Spider Games new Action RPG will transport the player in close contact with the French Revolution.

Steelrising Launch Trailer
Steelrising: Titans Gameplay Trailer

Spider Games shows itself again in style with the development of Steelrising: a brand new Action RPG set in a steampunk version of Paris, during the reign of Louis XVI.

The French team had already made a name for itself thanks to the enormous success of Greedfall and The Technomancer and the hype surrounding the development of Greedfall 2: The Dying World.

STEELRISING: The genesis of blood
Greedfall 2: The Dying World

Steelrising is ready to immerse players in an even more stark French Revolution than we could imagine.

Are you ready to face a grisly adventure steeped in violence, blood and death? I invite you, as always, to follow me to find out what lies behind this interesting project.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Paris, 1789. King Louis XVI repressed the French Revolution by taking a bloodbath.

The sovereign’s madness is uncontrollable and unchallenged. He fields a multitude of bloodthirsty legions, made up of violent Automatons.

STEELRISING: The genesis of blood

The fate of the Revolution is in the hands of Aegis: a mechanical masterpiece designed by the engineer Vaucanson to be the Queen’s bodyguard.

Take on this adventure as a merciless assault machine. Aegis is a wonderful creature: created and finished down to the smallest detail, thanks to fine clothes and a hairstyle typical of that era.

The settings are the flagship of Steelrising: it is truly incredible to see the sudden transition from one landscape to another.

On the one hand, you will be captivated by the beauty of the places and architecture, while on the other, you will be shocked by the cruelty and horror of war.

A war masterpiece

The gameplay of Steelrising is definitely one of the main facets, starting from the combat mechanics and the characterization of Aegis.

STEELRISING: The genesis of blood
Steelrising: The fury of Aegis

Fight against the King’s bloodthirsty legions and use all the fighting arts at your disposal to make your way through the streets of Paris.

You will have to use lightning-fast attacks, parries, dodges and jumps to defeat Louis XVI‘s troops.

Each fight will test your nerves and require attention and dedication. Bosses are formidable and unique opponents: you will have to devise different strategies and learn their weaknesses as soon as possible.

The secrets of Paris

The setting of Steelrising features numerous accessible points, an infinity of secrets and screaming settings (be careful not to get killed while exploring the city!).

Despite the beautiful appearances, the player will immediately find himself in close contact with what is defined by historians as one of the darkest and most dramatic eras in the history of Paris.

STEELRISING: The genesis of blood

Explore the city in depth using carriages, secret passages and an extremely detailed map.

Furthermore the grapple will give you the opportunity to expand the exploratory component, while the dash ability will allow you to access all the hidden areas.

Aegis: An improvable war machine

No one should feel compelled to tell you how to fight, how to behave in the combat phases, or which style you will need to master.

Aegis is a modifiable war machine and you will decide its fighting style, its techniques and the many facets that compose it.

STEELRISING: The genesis of blood

You will be able to gradually define your fighting style and improve Aegis abilities as you progress through the game.

Do you feel like a ruthless warrior? A deadly dancer? Or perhaps a virtuoso of the elemental arts? Choose carefully!

Shape your story

In Steelrising you will take on the role of one of the most important characters: the only entity that can put an end to the tyranny imposed by Louis XVI.

You will have to face a stormy journey and build relationships with some famous people, such as Lafayette, Marie Antoinette and Robespierre.

Trust is a double-edged sword: some characters could be allies, while others could turn out to be just impediments.

STEELRISING: The genesis of blood

Steelrising is scheduled to be released on September 8, 2022 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

While waiting to experience this adventure alongside Aegis, I remind you that, by pre-ordering the game from now on, you will be able to access the exclusive Beta available from the end of August (in addition to the exclusive Marie Antoinette dress).

STEELRISING: The genesis of blood

By pre-ordering the Bastille Edition, you will also have access to the “Discus Chain” DLC, as well as the “Cagliostro’s Secrets” extension.

Are you ready to protect Paris from devastation? Grab your best weapon and put an end to Louis XVI’s despotic regime. The city is in your hands!

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