BIOMORPH is on its way, and the release window is just around the corner…


Surprisingly, the Canadian indie development team Lucid Dreams Studio announced just a few hours ago that BIOMORPH, their second video game after Legends of Ethernal, is officially set to release in Q1 2024.

The announcement was preceded by a message on Lucid Dreams Studio’s official Discord channel from brand manager Rayanne Berriche, who had already hinted at a major announcement. And so today, after days of anticipation from the project’s fans, Lucid Dreams officially announced, through a dedicated post on X, the much-awaited revelation: the official release window for BIOMORPH.

Here is the official post from Lucid Dreams Studio:

According to what has been revealed by the developers, the development process is progressing smoothly and is in its final stages. This suggests that, barring any unforeseen complications, the official release date for BIOMORPH will soon be unveiled, and likely, the platforms on which Lucid Dreams Studio’s new video game will be available at launch will be communicated and confirmed soon.

Currently, the confirmed platforms are Nintendo Switch and PC, but if we consider what happened with the release of Legends of Ethernal, it’s highly likely that BIOMORPH will also be released for PlayStation and Xbox. However, we await official news before providing confirmation.

To learn more about BIOMORPH, we invite you to check out our main coverage, where you can find all the information you’re looking for about the upcoming video game from Lucid Dreams Studio. And don’t forget to visit the developers’ official website and their X account to stay updated on upcoming announcements.

That’s all for today. See you in Blightmoor.

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