A radiant and touching adventure begins with Shinies: Call of light, the new game by Tristan Edel, aka Asalfin.

Shinies: Call Of Light - Kickstarter Trailer
Shinies : Call of Light Concept Trailer

Fellow travelers

Shinies: Call of light promises to be a highly immersive and exciting experience. Amid beautiful landscapes and gorgeous music, the story of a great friendship unfolds.

In development for PC, the game is scheduled for release on Steam in 2023.

Shinies: Call of light. An emotional journey

Stand by me

Helpfulness, magnanimity and bonding: these are the underlying themes of Shinies: Call of light.

Shinies are creatures of yellow energy who are dedicated to relationships. These beings tend to form pairs that try to stay together at all times. A Shinie acts with the group, following the orders of the leaders. However, it is willing to distance itself from it if its partner is in trouble.

The bond within the pair of Shinies is so strong that each partner is willing to sacrifice for the other. Thus, the loss of one’s partner turns out to be the most devastating event for these creatures. In this case, the Shinie left alone either allows itself to die or eagerly seeks another mate, not necessarily within its own species.

Shinies: Call of light. An emotional journey

Unity is strength

The story of Shinies: Call of light begins with the thinning darkness.

With no memories of the past, the two companions will have to make their way through the darkness to discover why they exist in this world.

By taking care of each other, they will be able to face their fears and move forward in their quest.

Shinies: Call of light. An emotional journey

Light in the darkness

Shinies are creatures of light, and in the course of their adventure they will face much darkness.

The combination of light and darkness characterizes the gameplay. As Asalfin states on the game’s Kickstarter campaign page: Shinies : Call of Light is meant to be beautiful, relaxing and wonderful, but to contrast with all that, dark, stressful and sad elements are in the game.

During the dark parts of the game, the Shinies will face various obstacles. Learning their new powers, they will explore the mysterious world in which they have awakened, solving its puzzles and facing its challenges.

Shinies : Call of Light

A living world

As already mentioned, Shinies: Call of light is based on cooperation. This motif is also marked in the game mechanics. In order to progress in the story, in fact, Shinies must actively interact with the game world by sticking together.

Along the way they will find numerous challenges to overcome and puzzles to solve. The player will therefore have to sharpen his or her wits and cooperate along with the Shinies as well.

Throughout their adventure the Shinies will also encounter other creatures, not necessarily friendly ones. To cope with them, they will have to give their best using the abilities they have learned. Using abilities requires energy, however, which is why the player will have to manage the resources at his disposal well.

Fortunately, scattered around the world are energy crystals. These crystals grow on rocks and are containers of energy that shinies can collect to use their abilities.

Shinies: Call of light. An emotional journey

An aesthetic experience

Asalfin, in addition to being a developer, is also a composer. He states on the Kickstarter page: I believe music is a language that can describe some kind of emotional ideas that are impossible to fully describe with words

In fact, the soundtrack plays a key role here. The music, along with the animations, allow the player to immerse themselves in the story, as if they too were part of the game world.

The melodies and landscapes blend harmoniously throughout the game, almost as if they were a “pair” on par with the Shinies.

Shinies: Call of light. An emotional journey

A bright discovery

I was strongly impressed by Shinies: Call of light. After consulting the game’s blueprint and watching the trailer I was speechless but full of emotion.

The philosopher Wittgenstein, in his Tractatus logico-philosophicus left a statement to ponder: Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent. Not everything can be expressed in words, which is why sometimes it is better to remain silent and listen to one’s thoughts and feelings.

Shinies: Call of light is a game that makes you think and entertains at the same time. It makes you reflect on the value of friendship and the importance of having a purpose to fight for, all against the backdrop of a fervid setting.

What to say then? Let’s wait for the game to come to light in the coming year!

Shinies: Call of light. An emotional journey
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