The cruelest FPS of all time returns with a new, fantastic, and devastating chapter filled with blood and brutality.

DOOM Eternal - Launch Trailer

Against all the evil that Hell can conjure, all the hype that FPS fans can produce, Id Software will send to them only you… DOOM Eternal. Developed by Id Software, the studio that created the FPS genre, DOOM Eternal takes everything that made the previous game great and upgrades it to make it even more exciting to play. 

On March 20, 2020, the powerful demonic genocide architect returns with a new, modern, and supreme chapter for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and Google Stadia. A glorious confirmation for the definitive first-person shooter, with which thousands of players are still shedding the blood, guts, and skulls of unclean beasts.


A game that acknowledges its roots while tearing them apart and rebuilding them stronger than before. This is how Id Software creates such a fantastic game. If you enjoy DOOM, you’ll enjoy DOOM Eternal.

Are you prepared to arm yourself from head to toe, confront the circles of hell, and trample demon carcasses? Come on, let’s go!


DOOM Eternal has been significantly improved with numerous new mechanics affecting the playful component, what we will refer to as “a lateral narrative component,” as well as the stylistic and aesthetic side.

The core of the gameplay we all love remains unchanged; you will always brutally kill all demons in your path, but this time you have a larger arsenal, stronger weapon upgrades, and new creative ways to kill the demons through their weak points.

DOOM Eternal
Kill, gut, and have fun!

Anyone expecting a more laid-back adventure is living on the wrong planet. DOOM Eternal is the bloody triumph, the crowning glory of decapitation. You’ll be able to cut bodies in half, sever entrails, and send demons to hell in whatever way you see fit. What matters is that you kill them!

Among the intriguing new features is the developers’ introduction of a new mechanic: the weak points. For instance, the Arachnotron has a special weapon that can be shot to render it ineffective and disassemble it from the demon’s body. We will gain a significant advantage by exploiting his weakness, making it easier to defeat him.

DOOM Eternal

All of this is accompanied by a fantastic codex that always provides the player with all of the necessary information. If you want to defeat the demons, you must not only try your hand at combat, but also study for a long time to learn how a true Doom Guy kills.

Our infernal executioner’s arsenal of heinous torture devices now includes the Meat Hook. It’s a new Super Shotgun feature that appears under the barrels as a large pincer. It starts a powerful chain that allows the Doom Slayer to capture demons from a distance. If it comes into contact with a monster, it will quickly retract its chain, pulling the Slayer towards the grabbed victim and laying the groundwork for a straightforward Super Shotgun blast.

DOOM Eternal

This game’s combat loop is truly ETERNAL, we must say. Do you have poor health? Gain health by executing a demon during a glory kill. Your shields are depleted? Gain shields by burning all the demons around you with the flamethrower. You’re out of ammo? It’s time to get some ammo by chainsawing a demon!

This is only a small portion of the overall combat experience that the game can provide. Try it for yourself and learn new ways to slay demons that no one else has. We guarantee you’ll have a good time.

New abilities

Oh, wait, there’s more! We all know how important movement is in DOOM for survival, as well as an intriguing level design choice. The dash ability in DOOM Eternal allows us to perform two quick burst movements, on the ground or in the air, that can be used to avoid incoming enemy fire or to travel to new locations. Dash can cover a tremendous amount of ground when combined with double jumping. Developing this movement skill will also assist us in locating some of the hidden collectibles.

If you try it, you will not be disappointed. And don’t blame us if you can’t take your eyes off the screen!

DOOM Eternal


DOOM Eternal’s level design it’s as simple as its predecessors in that each level is linear and you battle in different arenas, but this time id Software adds the cherry on top that can change everything, platforming.

DOOM Eternal

This addition is what distinguishes each level, with significantly more verticality and traversal puzzles to ensure you never get bored as you progress to the next arena. That is not all! Platforming is also used throughout the arenas to allow for a variety of gameplay options. We’ll just say this: imagine climbing and flying across the map while combining your guns against hordes of demons.

A significant step forward, particularly for a video game that aims to outperform the previous titles in the saga, with significant additions that make the level design options an extra quid that significantly raises the bar, also in light of the upcoming DOOM future titles.


We’ve also appreciated the developers’ ongoing research. A development process that is not limited to past good mechanics, but instead strives for continuous improvement of its product each time. Ambition, evolution, and even a dash of madness!


The importance of sound design and soundtracks in id Software‘s work has always been high, with the goal of immersing players in a one-of-a-kind experience that does not limit itself in any way.

DOOM Eternal

The sound design elevates every sound effect, from the sound and aesthetic animations for reloading weapons to the ruthless power of our arsenal, all the way up to the sublime sound of a chainsaw severing a demon in half. The sound sector is undoubtedly one of the many pillars of DOOM Eternal, especially when combined with an impeccable technical sector that makes every fight frenetic and engaging.

And this time, Mick Gordon has outdone himself: author of the soundtrack, who has not only demonstrated his talents in tracks that fit perfectly with the frenetic and incessant rhythm of the fights, but also in some catchy tracks that make the soundtrack truly impeccable beneath every point of view, creating a unison of emotions that serves to fuel our adrenaline even more.


If you’ve read this far, you’re aware that the narrative sector isn’t exactly one of DOOM‘s most common features. Instead, we must admit that id Software surprised us even more than usual in this regard!

Of course, the narrative component isn’t essential, but the developers wanted to give it a shot this time, looking for a sort of narrative continuum that was coherent and could pique our interest in how the single-player campaign could end.

Doom Slayer
The Doom Guy

And why did we mention the codex earlier? Because only by using the information that the latter will provide will you be able to appreciate the developers’ subtleties, read the numerous entries that comprise the game’s codex, and have the patience to find them during exploration.

As a result, the developers’ intention is not to provide a memorable story that will be remembered, but rather a simple and tender accompaniment to devastating, brutal, and unforgiving gameplay. DOOM Eternal is unquestionably a production created specifically for those seeking pure and genuine violence.

People who are extremely sensitive to violence, dismemberment, or any other brutal practice against demonic beings are strongly advised to abstain. To be a true Doom Guy, set aside your mercy and heart and slay like a sick mercenary!


DOOM Eternal is not simply an updated or improved version of DOOM (2016) or a more of the same. We are witnessing a true evolution that redefines and innovates its standards with new proposals that almost always manage to be efficient and perfect for use.

And, while the platforming slows the engine and pace of the game slightly, the gameplay is always furious, frantic, and full of adrenaline, forcing us to perform moves and ultimate kills we didn’t think we could do when we first started playing.

DOOM Eternal

Is DOOM Eternal the best first-person shooter ever made? We can’t say it with certainty, but it has nothing to envy of other productions, especially in the technical and audio sectors. The new work from id Software provides a complete experience from every angle, with extremely high performance on both Console and PC. However, the Ray Tracing is missing!

In any case, if you enjoy first-person shooters, you should give it a try, as long as you are prepared to live an adrenaline-pumping experience at its full potential.

DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal will rip and tear your expectations, as it is one of the best first-person shooter games we’ve played in a long time.

DOOM ETERNAL: One Hell of a Game

“DOOM Eternal is not simply an updated or improved version of DOOM (2016) or a more of the same. We are witnessing a true evolution that redefines and innovates its standards with new proposals that almost always manage to be efficient and perfect for use.”


  • One of the best first-person shooters ever
  • The new features are excellent and beneficial to gameplay
  • The technical and sound sectors leave you speechless


  • The narrative sector still has room for improvement.
  • The platforming stages require some enhancements.
  • Unfortunately, Ray Tracing is not available.
SCORE: 9.5


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