements Guide: How to Unlock All Trophies.

Chants of Sennaar: Legend has it that one day a traveler will reunite the people of the Tower, who are no longer able to communicate with each other. He observes, listens and deciphers ancient languages in a fascinating universe inspired by the myth of Babel.

Don’t Scream: If you scream, you will have to start again. A horror experience in UE5 made by two ˈindē developers. The challenge: explore the forest for 18 minutes without screaming. The problem? Time only flows when you move. It’s the perfect game to make your friends and family go pale with fear. MICROPHONE IS MANDATORY!

Dredge: It’s a single-player fishing adventure with a sinister current. Sell fish, upgrade your boat, and dredge the depths for long-buried secrets. Explore a mysterious archipelago and discover why some things are better left forgotten forever. Intrigued by this unusual mix between fishing and horror? Well, then you are ready to find out more by reading our Review!

Lethal Company: The game has a realistic feel. Player characters can die in a variety of ways, some of which involve dismemberment or decapitation. Things get dangerous at night. Communicate with your crewmates before the situation becomes too dangerous and try not to leave anyone behind.

Meme Game: Indie games of 2023 with the funniest jokes

  • Cocoon
  • One Military Camp
  • Lethal Company
  • Pizza Tower
  • The Coffin of Andy and Leyley

Up to now the roundup continues with titles that have truly achieved great success in the Indie community and also on the Steam platform. You may not have found titles to your taste among those listed but don’t worry! On the drope.me platform it is still possible to vote for the Indie Games of your heart and also give the opportunity to see your titles present in the list of “Indie Games Award” nominees. To find out how to do it, continue reading!

How to vote for your favorite Indies

The process is very simple; simply connect to the drope.me platform, a banner will appear at the top which will take you to the vote for the “Indie Games Awards 2023”.

Filling out the form that appears once the page is loaded takes just a few minutes and in exchange you will compete to win fantastic prizes!

Come votare i vostri Indie del Cuore

The end of the Drope.me Indie Games Awards 2023 is set for December 20th with an awards ceremony live on Twitch which reveals the winning games in each category. Dispassionate advice? Don’t miss this event and its huge prizes!

We will be back to update you on the Drope.me Indie Games Awards and the Twitch awards very soon. In the meantime, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the event.

Good Game everybody!

Drope.me Indie Games Awards
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