What’s cooking, ACE? And what happens on 19/11? Let’s try to unveil the mystery behind the cryptic date revealed by the solo developer of AIKODE.

Today we return to talk about AI-KODE, nearly two weeks after our interview with the solo developer ACE (in case you missed it, you can catch up on the interview here). For those still unfamiliar with what we’re discussing, AIKODE is a captivating Action RPG Hack and Slash with a strong life simulation component, planned to release soon on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. You can find all the details in our main coverage dedicated to the game.

Exactly one day ago, on November 14, 2023, the developer shared an exceedingly peculiar post on X. Here’s the part you should pay closer attention to: “This is not a work of fiction… The characters and events depicted in this videogame are entirely real. Any resemblance to real living or deceased individuals, or to actual events… Is NOT mere coincidence.” The post opens with the inscription 19/11. At first glance, just a common number, a date. But what does it mean? Let’s shed light on this and attempt to uncover its significance.

19/11? Just a date, or something deeper?

Both questions are neither wrong nor taken for granted. The “19/11” highlighted by ACE is, in the end, a date. In other words, in 5 days, we will know what the developer is referring to. However, it’s not at all wrong to think that behind this date lies something more complex, deep, and enigmatic.

Since the first AIKODE teaser, ACE has consistently employed binary codes to convey a message, express herself, or prompt us to understand its work. There are specific clues that we cannot simply leave to chance! The numbers 19 and 11, translated as “19th November,” are integral components of the iconic code “19111545” included in trailers, the official website, and even in AI-KODE’s Tape 01. This code is the same one ACE used as a username on X in his private account. Tied to this numerical sequence are deeper meanings beyond what we can imagine.

Given its inherent connection with the character, this might lead us to think that November 19th could be an important date for Ahiko. But let’s hold off on conclusions for a moment. There’s another detail that requires your attention first.

The connection between 19/11 and the concept of “Reality.”

Another highly intriguing aspect to consider is this kind of correlation between the date at hand and the concept of reality, a concept of particular importance to ACE. This theme has already made several appearances in AI-KODE, conceptualized as “The state or quality of having an existence.”

As we have witnessed, ACE is a master at revealing or concealing details through symbolic-narrative stratagems. That’s why we believe that the concept of reality is not random but causally connected to the date 19/11, a clue that may also aid us in understanding the duality between reality and fiction. It’s only natural that all of this is tied to lore-related matters; we would be naive not to think this.

However, this isn’t the only interpretation of the concept “reality” that ACE has incorporated in AI-KODE. The term, in fact, holds relevance across various perspectives and fields of interest. For example, we could consider this concept in terms of game design and 3D modeling—areas where ACE has showcased exceptional mastery and talent. This is evident in the highly realistic representation of a faithful replica of a Tokyo district or the city of Shibuya itself, both of which are locations featured in AIKODE.

As you can notice, there are truly numerous interpretations and examples of this concept for us to consider. Nonetheless, it’s undeniable that there is a connection between these two elements. All we have to do now is wait for just a few more days to unravel the mystery…

Here’s how ACE replicated Shibuya (Lumen up and Lumen down comparison)

What should we expect from this fateful date?

Don’t let your imagination run too wild! Unless there are astonishing plot twists in store, ACE is unlikely to reveal a release date for AI-KODE.

But don’t lose hope. There are plenty of other enticing possibilities to consider, such as hopefully a potential release date for the Steam demo, or other intriguing clues and insights into the lore and the so-called game loop that ACE discussed during the interview. Certainly, we cannot dismiss the possibility that ACE might officially launch a casting call dedicated to the English voice acting for AIKODE.

And let’s not forget the strong bond between ACE and Ahiko. As the developer has reiterated time and time again, there’s a significant connection linking her to Ahiko. ACE sees herself in her story, in her being a “No Name.” And who knows, this date might signify something particularly important for her.

As always, expect the unexpected and be prepared to rule nothing out. The countdown has officially begun.

See you on these screens on 19/11. Save the date!

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