The Kickstarter campaign for Song of the Prairie, the farm simulation game by The Droplet Studio, is active.

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Song Of The Prairie

A bit of relaxation

Song of the Prairie is a farm management simulation game in 3D perspective.

The story begins in Prairie Town, a lush and bustling town. The player will spend moments of leisure and tranquillity in this resource-rich land.

Song of the Prairie: a bucolic experience

A geographical parenthesis

The game world appears very varying and dynamic.

Prairie Town is an open, inclusive and diversified city. It is located at the far end of the continent, in a quiet and independent place. This town is the center of life and business and the place with the highest population density. The main services and gathering places are located here.

North of the city is a mountainous area rich in resources such as hot springs, waterfalls, rare plants and animals. In addition, a secret area awaits the player at the entrance to the mountain!

Song of the Prairie: a bucolic experience

South of the town is the farm whose land is nourished by the waters flowing down from the spring dedicated to the local goddess. On the banks of the river it is possible to unearth traces of the town’s past.

Still further south are the grasslands. Fauna and flora meet here going to constitute a little piece of paradise.

The game world also includes unlockable areas that are all fascinating and mysterious to explore.

Relaxed and multifaceted gameplay

Song of the Prairie offers a flood of possibilities at the gameplay level.

Interested mechanics allow for a seamless gameplay experience. Since almost nothing is to be loaded from the disk, loading times are extremely short. This allows interaction with the world in a smooth and direct manner.

Song of the Prairie: a bucolic experience

A land full of possibilities

In this game, it is possible to engage in whatever you most desire, and every activity is taken care of down to the smallest detail.

In agriculture, you can grow more than 60 types of plants. Each one will need different care and have different growing times.

The same can be said for raising animals, which differ not only in species but also in their abilities.

Another activity to be done in these places is fishing, whether it is to accumulate resources or to socialize with other inhabitants.

Green light for customization

Only the player can define himself, which is why Song of the Prairie offers great freedom in customization.

You can change not only your own appearance, but also that of the environment, as you wish.

Song of the Prairie: a bucolic experience

Social Life

People from all over the world flock to Prairie Town. Each of them contributes in his or her own way to the development of the town.

Of course, everyone is different and the player can choose with whom to bond

Relationships, like plants, must also be cultivated in their own time. Therefore, to create a bond it will be necessary to understand well what the other person wants and act accordingly.

Song of the Prairie: a bucolic experience

Platforms and release

Song of the Prairie is scheduled to launch on the Steam platform for early access in 2022. At this stage, the game will be available only in English and Chinese.

Members of The Droplet Studio have rich experience in developing games for various platforms. Therefore, if the set goals are reached, the game will be launched gradually on consoles as well.

A Japanese language option will also be added with the launch on Switch. Depending on the progress of the goals, other game languages will also be available.

Song of the Prairie: a bucolic experience

The Kickstarter campaign for Song of the Prairie

My love for video games began with a Christmas present: it was the year 2006 and in a cold winter evening I found myself spending the whole night awake to play Pokémon Perla with my new Nintendo DS. Since then I have been getting closer and closer to the video game culture. I look for an immersive experience in video games. The storyline, followed by the graphics and music, are the aspects I value the most. In 2018, I first came onto the indie scene with Undertale by Toby Fox. Strongly impressed by the art and depth of this game, I started devouring many other titles in the genre and... well, here I am.