Testament is a first-person RPG with Metroidvania elements developed by Fairyship Games, a team of only 15 people. It was released on July 13th on Steam and will subsequently be released for Playstation and Xbox as well.

The game world of Testament is rich in details and features a fascinating storyline. The post-apocalyptic fantasy setting is well-executed, with captivating landscapes that capture attention. Additionally, the combat system is dynamic and offers a variety of abilities and playstyles that allow the player to customize their experience.

Testament: The Order of High Human - Release Date Announcement Trailer

Testament is a single-player game that tells the story of Aran, an immortal guardian of Tessara who was betrayed by his brother Arvan. Arvan stripped him of his powers and left him injured and mortal.

We will confront Arvan, developing our unique combat style to restore Tessara to its former glory.

Meanwhile, the world has descended into chaos, and once peaceful lands have been invaded by orcs.

Testament: The Order of High-Human

We awaken in the house of a monster calling himself Father Nature, who has healed our wounds but clearly has bad intentions.

We will retrieve our Orb of Lyra, an artifact entrusted to the High Humans, of which we are the bearers.

From there, we must escape, encountering the first obstacles that allow us to learn the essential game controls.


The mechanics governing Aran’s movement are typical of first-person action games, with the character able to run, jump, climb, crouch, and dash forward or backward to dodge or attack when necessary. There’s nothing new in this regard. We also have the ability to block attacks, but the blocking position is maintained only for a short time, often making it useless.

It should be noted that it lacks some dynamism, and the combat feels a bit clunky, which can make certain battles extremely difficult. There is certainly room for improvement in terms of enemy artificial intelligence, as sometimes they don’t even notice our presence even if we move just a few meters away from them.

Weapons and Abilities

Shortly after escaping Father Nature’s house, who will chase after us, we acquire a sword, and later on, a bow and arrows. We can choose which weapon to use depending on the situation.

Later in the game, we will also obtain powers.

Pay attention to the bow; the available arrows are limited!

We also have a skill called “insight”, which, when activated, allows us to see the weak points of our enemies and the objects we can interact with around us. By earning experience points through killing monsters and completing quests, we obtain skill points to spend on the skill tree, allowing us to refine our preferred combat style and develop our unique approach.

Testament: The Order of High-Human

By killing monsters and destroying some crates along the way, we will also find potions that regenerate our health points and spirit force. We will also find shards of creation that allow us to craft consumables used through the consumable wheel and grant us bonuses.

After escaping our pursuer once again, we will arrive at a location where we can acquire our first powers, and here the action puzzle platforming part of the game begins.

It’s quite enjoyable, but perhaps still a bit too straightforward.


Testament takes an approach that combines different genres not typically seen in games like this, with mixed results. One thing that works really well is the choice to incorporate platforming elements, embracing wall running and vaulting mechanics, which adds another layer to puzzle-solving and level navigation that is truly fun.

Testament: The Order of High-Human

The game has a nice soundtrack and well-acted dialogues, although the sound effects leave something to be desired.

The game’s lore, gradually explained to us, is classic and well-known to enthusiasts of this genre, as is the storytelling.

The main characters are well-animated and characterized, while secondary characters like the orcs we encounter everywhere have simpler and more limited designs.

That being said, the game has good potential. With well-developed storytelling, it can be fascinating, but the combat mechanics certainly need improvement. Nonetheless, it is a commendable achievement, considering the small team that worked on the project for the past 4 and a half years.

Testament: The Order of High Human

“Testament is a first-person RPG with Metroidvania elements developed by Fairyship Games, a team of just 15 people. It was released on July 13th on Steam, and will subsequently be released for Playstation and Xbox as well.”


  • Well-executed post-apocalyptic setting with evocative landscapes.
  • Gripping plot.
  • Interesting and well-developed characters.
  • Meticulously crafted graphic details.


  • Technical issues that result in long loading times.
  • Combat system that requires a lot of practice to master.
  • Repetitiveness of side missions.
  • Lack of diverse strategic options.


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