We tried the Demo of Sweet Dreams Alex, an Indie title by Kasedo Games. We will protect the little girl from nightmares, thanks to intricate labyrinths, guaranteeing her a good awakening

Sweet Dreams Alex - The Demo

A few days ago, we introduced you to Sweet Dreams Alex, from Kasedo Games. A puzzle and strategic building game with Pixel Art graphics, available on Steam and Epic Store. If this is your first Sweet Dreams Alex article, we advise you to catch up on the main news: Sweet Dreams Alex – A journey with a little girl. And now let’s take a more in-depth look!

We are Dream Builders

Our main task is to safeguard little Alex from nightmares. Making her sleep calm and comforting her. To do this we will use very powerful weapons: boxes! Well yes, because little Alex and her parents have just moved and all this movement has stirred the little girl’s imagination.

Sweet Dreams Alex - We are Dream Builders

We builders will act during little Alex’s sleep. Our battlefield will be the “Dreamscape” that is created once the little one sleeps. As good Builders and why not, protectors, we will have to keep away the nightmares that are generated by portals within the Dreamscape. They will be easily identifiable because they are both green. As far as nightmares are concerned, our task, therefore, is to keep them away and not block them completely. Once Alex’s timer reaches zero seconds and the nightmare is still far from her, our task will be finished.

Box Labyrinths

In Sweet Dreams Alex, we will use all our wit and imagination in trying to build twisted and perilous labyrinths. The more complex the labyrinth, with curves and boxes to dribble through, the more difficult our nightmare enemy will be.

Sweet Dreams Alex - Box Labyrinths

Indeed, our goal is to put him in difficulty and make him waste as much time as possible, not to block him. Be careful, don’t think you can make him walk through a blind labyrinth! Nightmares don’t like being trapped and will be very angry if we do so. They will block time, forcing us to review the construction of our labyrinth.

Construction tools

Once in the “Dreamscape” we will have simple but effective tools available to carry out our task as Builders; to the left of the box we will find the icon of the boxes with which we will build our labyrinths and below the tool for modifying the Dreamscape itself. The latter only works when we create the Dreamscapes itself. When building, we must always pay attention to the number of boxes at our disposal; there could be the symbol of infinity or a very specific number. In the latter case, you really need to think carefully about how to distribute them in order to slow down the nightmare before it reaches Alex.

Construction tools

On the right of the box we will find the commands to start the timer, placed first at the top (it always shows 60). Those below, somewhat intuitive; with the square we block the Timer, returning to the Construction Phase; the pause makes us stop time but does not allow us to modify the labyrinth. Last but not least are the speeds at which we can experience the execution (x1, x4, x8). Immediately below the speeds we find the Reset, which will automatically delete our Labyrinth, so if you simply want to modify it, better not to press it! Rather rely on the square. Afterwards we will find info, help and return to the main menu.

Directing nightmares and not only

To really put nightmares into difficulty, we recommend creating labyrinths with walls made of boxes positioned obliquely. For them it will be like climbing stairs and this will slow them down a lot and if you have the opportunity, spice it up a bit with boxes here and there to slow them down further.

Directing nightmares and not only

From night to night, from level to level we will find ourselves facing more nightmares. With increasing difficulty, we will find ourselves facing multiple portals at a time. They might spit out two nightmares or, one nightmare and some good dreams. If nightmares are strange little green creatures, good dreams are represented by two-tone blue-pink portals and have the shape of an ice cream. So, if before we built labyrinths to keep nightmares away, now the challenge will be double: nightmares away from the little girl and instead letting the beautiful dreams reach her. If good dreams reach Alex, we will ensure her comfortable sleep and give her a sense of security.

A constellation of Levels

The levels are kept in Alex’s Diary, they are really many and varied: both in difficulty, number of boxes available, number of nightmares to face or nightmares and beautiful dreams to manage. Each constellation contains a world with many levels for each.

A constellation of Levels

For a total of six worlds and over 250 hand-crafted levels and puzzles. Each of which is filled with unique mechanics and storylines. By carefully managing dreams, we will be able to guide Alex through his childhood. Full of exciting days and calm, comforting nights.

The levels also hide precious pages of Alex’s memories, moments of her day that are important to her where she talks about her experiences with dad or while she is playing. Collect them to update her Diary and get to know the little girl better.

Customize the room and Alex

Well, yes, we can also change the look of our bedroom and our Alex. Before entering the “Dreamscape” and then starting to play the levels, we can customize these elements. The developers have also thought about these small details that embellish the game even more and make our game even more personal.

Customize the room and Alex

Alex can choose from a wide range of colorful pajamas or sets, animal hats or wizard hats. We can also choose the color of the complexion, the hair and even the color of the eyes. Same care also for Alex’s bedroom; we will be able to choose the color of the walls, which toys to place or even the color of the sheets.

Do we recommend you Sweet Dreams Alex?

If you love logic games, appreciate Pixel Art and want to relax using strategy, Sweet dreams Alex is the one for you! Despite being a relaxing game, it stimulates and challenges the creativity and ingenuity within each of us. To play it in small doses or devouring worlds, you decide that, we consumed entire constellations in a couple of hours.

We remind you that to become a Dream Builder, simply go to Steam or Epic Games and redeem the available Sweet Dreams Alex Demo. Don’t wait too long or it will be late, good luck Builders!

Good Game everybody!

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