Be the guide for a home-seeking feline colony. Hunt, keep them safe and explore the land for resources. We tried the demo of Cattails: Wildwood Story, a production of Falcon Development

Cattails: Wildwood Story - Kickstarter Trailer

Today we bring you about this new game, Cattails : Wildwood Story, is a single player life simulation game that includes elements borrowed from RPG, survival and dating sim genres. It is the standalone sequel to “Cattails” (2017), a popular cat simulation RPG. The expected release date is the end of 2023. Games of this genre are very complex and take a lot of time to perfect. This new title will satisfy both existing fans of the series and novice players. Cattails : Wildwood Story, offers reimagined mechanics, new features, and an assorted cast of new and familiar faces. In May 2022 “Cattails: Wildwood Story” was successfully funded on Kickstarter, raising over 800% of its initial goal. Cattails: Wildwood Story will be released on Steam in the fourth quarter (October-December) of 2023 and on the Nintendo Switch in 2024.

Once upon a time, there was a lush land…

Once upon a time there was a feline colony in a lush and fertile land, where there were three cats. For generations they have thrived, preying on creatures from neighboring regions. Their leaders have always had in common the Spiritual Mediator of their world: the Guardian of the Forest.
The word of the Guardian is law; and all the cats revered him. From the Holy Temple, the Guardian kept balance on the lands of the cats, working for the benefit of all. One fateful day, a terrible earthquake devastates the territory of the colony. The Temple is destroyed.

Cattails: Wildwood Story - The Guardian of the Forest and the chosen among the cats

The Guardian of the Forest, in a weak voice, announces that that land is no longer safe and a new temple must be built or he won’t survive. The cats, baffled and uncertain about what to do, call a meeting. By mutual agreement, they decide to choose a Leader who will guide them to a new safe land and who will build a new temple for the Guardian. Who will have the courage to face this challenge? What will become of the colony?

And here we enter the scene, we, the players!

Cattails: Wildwood Story – A Customizable Experience

We are the ones to save the colony. We’ll face the unknown in the middle of nature. We will protect our fellow cats from the so-called Shadow Cats. These creatures infest the territories we’re exploring in search of a new home. As soon as the introduction to the story ends, we’re ready to create our cat character. We can choose everything down to the smallest detail, from the name to the birthday.

Cattails: Wildwood Story - A Customizable Experience

From coat or tabby colors, to coat length or eye color. We can even add accessories like a daisy to our kitty’s ear to the studded collar. During the game experience, it will be possible for us to access new accessories to buy and show off in our community. This is possible by accessing the “Daily Tasks” posted on the Task board of our colony. Completing these small tasks, usually, to meet the needs of other cat companions (gathering resources/hunting specific animals); in return we will receive prizes (resources to be exchanged), improved relationships with other felines. Even if they are “Daily Tasks”, they have no deadline and you can finish at your own pace. If we are no longer sure of wanting to complete the task, we can simply delete it from our to-do list.

Furthermore, when we talk about Customization we do not mean only that of our cat, but also how our new colony organization. In fact, we can choose its name, title, emblem and the title of the Leader.

Cattails: Wildwood Story - Customize our colony

When we have decided on the structure of our colony we will be able to move on to another very important phase: lay the foundations of our territory. We are ready to indulge ourselves with the build menu. We’re gonna build the Temple for the Guardian of the Forest. Here, we’ll learn new skills and we’ll have access to a powerful object created by the Guardian which will show us the cats who still live in solitude and which we will be able to recruit in exchange for the resources they request. Once they are part of our colony, they will put their unique talents to work by providing new services for the entire community.

Cattails: Wildwood Story - Build Menu

The Temple is, therefore, a key location for us as we lead the colony into a new and prosperous era. Secondly, we will place our home and that of our fellow cats. As we continue with the story, we will be able to modify the initially chosen layout. So, we can add new houses for the cats that we will recruit.

It’s cat stuff…

When we think of these cute and deadly cuties, their formidable hunting ability surely comes to mind. Cattails: Wildwood Story, immerses us in the field life of this new and thriving colony. Our lovable cat will try his hand at hunting, as we have already said, which is essential for making new alliances but also essential for not dying of hunger.

Cat Things - Hunting

We will have a vast, vast range of prey to ambush (mice, lizards, birds and many others). By mastering the art of combat, we’ll be able to dash to attack our enemies quickly, charge up attacks and dodge danger. Another thing our cat friends do is explore. We too, as Leaders of a feline colony, will explore the vastness of the territory that surrounds us. We will hunt, we will make new encounters with other cats, we will collide with shadow cats or with lethal creatures such as poisonous spiders or snakes. Each biome that we will discover will be unique and will offer a landscape full of mysteries, resources and different animals. From the volcanic region, to the beach, up to the hills and green meadows full of white daisies.

So in summary, cats hunt, explore, collaborate with each other and then… they make puppies! Yes indeed we will have the chance to experience the dating sim part of Cattails: Wildwood Story. Spending time with others will be a great way to make friends! Socializing more often with certain members of the colony can unlock the possibility of romantic options. All adult colony cats can make friends, date and get married! Find that special cat and fall in love. After the wedding, our partner will move into your den and together we can raise a cute litter of kittens!

The feline Cattails : Wildwood Story’ experience

So far we have had the distinct feeling of living like real cats, hunting, fighting for territory, exploring, puppies. Wildwood offers, however, other elements to the story:

  • Shadow Cats: These creatures are appearing in large numbers to challenge your new settlement. You will have to resist the endless stream of enemies that invade your borders. The brave cats of your colony will join your side and help stem the tide. But where do these evil spirits come from? Maybe you can unravel the mystery and put an end to the assault…
  • Gardening: While most plants grow naturally in the wild, the best quality herbs come from careful cultivation in a controlled environment. Sow multiple seeds at a time to reap a big harvest later. With daily attention, your plot will stay healthy and produce high quality herbs. Keep what you grow to venture out on later, or sell it for a tidy profit!
  • Coat Studio: Use it anytime to update your look and create a truly unique character. You can choose from a wide variety of body shapes, colors, and accessories. Mix and match as you like, then share your creations with others
  • Original Soundtrack: Over 2 hours of kitty-inspired music accompanies your in-game adventures. Composed by series veteran Tormod Garvin, with accompanist Naomi Sullivan and Alex Hill-Knight

A thought from us…

The game’s lush graphics and soothing soundtrack blend perfectly to create an environment that focuses on relaxation and tranquility rather than fast-paced action. It’s a perfect game both for animal lovers (even better if cat lovers…we know something about it!), for families and for those who want to take a break from their minds while playing. If you’ve come this far, we recommend trying the Cattails: Wildwood Story demo. It is available on the Steam platform and will allow you to get an idea of the game and what to expect from the full version.

If you want to immerse yourself in a different experience for an afternoon, this is the right time. Let yourself be carried away by the feline instinct and explore your new land!

As always, if you want, share your thoughts and impressions with us in the comments. We will be back soon with more news!

Good Game everyone!

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