Diablo 4 during the campaign brings a wide variety of side quests, and random events scattered around the world of Sanctuary. However, once the story is over, the real End Game content is unlocked. This is a guide on activities and their utility in growing your character.

With its release Diablo 4 has channeled the attention of a huge audience who eagerly awaited its release. There is still no official data on copies sold, but Blizzard has declared that it was the best-selling game in the first 24 hours of availability. He also stated that it was played for a whopping 93 million hours in the game’s first 4 days of early access alone.

OK, but what happens when the player finishes the main story?

Once the campaign is over, the players will have to face what is the real core of the game, that is the end game activities. While Diablo 4 boasts plenty of veterans, the game has attracted a myriad of new players. It is normal to be displaced by events that unfold without too many explanations.

In this mini-guide we will try to put ideas in order and give some suggestions on how to deal with these events. But first we have to talk about the World Tiers.

Diablo 4 World Tiers

As soon as a game starts, the player can choose between two difficulty levels: normal (Tier 1) and veteran (Tier 2). The other two unlockable levels are nightmare (Tier 3) and torment (Tier 4). These tiers will be unlocked after completing the main campaign. Tiers not only represent a greater challenge, but also great and unique rewards.

Having said that, finishing the story is the necessary condition to take the first step to enhance our character.

Once the campaign is completed the player will be faced with two options. Start grim favors with the Whispering Tree or go to the Capstone Dungeon to unlock World Tier 3.

Reaching Tier 3 as early as possible is crucial, as it will unlock more events and better loot. To do this you need to complete the capstone dungeon which is located under the Kyovashad Cathedral. The icon is easily recognizable because it is colored differently than the others. The dungeon level will always be 50+ and beware, enemies and bosses will be hitting hard. So if you have just finished the main campaign you will most likely be underleveled. You can get help from the first endgame element that Diablo 4 provides to prepare you.

The Whispering Tree

The tree will be one of the first allies that will help you get better loot. We will already make his acquaintance during the story. Once the campaign is completed, a priority mission will take us back to him. Basically we will be in charge of collecting the debts that some unfortunate have contracted with this entity.

In terms of gameplay, icons will appear scattered throughout the Sanctuary, with missions to complete. Depending on the intensity of the color we will be rewarded with a number of favors which can be 5, 3 or 1. Choose carefully which quests to do because they will only be available for a limited period of time. Once we have collected 10 favors we will return to the tree which will reward us. We will choose one of three loot boxes that can also contain legendary equipment.

Nightmare Dungeons

Upon completing the capstone dungeon and reaching World Tier 3, players will be able to unlock Nightmare Dungeons and a priority quest. To be able to unlock them the first time, all you need to do is obtain a nightmare sigil which, once broken, will transform one of the world’s dungeons into Nightmare. The dungeon entrance will take on a different color and we will recognize it from the map thanks to a special icon. Nightmare Dungeons have their own level ranging from one to one hundred. Depending on the difficulty, they apply bonuses and penalties to the player, as well as increasing the level of the enemies inside.

Be careful! In this mode there will be much more aggressive and dangerous enemies. We must be well equipped and prepared because we will only be allowed a finite number of deaths. Once exhausted, we will have failed the dungeon.

The rewards, however, will be very valuable. We will find much higher level and more powerful equipment. Unique sacred and legendary equipment can be dropped, essential for building effective builds of your character. In addition to the equipment, we will find the glyphs, to be assigned in the Paragon Board.

Completed a Nightmare Dungeon we can level the glyphs to increase their efficiency.

Nightmare Dungeons are also the primary source of sigil farming, as well as the ability to build them by occultists after completing a priority quest.


In the Sanctuary regions, for a limited time, hell can literally invade the earth. Blood will rain from the skies as meteorites hit the earth. The game environment will become much darker and hordes of hellish creatures roam in search of prey.

Those brave or foolish enough to enter the Infernal Helltides face very dangerous opponents, with high risks but equally high rewards.

The Helltides are recognizable from the game map where some regions are literally colored blood red. Inside them we will find chests that are also visible on the game map. These Tortured Gift chests contain specific equipment that can be redeemed for a special currency.

Aberrant Ashes, dropped by any enemy only during Helltides, are the trading currency. The costs of the chests range from 75, 125, 150 and 175. While it can be useful to look for the piece of equipment that you most want, I recommend looking for the Tortured Gift of Mysteries. This chest is not marked on the map and is only visible if you are very close to it. The items it offers are random but there is a high chance of getting unique and sacred drops.

Be careful because the Helltides have a limited time. Once the time runs out, the collected Aberrant Ashes will be lost. Avoid dying during the Helltides as you will lose half of the collected ashes.

Another tip of mine is to make the events random in the regions so as to collect as many ashes in the shortest time possible. Teaming up with other players can make things even faster.

The Helltides contain materials and unique herbs such as the Fiend Rose. Fundamental ingredient in crafting and reskilling high-level items.

Get to Tier 4

At the moment, until the first season arrives on July 20, getting to Tier 4 is the main goal of the game and farming. I recommend preparing well before tackling the capstone dungeon which is called Fallen Temple and has a level of 70+.

World Tier 4 has enemies ranging from level 70 upwards, and can give you the strongest items in the game: Ancestral Items.

Helltides and increasingly difficult Nightmare Dungeons will be your bread and butter. To break up the monotony you could do some World Boss or Legion Event together with other players. However, they are not as effective as the other two.

Fully upgrade your character and get ready for what will be the last challenge for now: The final showdown against Lilith at level 100!

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