New clues appear in the new Sword of Symphony video, let’s analyze them together to better understand what they could mean

Sword of Symphony

We return to update you on Sword of Symphony after a brief silence from the Solo Dev, Stephen Ddungu. Silence that repays us with a brand new monthly video; as the Dev anticipated, the monthly videos will now all be different and will delve deeper into Sword of Symphony, so as to prepare us also at the Lore level. If you want to catch up on our latest update, we recommend reading: Sword of Symphony – Fundamentals of music and crypticness.

And now, let’s start trying to better understand the new video!

The garden

The new video shows us, as always, Stefan entering his room and reaching the desk; where usually by opening the monthly Developer’s book we descover all the game updates.

Well, this time like the previous one, something strange happens. In fact, some cryptic sentences appear with a rather singular style:

“[dev summary book] contains [element] of a [][x][][][][][][] that does [not] e[x]ist

[][][][][] [][] [][x][][][][][][] is [forbidden]!

We could read these first sentences as “The Developer’s book contains information about a Symphony that does not exist“. This is because the game is still in development and the only one who knows about the “Symphony” is the developer himself.

Sword of Symphony - The Garden

Stefan, the main character is therefore unaware of what will be, just like us players. This element is logical, given that, together with Stefan, we will learn everything there is to know about the game.

And here comes the best part, Stefan, in the following sequences finds himself in “The Garden“. This place is not yet well defined, we are surrounded by trees and strange enemies with total white figures. These, anyway, resemble Stefan in terms of physiognomy and clothing.

Possible Nemesis

Stefan’s brief visit to the Garden quickly turns into combat. We read these enemies in total white as Stefan’s Nemesis; versions of himself but much more skilled and powerful musically. The nemesis takes away the Developer’s book, which we can see as the symbol of knowledge, which allows us to understand the game dynamics and which metaphorically makes Stefan “aware” of what happens in the world of Sword of Symphony itself.

Stefan, now forced to defend himself from the Nemesis, decides to recall the Composer’s Pen; and here are other cryptic sentences appear:

forbidden [tool] already exists [cannot] be accessed in [“[][][] [][][][][][]”] [“The Garden”].

[user] has not reached enough [conscientiousness] [denied] access.

[EVENT PARADOX]: [tool] is connected to user’s soul. [Exception]

access [granted] only [1] time

It therefore seems that it is impossible to recall the Composer’s Pen or launch attacks in this area. We still don’t know much about The Garden, so by continuing in the next videos we will know better if this is the right reading or not.

What about the Pen, we now know that this instrument is only available to Composers. It gives them the possibility of creating the Symphonies that populate and nourish the Kingdom of Sonata.

Sword of Symphony - Possible Nemesis

Physically, the Pen represents the thoughts of the Composer. From an abstract element of the mind it makes it real precisely through its use. For this to be possible, the Composer must have a certain level of conscientiousness and awareness of his own abilities.

We could read the impossibility of recalling the Pen precisely due to the lack of these elements. Let’s remember that the beginning of the game also marks the beginning of Stefan’s growth in his musical knowledge and skills as a Composer.

After a brief moment without the ability to summon the Composer’s Pen, Stefan finally manages to launch a musical attack. This event is classified as an Exception. An ability therefore that should not be possible and which makes Stefan an exception himself. In fact, we know from previous articles that Stefan is a musical genius and self-taught.

The attack launched does not cause any damage to the Nemesis, which easily blocks it. In response, Stefan undergoes a complex melody that sends him to the ground. The nemesis reaches him and leaves him the book he had previously taken away. The animation and movements of the Nemesis almost seem to convey the concept of: “you still have a long way to go, you still have a lot to learn“.

Knowledge is power

From what we saw, we understood that knowledge, in this case, musical; which represents the heart of the game, is power. Nemesis shows us that without knowing the rudiments it is not possible to defeat an enemy. At the same time, it represents potential that is not yet developed and that we (Stefan) are unable to master.

Don’t worry though, the monthly video from a few months ago reminds us that at the beginning of the game we will learn the musical bases. These will put us in a position to face any enemy, whatever his level of skill. We’ll therefore be able to match what is now a Nemesis of ourselves. The game will make us composers capable of safeguarding the melodies threatened by Tacet and rogue Composers.

We can’t wait to discover new elements of Sword of Symphony and share them with you! We also anticipate that we will soon have great News for this musical title…so always stay with us for all the news and updates!

Good Game everybody!

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