Developed by id Software, the studio that created the FPS genre, DOOM returns in all its glory, with a new and immersive combat system that rightfully puts it at the top of the genre.

DOOM - Launch Trailer

DOOM is the kind of game where you are the boss and the demons are stuck in a room with you.

Trust me, if you like FPS games, you’re going to love the Hell out of this.



The game teaches you how to be feared by the various demons you encounter by shooting and ruthlessly killing each one of them, by doing this you will feel something you have never felt in a game before: being overpowered from the start.


The combat loop is engaging and puts the player in the Slayer mindset.

When you reach a certain damage threshold and you’re close enough, you can perform a “Glory Kill” and execute an enemy on the spot and gain some health.

What’s more satisfying than slapping a demon with his own arm and gaining health from it? Slicing a demon with the chainsaw to gain ammunitions! 


The best part about this is that you will never reload your weapon, it’s something that seems trivial but in reality it stops the action even if it’s for a few seconds.

This is how DOOM is able to hook the player in a never-ending loop of pleasure, and that’s not all: your arsenal of weapons and upgrades is vast enough to experiment and enjoy new ways to brutally kill demons around you.

I especially enjoy going near the edge of the map and fire a shot with the BFG, a weapon that destroys everything around it.


DOOM is really simple and effective with its level design.

Each level is linear and you fight in several arenas.

As you traverse the level to reach a new arena, you can encounter some demons or be ambushed by them, which keeps the pacing of the combat going until you reach the next area. 


There are also more things you can do when you are not in combat: find collectibles and hidden levers that can unlock classic DOOM levels.

In these bonus stages you won’t be fighting the original’s monsters, but you will move through levels that look just like the classics, fighting with the upgraded DOOM (2016) weapons.

You will also come across time-limited challenge areas that reward you with runes that you can equip to give yourself a permanent ability boost and improve your game experience.


DOOM is the only game where YOU have the boss music, all I can say is play DOOM and you will know that you have found your new favorite music genre, the Argent Metal.

Composed by Mick Gordon, this soundtrack is a brilliant amalgamation of death metal, djent, electronic and dark ambient. 

Mick Gordon - 11. BFG Division
The boss music

I have to say that Gordon did a fantastic job this time, there is nothing to say when a soundtrack is so good that it creates a whole new genre for the fans to enjoy.

The music is great while playing the game and for everyday tasks, you feel indestructible every time you start listening to it.

That’s why I like to listen to it while working out or before I go to sleep to scare the monsters under the bed.


I think that DOOM is a gaming experience that every FPS fan should try once in their life. It’s a product that stands out from the masses and manages to keep a strong identity with its brutal and immersive gameplay combined with an epic soundtrack. You will be pleasantly surprised if you decide to try it out.

Have fun slaying the demons out there and remember: Rip and Tear until it’s done!


“DOOM is the kind of game where you are the boss and the demons are stuck in a room with you. Trust me, if you like FPS games, you’re going to love the Hell out of this.”


Grown up with Destiny and DOOM and big fan of the FPS competitive scene. I like to challenge my limits in a video game because after all, challenges for me are what make video games interesting.